Varnishes for nails with the effect of gel coating

Varnishes for nails with the effect of gel coating

  • Mar 25, 2018

Caring for their nails, every woman wants to find something better. Of course, many new products, which are now published, can not but please the girls. But among so many varnishes you can get lost. There is such a tool that will significantly reduce the time of treatment of nails, and the effect will be preserved for a long time.

One of the latest innovations in the field of nail plate coatings for some time was considered a gel coating, which was fixed with an ultraviolet lamp for drying nails. Read about what you need to cover the nails with a gel varnish, you can here. Such a manicure can last for a long time on the nails. The second name for this method is shellac coating. Here you can read how much gel gel keeps on natural nails.

But now a new gel effect has appeared. The difference from shellac is that it is not necessary to dry it with a lamp.


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What are remarkable and what are their main advantages

Nail polish with the effect of a gel coating

The lacquer gel effect has the following number of advantages:

  1. The color is very saturated, the resistance to damage is increased.
  2. Gloss coating is superior to previously known methods.
  3. Can be applied to the nails as a normal varnish, no special features when applying it is not necessary to observe.
  4. Dries by itself without the use of a lamp.
  5. Before nail coating, it is not necessary to saw and injure with a nail file.
  6. Remove the cover is not difficult. This requires only a means of removal. Shellac should be removed with a special solution, which is often not at home.
  7. You can make a manicure with gel varnish on your own.

On video nail polishes with the effect of gel coating:

As in any product, and in the varnish with the effect of the gel, there are drawbacks. What can be attributed to them?

  1. If you carry out the procedure in the salon, you will have to pay about 1000 rubles. But in expensive beauty salons you can pay more. Having carried out the procedure yourself, you will reduce your expenses.
  2. If the chips from the varnish will accumulate, then remove them in the future will be quite difficult. And if you decide to cut these chips, you can just nail injury. Here you can read, from which the gel lacquer on the nails.
  3. Nails should rest for a month after use within 4 weeks. It is best to use firming, which will help restore the structure of marigolds.

Specialists recommend applying it 6 times a year. But the producers of varnishes do not support this opinion, saying that the composition of only soft components that are not capable of destroying the structure of the nail plate.

As you can see, there are many advantages to lacquer with gel effect. Now you need to find out about the assortment offered by the market. With any staining, it's best to make sure that your nails are healthy. If there is a fungus, then read reviews of antifungal nail varnishes. Especially popular is the nail polish from Oflomil.

Assortment of


Avon nail polishes with the effect of gel coating

Avon - the brand has long been known. In the products of this company you can find it with a gel-effect. A collection of similar varnishes is called Gel Finish Nail Enamel.

The collection contains 16 different colors that will satisfy the needs of girls. There are also super bright options, there are also gentle shades. The products of this trademark have proved themselves for a long time. And they are applied without much difficulty. At the same time, it is not necessary to use various hardeners and a base.

The composition includes ingredients that can prevent the stratification of nails, fragility and fineness of the nails. The smell is neutral. That's why many women choose this remedy. In this case, the varnish dries on the nails very quickly. It is very convenient to apply it due to the presence of a long brush. In this case, the villi on the brush are thick, which contributes to the even distribution of the varnish. A glossy coating can last for a long time on the nails. The price will be approximately 150-200 rubles.

Brigitte Botier

Bridget Botie nail polish with the effect of gel coating

Brigitte Botier is a gel based on gel. The manufacturer of varnishes Brigitte Bottier says that an excellent manicure, in no way inferior salon, can be done independently at home. And while you will not have much time to spend.

The composition does not include solid grains. The varnish is removed in a simple old way - with acetone.

The brush has a rounded appearance, it is flat and wide. Thanks to this, it is quite easy to apply it. The range of lacquers Brigitte Bottier is so wide that any lady can choose the right color. The cost is approximately 180 rubles.


Opi nail polish with a gel coating effect

Opi - In the US, it is especially popular. A bottle of lacquer with a volume of 15 ml. Due to the fact that the brush is wide, enough 1-2 movements, so that the entire nail plate was painted. The brush is wide and dense. In order for the application effect to be as good as possible, a basic substrate or coating should be used. And in Opi you can choose such a basis.

For better fixing, it's best to dry the nails under the lamp, it takes about 30 seconds. The firm offers to purchase and fixer, which will help to keep the lacquer long enough on the nails. The manufacturer took care of removing it from the nail plate. For this, he proposes to buy a special remover, napkins and foil.

There are about 30 shades in total now. But the firm does not stop there, but wants to release a number of other colors.

The price is 560 rubles.


Nail polish with the effect of gel covering the nail

Nails - gel varnishes, which offers to buy a domestic manufacturer. The full name of the line sounds like Fresh summerg eleffect. The very name already says that all the colors in the collection are rich and vivid. The original tube also attracts the attention of buyers.

The texture of the varnishes resembles a matte finish. It will not be necessary to dry it under a lamp. The manufacturer says that the coating can survive in an integrity of 5 days. The varnish is applied in only one coat. At the same time the brush is wide and with small notches perfectly helps to evenly distribute it. The price of one bottle is 70 rubles.


Nail polishes with the effect of gel coating Ibd

Ibd is a company that has been able to prove itself in the market for a long time. She manufactures goods for manicure with high quality. Lacquer with a gel effect has long been not a novelty. In the lacquer there is only a soft gel, which fits perfectly on the surface of the nails. The collection contains 54 shades.

Millions of women have already fully appreciated all the advantages of this varnish. In addition, the nail strengthens the nail polish. After applying to the nails the surface becomes shiny, all shades are of a natural nature. The problem of applying is that a lamp is required. Nails must first be degreased, apply a basic coating. The price of a jar is 400 rubles.

PODIUM Gel Effect

Nail polishes with the effect of gel coating PODIUM Gel Effect

PODIUM Gel Effect - varnish from the manufacturer from Belarus. The manufacturer claims that the coating is super stable. Thanks to a convenient brush, the varnish is easy to apply to the nails. Luck is able to convey all the beauty and richness of color. The varnish can be dried without using an ultraviolet lamp. The varnish does not include formaldehyde and toluene. The collection contains about 20 beautiful shades. The manufacturer gives recommendations on which it is necessary to apply the lacquer only to the substrate.

Lumene Gel effect nail polish

Lumene Gel effect nail polish

Another manufacturer who was able to prove himself well. The volume of the bottle of lacquer is about 5 ml.

But, despite this, the brush is quite wide and comfortable. Usually in such small bottles and tassels are small. But in this case, the manufacturer took care that the lacquer was well applied to the surface. The color palette is very interesting, although small. The cost of varnish is approximately 150 rubles. The texture of the varnish is quite thick. Therefore, it is important to apply the varnish neatly and slowly.

Here you will find instructions for the use of Varnish Evelyn 8 in 1. Also read what brands of varnish can be used for pregnant women. Perhaps you will also be useful information about why the nail polish bubbles after application. If you have short nails, then the link describes a manicure gel varnish on short nails.

Customer Reviews

  • Galina 23 years: "I could not imagine that in the price category up to 100 rubles you can buy a decent lacquer. Indeed, my surprise was boundless when I first started using the Brigitte Bottier lacquer. I'll start from the beginning. I admit, several times passed by this varnish, unattractively dressed in the window. But for the third time the seller put up an enviable inscription "EFFECT BEFORE 14 DAYS" next to bottles of this series( after a long use it is necessary to admit that with this figure a bit overdone).This advertising stayed in my head, and when I got home, I immediately went online and started to study a series of varnishes of Brigitte Bottier. The manufacturer presented a fairly rich palette of 17 colors. Bribes the size of the vessel - 12 ml( before drying, all use is very difficult).The next positive thing is the salon brush, wide and very comfortable. There are no formaldehyde and toluene in the composition, which is fine, because these substances destroy our claws. The result of using me was simply stunned, I will not be afraid of this loud word. This is one of the rare cases when almost everything that the manufacturer promised was really true. The lacquer lay flat, without any blisters. Struck perfectly smooth gloss. Drying time, without special drying, about 15 minutes. What about the negative qualities of Brigitte Bottier lacquers? I do not even know, because there are practically none. Is that a bit did not like the consistency. "
  • Oksana, 25 years old: "I decided to buy a varnish for the New Goose, which can last for at least 3 days without any damage on my nails. And I decided to buy Lumene Gel Effect Nail Polish at number 23. The color was called Summer Wind. The volume of the bottle was 5 ml. I had enough of this volume. Due to the fact that the density of the varnish is high enough, it is difficult to apply evenly to the nails. The varnish dries very quickly. The disadvantage is that the tips of the nails can be damaged and erased. As a result, after painting, the color on the nails was slightly darker than that in the bottle. From above, I decided to cover my nails with a colorless varnish. In general, I was happy with the result. I'll try and other shades of varnish from this collection. "
  • Anna, 26 years old: "I really like to try various novelties that come out. And then once picking up the Avon catalog, I saw a new line of lacquers with a gel effect. But there were so many shades there that I even found it difficult to choose. But still I stopped at two and bought them. The shades are very beautiful, the lacquer effect is acceptable. Lacquer is very easy to apply. But it's worth saying that the gloss effect can disappear after 3 days. In principle, the price category and the expected effect correspond to each other. "