Trend trends of fashionable hairstyles

  • Mar 24, 2018

Recently fashionable hairstyles are represented by a short square, a bean or multilayered haircuts of a short length.

Short haircuts are so attractive to women, because they create a daring image and grow young.

Now the stylists make some short nuances in short hairstyles, for example, the obligatory presence of a bang.


  • Features of new fashion haircuts with a bang
  • The most fashionable short haircuts
  • Four most popular stylings
  • Evening variants of hairstyles with short hair

Features of new fashionable haircuts with bangs

Now in hair styles ideal smoothness, asymmetric lines and precise contours are welcomed.

So can be brave woman with straight hair. In the end, they will get a hairstyle with a stunning volume.


In the fashion of short haircuts with a bang that covers only half of the forehead. However, a long or rare bang is also at the peak of popularity. The main thing is that it looks harmonious with the styling.

Trend of 2015 - square with clear lines and with even bangs. It can easily be laid in a festive way.

Hairdressers make such a penalty for the owners of both thin, thick, and curly hair. Especially elegant this haircut looks on straight strands.

Another winning option for ladies with straight hair is a graduated square. Straight hair, characterized by a good density, will give out the beautiful eyes of a woman and bring in the appearance of elegance.

Girls with straight hair, as well as curly beauties short hairstyle "Kare" with a fringe bang will do. Strands falling on one side of the face, look seductive, the more curly.

Any curls in combination with an oblique bang can attract even more looks if you perform melting or coloring on them.

Instead of oblique bangs, you can make the side strands lengthened. The effect will be the same.


The most interesting and fashionable hairstyles are created on the basis of haircuts. It is graded.

Carrying this haircut, hairdressers give hair volume. The hairstyle will look more beautiful if you paint some strands in the technique of highlighting.

Bob with graduation will make thin hair thicker. If the hair is weakened, they do not need to be stained, it's possible to emphasize the grading with the means for styling hair.

Some ladies face ultra-short haircuts with which they make a thick and short bang.

The main feature of this hairstyle is the clarity of the lines. The occipital strands are necessarily graduated, and the lateral strands are elongated.


The most fashionable short haircuts

Girls who are not afraid to take risks can cut short and make a long braid bang with texturing.

Haircut suggests that graduation is performed on the back of the head and on the sides of the head.

In this hairstyle the most important thing is a bang. A haircut with a fringe bang requires that the girl's hair is healthy and shiny.

The most daring girls can complement the image with a touch of refinement. To do this, you will need to gently shave or shave one temple.

But, in order to make the hair look really tempting, the asymmetry of the haircut should be perfectly accurate.


For girls with wavy or perfectly straight hair, a multi-layered haircut with soft transitions has been created.

She looks incredibly impressive, so her owner will not be completely deprived of men's attention.

And this haircut is equally good with a straight, and with a oblique bangs. Even a long bang will bring in the image the necessary accents.

Therefore, a short asymmetric hairstyle is considered universal. It allows you to make a lot of original styling for every day or for a special occasion.

All fashion hairstyles are now moving away from the classics. Alternative direction is represented by androgynous style.

You can create hairstyles with graduation and long strands, with a short bang. In this case, the hair is stained with an unusual shade of paint.

Androgynous appearance, when the bangs are so short that the forehead is almost open, is designed for sports girls or neoclassical girls. This haircut is very comfortable to wear, but it looks luxurious.

Short haircuts with a bang that only slightly covers the forehead, can be even or with torn tips.

Also on hair of small length sometimes perform a graduation or make clear cuts. What will be the hairstyle, depends on the appearance of the woman and her individual preferences.


Girls who follow fashion very well should warn that recently the most popular graded bangs with uneven cut and oblique bangs covering one side of the face.

Short pricks prefer a lot of stars, as this is the most interesting and bright version. Laying a haircut with short hair can be in many ways, and this is done quickly.

Every day you can achieve the creation of a new unique appearance.


Four most popular styling

Short haircuts are predominantly voluminous. But the excess volume is not needed, the hairdo should look natural.

To make hair more magnificent special texturing means will help.

As a rule, use wax or paste. The strands treated with the product must be beaten with fingers. You can lift the locks on the vertex, copying the Iroquois hair.

Iroquois for short hair

But if the curls are not very short, it is better to use a spray or a cream that gives volume.

This remedy can be applied solely to the roots of hair or to treat it with the entire length of wet clean strands.

It is advisable to refuse the hair dryer, because when the hair dries in the usual way, they look more natural.

If you still have to dry your hair with a hairdryer, then do not blow the strands with hot air until they dry completely.

When they self-dry, you can use wax, directing the strands in a certain direction.

If a girl has a bang, then she can make very fashionable hairstyles. If it touches the cheekbones or the chin, which is very stylish, it can be removed on one side. This is a glamorous version of the styling.

Thanks to a bang, the girl will look younger for several years, and her eyes will become brighter.

Felt must be airy and soft, so do not be zealous with the application of laying tools. Owners of fine hair are encouraged to fir bangs.

Girls who are looking for an option for a party or a holiday, will arrange a hairstyle with the hair laid back. True, combing the strands in the direction of the nape, do not need to remove the volume.

Laying short haircuts

To the volume is not affected, it is necessary to put on a clean curl a little money for the splendor of hair.

When creating a glamorous arrangement, it is advisable to use gel, and if natural styling is required, it is more appropriate to use wax.

In the drying process, you need to pull the strands back, completely removing them from the face. To give a natural volume, do not use the comb, the strands are stretched out with your fingers.

The final touch in the formation of a stylish image is the use of hairspray. It is enough to sprinkle a little hair, otherwise the whole volume will be gone.

Smooth styling without problems will be able to create girls who have very short hair. These ladies will not need styling tools.

So that the hair does not crumble, it is enough to apply a little wax and squeeze the sticking prick.

The hairstyles of girls with longer curls to achieve the effect of perfect smoothness will have to straighten a mini-iron.

Straightening will require wax. Smooth styling looks more impressive with a rich color of hair, for example, with a burning black, chestnut or platinum blonde.


Smooth styling

Evening variants of hairstyles with short hair

Short haircuts can be quickly and effectively laid, creating an evening elegant appearance.

If your hair is trimmed in the form of a square, you can curl your hair. Curly - it's always stylish. And for a festive evening they fit perfectly.

Screw curls and give a person a shade of romanticism is very simple. It is necessary to prepare a waving device, hair spray and spend 10 minutes of time.

Girls who do not know how to make a fashionable hairstyle with curls, you can use the instructions below.


Creation of curly styling requires preliminary treatment of hair with a thermal protection spray.

Spray this product over the entire length of the strands. Without it, hair can overheat, causing their structure to break.

Strands on top of the head must be removed for a while, fixing them with studs. Then you need to warm up the curd up to an average temperature and curl the hair located in the back of the neck.

The device for curling must be kept in an upright position, winding the locks from the root zone to the ends of the hair. Lateral strands twist to the face.

Fashionable hairstyles with curls suggest that at the moment of curl, strands of the same thickness are taken.

Curls can be wound in different directions to create a small mess on the head of hear.

If there is a bang, then it must be curled a little differently. Ployuku in this case keep at an angle and try to create a curl at the very roots.

If the length of the bang allows this, then it can be pulled through a curling rod.

The finished laying should be fixed with a varnish. After this, it is advisable to shake your head a little, scattering the curls so that they are magnificent.


Other fashionable evening hairstyles are done on the basis of fleece. Naturally, the hair should be clean and dry. It is recommended to do similar hairstyles on the second day after water procedures.

First, the strands should be treated with dry shampoo, and then combed on the back of the head. Naches is carried out neatly, moving the scallop from top to bottom along the root zone.

After that, the finished tubercle should be slightly smoothed. Behind the head it is fixed by invisibles.

Lateral strands should be removed, hooked them invisible behind the ears. It is also necessary to do with short hair on the neck, fix them with invisible ones, so as not to get in the way.

Now you need to wrap your head with a scarf, tying it on the top of the head for a few knots. The ends of the scarf should be hidden under the bandage.