Is Vichy cream effective after 50 years?

Is Vichy cream effective after 50 years?

  • Mar 24, 2018

The French brand Vichy, part of the L'Oreal concern, produces cosmetics that have gained popularity due to their medicinal properties. They are due to the fact that they are made on special mineral water extracted in the same resort town of France. In combination with other components, selected taking into account the skin's features, as well as its problems, this water rejuvenates the skin, restores them to their former elasticity.

The company has divided all its cosmetics into several lines according to age categories. After all, women want to look beautiful and well-groomed at any age, and this can be achieved by choosing suitable means. For women after 50 years, the firm offers cream "Neovadiol GF".It is designed for women, whose age is from 50 to 60 years. With it, you can strengthen the turgor of skin and strengthen their density.

Description of the line

Description of the line Vichy Neovadiol

  • 1.1 NeoVadiol GF for the eye and lip contour
  • 1.2 NeoVadiol GF Daytime
  • 1.3 Neovadiol GF Night
    • 1.3.1 Results of the Neovadiol series( for 50)
  • 2 The beauty price from Vichy for those, Who for
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  • Description of the line Vichy Neovadiol

    It includes three products: day cream, night cream and their analog for the contour of the eyes and lips. The whole series is aimed at sealing the skin, restoring clear reliefs and maintaining the tone of adult skin. Means eliminate the age-related sagging of the skin in the cheekbones and cheeks, so called ptosis.


    NeoVadiol GF for the eye and lip contour

    It contains a rejuvenating medical-cosmetic complex, which is aimed at eliminating skin changes due to decreased body activity at the hormonal level. They become noticeable due to loss of skin elasticity, elasticity, the appearance on its surface of depressions and wrinkles. NeoVadiol GF for the contour of the eyes and lips

    The cream contains:

    • system Proteic Gf;
    • shea butter;
    • thermal water from the Vichy spring;
    • esperulin;
    • Pro-Xylan.

    Soy Phyto-Complex and other components successfully restore the structure of the skin at the cellular level in the eyes and mouth. Proteic Gf helps in the synthesis of endogenous tissue growth processes, and is also able to restore even deep layers of the epidermis.

    After applying the cream, the smoothing effect is almost immediately visible and the skin tissues become more dense. The drug is designed to help women during menopause. Its components eliminate obvious signs of its manifestation. Comfortable tuba and ergonomic dispenser allow you to carefully handle the places near the eyes and lips.

    The latter is made of a special alloy, which together with the cream has a cooling and smoothing action, not the surface of the skin. The cream is created for delicate areas with thin skin. It supports its water-lipid balance, and if it is dehydrated, it restores the reserve. Has accumulative and long-term action. A cosmetic elixir for the contour of the eyes and lips is applied daily in the morning and evening on the lines indicated on the package.

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    On the video - Vichy face cream after 50 years:

    NeoVadiol GF Daytime

    This remedy during the day fights with ptosis due to contained in it the patented Vichy complexes:

    • Phytoflavone created to stimulate the production of collagen, eliminating morning swelling;
    • NeoVadiol Gf contains two active components: Proteic Gf and Pro-Xylan. The first is enriched with natural proteins, which promote the growth of the necessary epidermal cells. The second serves to strengthen the tissues of the epidermis, which strongly lose their density during the onset of menopause. NeoVadiol GF Daytime

    These systems are able to restore even the deepest layers of skin within ten days. The cream acts on three areas of the face:

    1. tightens the cheekbones;
    2. smooths wrinkles around the neck;
    3. restores the contour of the face.

    The product is intended for normal skin and the one that is prone to dryness. In his power to restore the elasticity of the epidermis, restore a healthy shade of the face, accelerate the regeneration of skin, refresh the look.

    Neovadiol GF Night

    Its composition is designed for deep action. He is able to fight the signs of skin aging during the menopause, when the female body is undergoing serious changes. Successfully confronts the negative impact on the epidermis of hormonal decline, which is expressed in the loss of elasticity of the skin, erosion of contours of cheekbones and face oval. Neovadiol GF Night

    The cream contains innovative Vichy products that contain active ingredients: Pro-Xylan( natural polysaccharide), Proteic Gf( tissue growth stimulant), thermal water. The last ingredient acts on the skin to strengthen and soothe them. The effectiveness of this tool is proven by clinical studies. After their carrying out it was revealed that with regular application of the cream over night it compacts the skin, eliminates its sagging.

    Thanks to its light texture, the product is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and exposed, has a pleasant smell. It can be used not only in the evening, but also in the morning under make-up. It is suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause allergies.

    Results of using Neovadiol series( for 50)

    The developer assures that after ten days of using his cosmetic products the skin will become tight. Acquire a healthy hue, can refresh the appearance of the face, lips and eyes. This cosmetics is able to support a woman in her quest to be beautiful during the passage of menopause. It is hypoallergenic. With prolonged use, it does not cause habits, redness and irritation. Woman over 50 and cream

    The price of beauty from Vichy for those for whom

    This company was one of the first to sell its cosmetics not in stores, but in pharmacies. Its products can be purchased in almost every one of them, as well as on the Internet on the official website directly from France. The cost of sending the parcel will cost about 40 euros. The effectiveness of this cosmetics will manifest faster if you use three drugs at the same time. Their price is:

    • cream for the lips and eyes( tube 15 ml) can be purchased for 1,700 rubles;
    • day and night cream series Neovadiol( jars of 50 ml each) costs from 2100 rubles.

    Cosmetics Vichy is valuable in that it is made on the basis of the most, if you can say so, of the ancient mineral water that was produced on the planet from a hot spring called Lucas. Creams of this brand are hormonal, so they should be used after consultation with a dermatologist, so as not to disturb the overall hormonal background of the body.

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    After the appointed treatment course of skin regeneration, it will get rid of wrinkles, faster to rejuvenate and be absorbed by the necessary trace elements.


    • Nina, 49 years: "For my dry skin, Neovadiol cream is ideal. Especially it nourishes the lower part of the face and neck well. After two times of application you feel that the skin has become velvety and smooth. I use it in the winter and already forgot about the fact that the face is weathering. This pleasant nutrient can serve as an excellent step towards rejuvenation. "
    • Katerina Petrovna, 55 years: " My acquaintance with Vichy cosmetics started with the means for removing make-up given to me. For a long time she was tormented with other washing lotions, they smeared mascara and did not completely eliminate it. The French remedy was on top. After this successful experiment I bought two creams from the Neovadiol series, created for my age. Absolutely happy with them, I have been applying for more than one year. They do not cause irritation, well hide wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, and the contour of the face is noticeably tightened. I recommend this company to everyone. "
    • Ale, 26 years old :" Last year, on my mom's birthday, I gave her NeoVadiol Gf cream for the eyelids and lips from Vichy. I have been using this makeup for a long time and I am totally delighted with it. Mum at me allergik, therefore to please her with cosmetics it is very complex or difficult. She often buys something wrong, though she carefully chooses. We often take samples of different cosmetic companies for her, but many people do not show themselves at first. In the pharmacy, the pharmacist advised Vichy. I ventured by buying an eye cream without any preliminary testing. Although I was warned that some complained about the salt contained in the thermal water, which is part of any cream of this firm, but I never noticed their actions. "

    My mother, applying it three times, and seeing the result, was very pleasedSuch a gift. The skin tightened a little, wrinkles began to be smoothed, and even the look was rejuvenated."Our woman" bloomed, probably, we are very well-behaved well-groomed, and my mother felt it. Now I buy her cosmetics Vichy for all the holidays. It's always nice to pamper your loved one.