Styles of evening hairstyles for the hair to the shoulders

  • Mar 25, 2018

Evening hairstyle for the hair up to the shoulders can be performed in a very different style of performance and always the end result will be simply stunning.

At present, many representatives of the beautiful half of mankind prefer to wear hair to the shoulders.

This length of curls is considered universal and allows you to easily choose evening hairstyles for each woman.

Variety of variants

Possessors of hair up to the shoulders can be said to be lucky, because for such a length of strands there is a huge number of variants of hairstyles, including evening dresses.

In addition, with this length of strands you can safely experiment and fantasize.

For the hair up to the shoulders it is enough just to provide proper care, which means that they are less susceptible to all kinds of damage.


Such hair will look beautiful even in a loose state, and if they additionally create a light wave, then this will become a win-win option at any party.

It is best to look on these strands large curls, which can be created, both with the help of hair curlers, and special tongs and ironing.

You can slightly curl individual strands, and you can and absolutely everything. In any case, the romantic curls on the hair to the shoulders will look romantic and incredibly beautiful.

Strands to the shoulders, laid in a strict style, will look original. To do this, hair should be given almost perfect smoothness, and you can do it with ironing.

Slightly dilute such a hairstyle can be due to giving the locks an extra volume and easy splendor.

In addition, such a hairstyle is decorated with a stylishly laid bangs. Simple style hairstyles are considered a good option for any party.


Also almost a win-win option for the hair to the shoulders are all kinds of bundles. Even the most ordinary bundle will allow a woman to feel comfortable throughout the evening.

Meanwhile, there is a huge variety of bundles on the hair up to the shoulders.

It can be created with a special roller and additionally decorated with all kinds of beautiful hair clips and stylish accessories.

The length of the hair to the shoulders allows them to perform various types of weave on them. For evening hairstyles pigtails are almost ideal.

Such hairstyles will not go unnoticed by representatives of the strong half of humanity.

It should be noted that all kinds of weaving are perfectly combined with tufts, in addition, styling with braids is a huge field for experiments that will make the image of a woman even more beautiful.


Scythe waterfall on medium hair

Many professional stylists claim that for the hair up to the shoulders the ideal version of the evening hairstyle is those in which a part of the hair is gathered together in a special way.

In this case, there are many options for laying. Locks can simply be gathered in the back of the head in a small tail, or you can twist them into stylish flagella.

To increase the volume of this evening hairstyle will help naches( see the photo below).

Original and at the same time beautifully look hairstyles made in the Greek style.

Such laying should necessarily be supplemented with beautiful ribbons, bright bandages or decorative rims.

This hairstyle will help a woman at any party feel like a real queen. On the hair with the length to the shoulders you get beautiful hairstyles in retro style or vintage.

There are a lot of options for styling the hair to the shoulders, and every representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be able to choose the most suitable for the party.


Interesting ideas

Evening hairstyles must necessarily be original and beautiful, in addition, meet certain criteria.

To date, evening hairstyles, which can be done on the hair up to the shoulders, are presented in great variety.

For any party, an excellent option will be stacking in the assembled style, when the hair to the shoulders form a bulky bundle in the back of the head.

To independently make this evening styling, you must have a cone-shaped cone, comb, several clips, a fixing varnish and a set of hairpins.

Strands with shoulder length should be screwed onto the curling iron and gently combed. After this, once again, the individual strands are wound around the face and fixed with clamps.

Lower curls are gathered in the tail, then they are lightly laid. Next, clips are removed on the front strands, also the combs are performed, after which they are laid back and fixed with studs.

It is also necessary to hide the tips of the tail inside the hairstyle. The finished laying is treated with a fixing varnish.


Evening hairstyles do not have to consist of complex elements. Very often very interesting and simple solutions look.

So, it's not just stylish, but it will effectively look like an ordinary low beam, which will not be difficult to assemble.

Need strands in the area of ​​the temples to spin into neat flagella, and collect all the remaining hair in a low tail.

The end of the tail is then passed through its base, so that a twisted version turns out.

After this, the tail is neatly folded into the roller and well fixed with studs or invisible.

A hairstyle with a bulky beam will look beautiful and modern. To begin with, the strands gather into the tail in the upper occipital area and gently slip upward, where they are well fixed by invisible ones.

After that, the curls return to their original position and are treated with a fixing varnish. Next, the strands neatly fold into a tight roller.

The beam thus formed must be carefully spread and shaped to the desired shape.

The finished beam should resemble a voluminous cocoon. Hairstyle is recommended to decorate with a massive brooch or a pretty bow.


Bundle on medium hair

At any party, it will look stylish styling in the style of babetta. On such a hairstyle does not have to spend much time and effort.

The top hairs should be carefully combed and collected in the neck area. In turn, the side strands need to give the effect of a light wave, for which you should use a curling iron.

It will also look great evening hair, consisting of several different elements.

Lovers of all extravagant can recommend a stylish styling of braids and beams. To begin with weave by the type of spikelet in the direction to the occiput.

In the process of weaving, it is necessary to grasp the hair from the lower part of the head. Next, the strands are twisted into a bundle, which, in turn, gently fits into the bundle on the right side.

The finished hairstyle is fastened with pins. There are other interesting options for hairstyles that will allow a woman to look attractive at any party.

Such solemn styling should be supplemented with all kinds of ornaments and stylish accessories. This will increase their originality and make the girl a real queen.


Evening beam