What is a good hand cream with urea?

What is a good hand cream with urea?

  • Mar 25, 2018

Our hands are constantly exposed to harmful effects. In addition to the influence of weather conditions, the skin of the hands is affected by water, various cleaning and washing materials. With age, the skin of the hands becomes thinner, becomes dry and lifeless. She lacks internal moisture, resulting in wrinkles.

Many women use remedies that can nourish and moisturize from the outside to preserve the beauty of the skin on their hands. In particular, we are talking about hand care creams. But not all creams are equally good. Most of them have only a short-term effect, nourish and soften it for about an hour. After the cream has absorbed, the positive effect also disappears.

Therefore, it is necessary to search for the sale of products, which include special components that can have a lasting positive effect.

One of the popular hand care products is hand cream, which includes urea. Many are surprised and do not understand why it is so useful. But once they try this unique cream, they will only l

ook for it on the shelves.

Urea in cosmetics has been used for a long time. It is also used in medicine. It is necessary to understand why it is so useful.


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Hand cream with urea

The cream containing urea has a positive effect on theSkin of hands. It very well moisturizes, nourishes, and also serves as a conductor of useful substances.

But in our body urea is also present, it is contained in the skin. If its concentration is within normal limits, then the skin looks young, healthy and radiant. It is sufficiently moistened and it has a protective layer that helps to withstand weather conditions and other harmful influences.

If the urea content is insufficient, the skin looks very dry, it becomes thinner and flakes.

If you regularly use a cream with urea, then its concentration in the skin will increase, the skin will be smoothed and moistened.

In addition, the secret of urea is that it can heal damage to the skin, so it is used not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine. Drugs with urea are popular. They can be purchased at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.

On the video hand cream with urea:

Consider the main useful properties of urea:

  • humidification of the integument and regulation of the hydrobalance in cells. The skin is absorbed by moisture, and this moisture does not leave the skin, but remains inside.
  • regeneration - with urea, the skin heals, becomes protected from harmful environmental influences. The epidermis functions correctly, is not damaged or destroyed.
  • replenishment of urea in the body - because with any violations in the body the concentration of this substance decreases, which negatively affects the skin condition. The use of a cream with urea replenishes natural workings.
  • softening and rejuvenation - the first use of cream with urea is seen as a positive effect. The skin looks smoother, fresh and soft to the touch. The cream is able to protect the skin of hands from exposure to household chemicals, as well as from age-related changes. Especially often, urea can be found in anti-aging creams.
  • product with urea is completely natural , useful not only for the skin, but for the body as a whole.

A cream with urea is often developed specifically for people with diabetes mellitus. Their skin is especially prone to dryness and cracking, this is due to a decrease in the skin of a diabetic urea content. The cream is able to restore the veils and protect from further destruction.

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Which products to choose

Find a cream that contains urea, you can in the pharmacy, as well as in cosmetic supermarkets. Such products are inexpensive, the average price is in the range from 150 to 600 rubles. Below are a few well-known products containing urea.


It is a cream for hands and feet at the same time. You can apply it twice a day to achieve a better effect. Sold in a tuba, the color is white, the consistency is thick enough. It has no pronounced smell.

Hand cream with urethane

No contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Indications for use - eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis. It is used for the healing of skin and dryness. The average cost is about 300 rubles.

Handwunder "Plus"

This product is manufactured in Germany. It is used as a hand care product. She becomes smooth, silky and young. All this thanks to urea, which is part of the cream. True, this cream is not cheap. Its price is over 500 rubles.

Hand cream with urea Handwunder "Plus


This cream is the most popular in our country. It has many useful properties, it includes not only urea, but also other valuable components, for example, aloe, badyaga and others. The cost of this product is quite low, so everyone can buy it.

Hand cream with urea

The line of Healer creams includes products for the care of hands and feet. Suitable for all ages. Effectively fights with cracks on the heels, heals lesions on the skin of the hands, prevents premature aging, perfectly moisturizes.

Can be used as a remedy for calluses and corns, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents.

Thus, we have considered the benefits of urea, the main products for the care of hands and feet skin, as well as the price range. It became obvious that a cream with urea is very useful and highly effective, popular and affordable. There are no contraindications for use, so it's worth trying and assessing yourself.

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Svetlana, 23 years old: »The girlfriend advised me to buy a hand cream with urea in the pharmacy. I've heard a lot about the beneficial properties of this natural component. Decided to try and was not mistaken. The effect is really stunning. It began to peel less after the first application. A week later I did not recognize my hands. Why did not I use it before? "

Helena, 34 years old: " I've been looking for a tool for caring for a long time. Due to the fact that I work in production, the skin of my hands is in a deplorable state. The usual cream does not suit me anymore. And then I accidentally came across a cream with urea. I liked this product. Easily absorbed, does not leave a greasy film. It has no smell. The result was particularly gratifying. The skin became soft, all the damages and irritations were smoothed. »

Natalia, 45: » I bought a cream with urea Lekar in a pharmacy. I heard a lot about him and decided to use it on myself. Used daily in the morning and in the evening, not only her hands, but also her feet. I am very pleased with the result. All microcracks on the skin were tightened, it became more elastic and looks amazing. Thanks to the manufacturers for taking care of our skin. "