How to know the character by handwriting

  • Mar 25, 2018

About the character of a person can tell everything: his appearance, manners, habits and even handwriting. Even without completely knowing a person, by the way he writes, the expert's trained eye can determine who he is dealing with. And it's not that we write. All the salt is how we do it. No matter how hard a person tries to write beautifully and correctly, everyone has his own peculiarities of writing letters, his own handwriting. This is due to the fact that our brain sends certain impulses to the "hand" at the time of writing.


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How to define the character of the handwriting


analyzing the handwriting and character of a person can be said about self-esteem, emotional, wave power, and much more. In order for the results of the study of handwriting to be most reliable, one should write a person in a calm state. It is desirable to use several records made at different times. For the study it is convenient to use a diary. Although you can evaluate almost any record. The nature of the record will show the emotional state of the person. On non-linear paper, it will open more opportunities.

character handwriting: graphology


handwriting person engaged in graphology. This science is not as young as it might seem. She examines the slope of letters, the degree of their proximity to each other, the location on the paper. Graphological analysis allows us to identify not only the qualities that a person possesses, but also to determine personal perspectives and inclinations.

On the connection of handwriting with the character started talking back in the Middle Ages. The Roman historian Suetonius in the early 16th century became the author of a book that can be considered the basis of graphology. In the XIX century, data from various sources concerning handwriting were systematized by J. Mishon. A significant contribution to graphology was made by the biologist V. Preyer, who studied the relationship of writing and physiology. He even conducted experiments under hypnosis, during which people were taught what kind of character traits they possess. The same person, with different "characteristics" wrote in different handwriting.

R. Wieser conducted a study of handwriting of criminals and confirmed the version of his contemporaries that the handwriting is possible to judge human propensities. She examined the handwriting of more than 700 people who committed various crimes and made their conclusions, how to determine the character of a person by handwriting.

main directions of research of character on handwriting


character handwriting: the location of the lines

  1. row direction speaks of confidence or human insecurity. If the lines are directed down, they will give out an apathetic nature with pessimistic views on life. So write sentimental persons who do not show initiative.
  2. Strings that go up characters for bold people, who are accustomed to taking on a lot. They are determined, confident, ambitious.
  3. It happens that the lines then run up and down - this is a kind of "imprint" of resourcefulness.
  4. If the lines are lowered and then raised - the person is accustomed to bring the work to the end. In the reverse situation, you can say that a person grabs everything, but throws the started halfway. Such people are fickle and have problems with patience.

character handwriting: the relationship between letters

  1. It is often possible to meet people who write letters in isolation from each other. The actions of such natures are difficult to give in to logic, they live by instinct, relying much on their own intuition. The life of such people is difficult to call boring.
  2. A fluent handwriting in which the links between the letters are present in places, absent in some places, indicates that its owner is smart and ready to take the initiative.
  3. The literal writing of letters is evidence of the ability to think critically and reason logically.
  4. Smooth handwriting speaks of calmness and harmony with oneself, calligraphic one can tell about diligence and accuracy, however such people are not too independent, they are difficult to make decisions, they are strongly dependent on someone else's opinion.
  5. Unscrupulous handwriting is typical for energetic and nervous people.

Character of handwriting: lettering

  1. People with a rounded hand are ready to compromise, they are born diplomats.
  2. Angular letters indicate independence of character and selfishness. Pay attention to the size of the letters.
  3. Writes secretive and closed personalities, small letters are characteristic for communicative people, easily going to contact with others.
  4. Different letters indicate imbalances and internal anxiety.
  5. If the letters are located close to each other, the owner of this handwriting is scrupulous and thrifty.
  6. The large spacing between the letters indicates the person of the wide soul.

Handwriting character: inclination

Most people write with a slope, you can also identify character traits on it.

  1. The slope to the right will tell you about the purposefulness. A slight inclination in the same direction will give calmness and poise, but at the same time the owners of a small inclination in the handwriting periodically like to remain alone with themselves.
  2. People who write with a slant to the left are individualists. They oppose their own interests to the public, and are ready to go against everything if convictions demand it.
  3. Without inclination people write stubborn.
  4. The quick temper is indicated by an overly strong slope, where the letters almost lie on the line. A slope in different directions indicates a capricious nature, whose mind is constantly in the struggle with feelings.

Handwriting character: pressure and margins

  1. Strong pressure is characteristic of strong egocentric personalities. They are optimistic about life and decisive in business. In combination with a strong slope, similar pressure indicates rigor in life views.
  2. Weak pressure in sensitive natures. Most often they are distinguished by frivolity and carelessness.
  3. If a person leaves the fields on the left - his, with a high degree of probability, distinguishes pettiness. Such people do everything for their family.
  4. The margins on the right set aside lavish natures. The more they are broad, the more generous the individual is capable of.

Character on handwriting: signature


Not only can writing tell about the nature and inclinations. Even a signature can tell a lot about its owner. The abundance of loops is characteristic of cunning people with high observance. If the signature is crossed out - this is a sign of impulsiveness and irrepressible vital energy.

Closed people are characterized by signatures circled in a circle. The simpler the signature, the more self-confident it indicates.

Character by handwriting: examples

The roundness of the letters says that the author of the note is ready to compromise.

The author of smooth, up-going lines completes the started to the end.

Low letters characterize a person who lives by instincts.

Slender spelling of letters indicates a developed logic and clarity of thinking.


Character in handwriting. Test

Many people wonder how to determine the character by handwriting. This test will help you to understand yourself or others without a graphologist. It consists of 5 stages, thanks to which it will be possible to recognize the character in handwriting. So, proceed:

  1. You need to quickly write a sentence of 6-7 words.
  2. The same sentence is written down slowly.
  3. It is necessary to draw a small animal.
  4. Without superfluous thought to draw a geometric figure.
  5. Draw a road with a direction in the form of an arrow.

When interpreting the test, two text fragments are first compared. If the handwriting was the same, regardless of the speed of writing, it indicates a person who quickly reacts to a change of circumstances. Otherwise, we can talk about a tendency to change moods.

Rounded letters will indicate a person ready to compromise, with a predominantly female beginning. Angular - tell us about the rudeness and strength of character. Small letters will give out a person who is in a stressful state, letters with "decorations" point to creative unrealization. The handwriting can also be assessed by other criteria specified above in this article.

In the animal's drawing, one should pay attention to emotions, which can be considered a protection of the emotions of the tested person. Additional details - bows, mustaches, etc. Will say about the infantilism.

In the figure, pay attention to the presence of angles - their presence indicates a dissatisfaction in the realization of desires, a circle or oval symbolizes the developed willpower and the ability to carry out what has been started to the end.

The road should be evaluated from the point of view of directness, the straight line shows the presence of clear goals, meandering - indicates that the person speaks more than acts.

A little more about character in handwriting


The person's handwriting, despite several centuries of research, is still a mystery to humanity. And although today the definition of character by hand is popular, one can not be 100% sure of the results. Self-study of one's own handwriting can help to reveal their inclinations and to know oneself. Surely in the future it will be possible to learn the character of a person in handwriting with greater accuracy, and someday the definition of a person's character by handwriting

Will be used when hiring.

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