Expression of personality in youth hairstyles for girls

  • Mar 25, 2018

Correctly chosen youth hairdress for girls is able to emphasize the peculiarity of personality, allows to show individuality in the image.

A youth hairdress is formed on the basis of the basic haircut, but the originality is added to it by hairdressers and stylists due to a variety of harnesses and weave, asymmetry or contrast of the length of the strands.


  • Youth hairstyles for short strands
  • Youth hairstyles for medium strands
  • Youth hairstyles for long strands

Youth hairstyles for short strands

Modern youth styling for the girls can be run on the medium and long hair and, of course, in the shortStrands, which most of all today corresponds to the spirit of the era.

Making a choice of a youth hairstyle for short hair, the girls make their lives easier, because almost all short haircuts are easy to lay and do not require their owners special compositions for laying strands.


After all, in many cases, the girl's short strands are placed in the youth's hairdress with only her own fingers and the minimum amount of modeling wax.

In youth hairstyles for short locks for teenage girls, stylists most often emphasize the contrast:

  • is a short-cropped occipital region combined with long strands on the sides of the head;
  • short strands and asymmetrically made bangs;Shaved temporal zones and voluminous macula zone;
  • original combination of shades.

The last item provides the technique of non-standard staining of strands, which results in a combination of fiery reddish or reddish hair ends with a dark radical zone.

Till now does not lose its popularity "ombre", this technique looks very effective on short strands and can be performed independently at home.

For this purpose, a special kit is purchased, in addition to the paint there is a comb - with it, a coloring agent is applied and correctly distributed over the locks.


Ombre for short hair

creating fashionable and stylish hairstyles youth, girls do not necessarily paint the strands in acid colors or shave his head bald or whiskey.

Enough in haircuts apply multiple different techniques: to focus on the unusually made a bang or ragged tips of the total mass of hair.

Stylists recommend choosing youth haircuts, which can later be laid in different ways.

A striking example is a short graduated bean, because such a haircut can be effectively combined with a wide variety of bangs.

For example, a girl with a torn not too thick fringe will be able to style her hair to one side of the head, the hair combed in two opposite directions using a scythe, a zig-zag or even parting.

Youth hairstyles for medium hair strands

Average - great for teenage girls in the event that a radical change of the image they are not yet ready, and long locks already tired.

Medium hair does not cease to be popular, as hairdresses on them are diverse in their performance.

basic rule that must be followed when choosing a hairstyle for youth-adolescent girls is to correct selection of models under the hair type and face shape.


For example, girls with medium thin strands are ideal multi-layered haircuts, thanks to which the hair will get the right volume, and curls visually look thicker.

On medium hair, teenage girls will look beautiful with a cascade hairstyle with a slightly elongated bangs or an obliquely arranged, as a result of combing the strands can be cut by one or two sides.

You can choose a hairstyle cascade with a straight bang, which will give a completely different image, for ideal front rows it is recommended to straighten with iron.

For those girls who curl by nature curl, hairdressers recommend choosing a Bob-kar and a bob without bangs.

The result of choosing these unpretentious haircuts will be the maximum volume and attractive mobility of the hair.

Even if a few unruly strings and stand out from the created composition, it will only give a unique freshness to the image.

Such models do not require the use of a step-by-step scheme of laying and special styling means. To give a natural look to the hair, it will be enough to split the curls with your fingers and apply a minimum amount of wax.

Asymmetric haircuts - for teenage girls who love everything original and are not averse to experimenting.


Asymmetric haircuts

Thanks to such asymmetrical hairstyles, you can create a stylish youth image for courageous individuals.

In this case, young ladies are recommended to pay attention to the youth hairstyle variants with a carefully obliquely oblique elongated bangs, as well as chaotic torn bangs with different lengths.

Any female hairdo made on medium hair, will always look great, because it is such a length of strands at all times, surprising its practicality and versatility.

A variety of youth hairstyles allows you to choose the right option for any occasion, style and image.

Youth hairstyles for long locks

If your locks are long, have a healthy and beautiful natural shade, before 100 times think - is it worth to part with such wealth and in a moment becomes like a million other women with short and medium haircuts?

In addition, it is in the current season that stylists emphasize the beauty and health of the hair, not only due to the original elements of the weaving, but also thanks to the youthful haircuts that can be made on long curls while maintaining their length.


Cascading haircuts

At the moment the most popular haircut for long strands is the "cascade" - this haircut is able to give mobility to the hair and allows you to freely choose hair styles.

If desired, the girls can combine their cascade with any bangs or not have it, in any case, the head of the head will look very well-groomed and very neat.

Such a haircut, like a cascade, it will be interesting to look at strands of any type and texture.

For girls with thick and heavy curls, this option will be a godsend, because thanks to the cascading technique of removing strands of hair, will acquire mobility and lightness.

Stopping your choice on hairstyles for long curls, do not forget about the styling, which will allow them to lie more naturally, for this, of course, will have to put some effort and spend money.


But if there is absolutely no time to lay long strands, on the recommendations of stylists you can create a cascade of fashion chaos.

Change the image and at the same time fully preserve the length of the curls will allow the female hairstyle, with the help of which the emphasis is placed on the face.

In this case, long hair is combined with bunches of different shapes: ultrashort, non-standard, oblique, torn and rounded.

Youth is considered to be a period of experiments, so it's not too late - experiment, do not miss the opportunity to try on new fashionable images.