Charm of evening hairstyles with bangs

  • Mar 25, 2018

Evening hairstyles with a bang change the face of a woman. It's no secret that a beautifully laid bang makes the charm of the whole hairstyle.

But before you go to the hairdresser, think over your appearance, because you go to the evening, and for this, carefully choose a dress or suit, shoes and accessories.

In order for the hair to be in harmony with your appearance, it must be fashioned with refinement and uniqueness.

According to the type of face and length of hair, the shape of the bangs is chosen, so if you decide to do your hair by yourself, consult a stylist or a hairdresser beforehand.


  • Some tips stylists
  • combination of long hair with bangs
  • combination of medium length hair with bangs
  • Short hairstyles with bangs stylists

Some tips

We may think that haircut decorate, then this is not always the case.

Listen to this advice when choosing your hairstyle:

  • Women with oval face shape will bangs clipped on the bias with long strands on e
    ach side, which will make some more subtle facial features and long and straight chelochkoy slightly lengthen the face;
  • Girls with a square face shape will be decorated with a torn oblique fringe, it will smooth out the pronounced cheekbones and soften the facial expression;
  • With an elongated type of face, a cheek with asymmetry is recommended, it will give the person a mystery;
  • Women with other types of face are better to cut a straight bang to the eyebrows. Slightly twisted, it is refined and elegant;
  • Women do not advise women of low stature and lush forms to do a thick bang, but its straight and straight form is not high or thin, so it is advisable to slightly twist the tips inwards;
  • All the fair sex are slanting bangs to the eyebrows.

Fix strands better than lacquer, but if your curls are curly, then smooth it with iron.

For styling, use all kinds of sprays, use mousse and hair gels, and if the hair roots are not greasy, you can spray dry shampoo on the roots.

Combination of long hair with a bang

Long hair, even just loose and slightly twisted into elastic curls, combined with an elongated brow, straightened or laid with wavy strands, will give the girl an elegant, feminine look.

Different weave braids straight and braided to one side, entwined around the head is underlined in the image of the girl kind of divinity and fabulous in the Greek style, and the use of pins with glittering stones, diadems, fresh flowers make exquisite hairstyle.


For such a hairstyle the bangs should be airy and natural.

This kind of laying recreates the image of the unforgettable Brigitte Bardot, and was named "Babette" from the movie "Babette Goes to War".

Evening hairstyle with bangs should preserve the individuality inherent in the woman, but also show the fashion, the movement of time and at the same time be practical, and most importantly - the most convenient.

Strands, gathered in the tail or in a bun at the back of the head, open the face oval and emphasize facial features, so do not forget about this when laying.

Classic "Shell", made on prepared hair with a spray, looks festive and natural, if you make a side part.

Strands of bangs can be laid on the side or straight, but as an unusual option, strands can be combed, increasing their volume fleece back, creating an additional frontal volume.

Very nice looks, if the forehead is not high.


Hairstyle cockleshell

If you do not want to make too much effort to create any of the hair compositions, you can safely tie "ponytail", wavy strands to the right lower chest.

And the oblique locks of chelochki lay on one side to the left. This combination of the tail with the oblique brow is very romantic, and with the appropriate outfit and makeup you will not be equal.

And even easier hair style in the style of "Emo".It looks cool. Hairstyle should be given a multi-layer structure, bangs to make a slanting, profiled.

Make a color in two colors, in combinations - white with black, white with red, black with pink, as you like. Comb and the image is ready.


Hairstyle in emo style

Combination of medium length hair with bang

Most often, girls wear curls of medium length. Their versatility is undeniable: they are easily stacked, easily wound on curlers, easily braided.

More often with the help of foam, curls curl, but do not comb, but simply spread over the head and strengthen with varnish.

Short strands on the forehead are combed or laid with a hair dryer with a round brush on either side or lifted up and varnished.

Such evening hairstyles are especially luxurious looking, if the haircut is made in the form of a "cascade".


Separating the upper strands, treated with foam or hair mousse, with a round brush and hair dryer, tuck them inside. The remaining locks curl up and, slightly combed, fix with varnish.

On the forehead of the bang, release the rare strands. A beautiful bezel will be a wonderful decoration. Very original look strands, painted in two colors.

In the fashion now multi-layered hairstyles. They are especially relevant in not very long curls."Kare" graded on an elongated haircut after styling will effectively look, highlighting the features of this unusual haircut.

The classic "quads" fit well with an elongated and short bang. Twist the ends of the hair inside. This hairstyle can be both everyday and evening.

It will be appropriate to look an unusual tail at an official reception or at a wedding.

On the sides of the head do the parting and, picking up the strands of bangs between them, comb it and smoothly back, the remaining strands pull in the tail, wind and unfold with hard locks.

Prostrong on the sides of the head will highlight the bangs and the charm of the look, and if the strands are painted in two colors, then the depth of the eyes.


Short haircuts with a bang

In the style of "retro" curls look brighter and glamorous. All the hair is curled in large curls, laid in this style, the bangs seem to be a continuation of the curls, the look is open and mysterious.

Graduated "quads" on short hair is acceptable for work and for evening hairstyles.

True, he has a slightly disheveled appearance, but this is the highlight. It is advisable to wear long unusual earrings in the tone of the dress.


Short "square" - a classic. Required hair filing. Strands carefully combed, to give them lightness and volume, determine the parting, lay smooth curls, bending inside, sprinkle with varnish.

Strands from forehead to lay on the side, can be stabbed with a hair clip.

There are a lot of "kare" haircuts, for example, a textural type of "rastrepki", with long locks in front and short at the back of the head, asymmetrical "quads" and others.

A short haircut in the style of "Emo" fits very simply and quickly.

The washed curls during drying should be given volume at the roots, and then on the side strands and bangs, apply hair wax and, drying out, comb. Youth look is ready.

In the fashion now asymmetry. Straight lines of short haircut, parting and long asymmetrical bangs on one side, covering the eye. This is a very youthful option.

Both asymmetrical and oblique bangs to all asymmetrical faces are attached to a slightly different, but very refined form, as if rejuvenating and decorating.


Evening hairstyles with a bang or without it should not suppress your personality, they should help you to be liberated and get the maximum pleasure from communicating with friends.

You must be original and beautiful.

Evening hairstyles with bangs and suitable styling will help you to be on top at any event.