Instructions for using selenzin against hair loss

  • Mar 26, 2018

The development of innovative product - shampoo "Selenzin" from hair loss - was engaged in the company ALCO.

After testing this tool to ensure the recovery and return of beauty, many consumers have become his fans.

Company ALCO believes that it is necessary to combat the causes of hair loss in one step and at the same time, it is necessary to carry out complex procedures.

Selenzin line of funds

Therefore, the manufacturer offers not only a means of influencing the scalp - shampoo, conditioner and mask, lotion or spray, it produces and pills inside treating disease.


  • revolutionary approach to creating
  • shampoo shampoo application features
  • internal impact on the structure of the hair
  • Opinions

consumers a revolutionary approach to creating

shampoo Shampoo "Selentsin" gained a lot of attention of consumers, thanks to innovations in its preparation.

The manufacturer made a big leap forward, becoming a combination of treatments with cosmetic recovery programs.

Thanks to this, the structure of the hairline can dramatically change for the better.

Effective therapy is a healing process in four steps: cleansing shampoo «Hair Therapy», recovery balm-conditioner of the same series, the strengthening of the mask and spray.

The first in the procedure of recovery - bioactive shampoo. This product, which deeply cleanses the hair and protects it from falling out, has a unique formula.

The base of the shampoo is biologically active substances that stop the abnormal hair loss and stimulate the process of their growth.

The recipe for this head cleanser contains:

  • caffeine;
  • extracts of nettle and turnip;
  • collagen;
  • anageline;
  • menthol;
  • biotin;
  • vitamins E and A.

shampoo components aimed at stimulating the functions of the hair follicles, which is due to their rich food and the elongation cycle of productivity.


One of the ingredients, Anageline, very few people know. This is an active component, to which the French company Silab received a patent. The substance is obtained from a white lupine plant.

It improves blood microcirculation, why the scalp cells begin to breathe freely with oxygen. As a result, the undesirable process of hair loss is inhibited.

Features of shampoo

The volume of shampoo is 200 ml, it is sold in a plastic bottle.

As the instruction to distribute the shampoo on the hair soaked with water, rub it with light massage movements and wash off the head a couple of minutes.

After washing your head, it is recommended that you hold the balm for a while on your hair. The frequency of shampoo can vary from two to five times a week.

Complementary shampoo activator of hair growth - lotion "Active Pro".It envelops the hair, creating a barrier against their loss.

It also acts on the follicles, strengthens them, restores the life cycle.

From its use hair begins to thicken, increasing blood flow to the scalp, formed collagen, protecting the hair shaft.

The manufacturer of a series of cosmetics "Selenzin" absolutely all products makes from natural ingredients - French patented and traditional components.

Both shampoo and spray can be used daily. The second remedy is not applied to the entire length of washed hair, but only to dry roots.

It is necessarily rubbed into the skin with massage movements. To wash it is not necessary.

The mask for the night is very useful, since during the dream the components of the spray will act more actively and more durably.


The course of treatment with lotion can be 2 or more months. This cosmetic product is produced in a small plastic bottle in a volume of 150 ml.

Shampoo and spray storage temperature should not be above 25 degrees. The first is in pharmacies 350-430 rubles, the second is more expensive. The price for it can range from 400 to 600 rubles.

Internal influence on the structure of the hair

You can save hair from falling out by working on the disease from the inside. The company, which produces a line of anti-hair loss products of the brand "Selenzin", also produces tablets.

This drug for ingestion is aimed at awakening passive hair follicles and stimulating blood microcirculation.

Under the influence from the inside, the hair ceases to thin from permanent loss, the scalp receives intensive nutrition with beneficial substances, each hair thickens and thickens.

Selenzin tablets contain phosphorus, sodium chloratum, aluminum, lycopodium and other useful components. Each constituent of the drug has its own goal.

Lycopodium is effective in the loss of the thickness of the head of hair due to postpartum stress. Protects hair from the harmful effects of depression and a weak mental state potassium phosphoricum.

Selenium struggles with the effects of seborrhea, and thallium acetylome promotes the restoration of the density of the head of hear after various diseases.

Phosphorus fights with early aging. If a young organism has suffered from the diseases, then it is necessary to exert the influence of the mud cage, which is contained in the tablets.

The instruction indicates that the Selenzin tablets should be taken orally if the head becomes bald unexpectedly and this is not related to the hereditary predisposition.

Also the use of this drug is necessary, when the nail structure began to deteriorate, that is, they began to break down and grow poorly.

But if the increased hair loss is a consequence of the hormonal changes in pregnancy, then it is better to use shampoo.


Tablet reception is limited. The drug should be taken orally 5 times a day. If it is in the form of tablets, then one tablet, if in the form of granules, then 8.

Doctors do not advise to swallow the drug immediately before eating. It is better to take the pill one hour after eating.

Optimum storage temperature of tablets is not higher than 20 degrees. The drug is suitable for three years. Packaging, which is 60 tablets, costs 400-500 rubles.

Opinions of consumers

When reading reviews on shampoo "Selenzin" on the forums, it can be noted that those who have experienced this remedy on their hair are happy.

The composition of the therapeutic product is a mass of nutrients, and the price is not astronomical.

Many start using Selenzin on the recommendation of doctors. After all, its effectiveness is laboratory confirmed.

Shampoo plus balm save hair from loss of density and cause them to grow in length.

ALCOY's products are able to defeat even diffuse alopecia, characterized by a uniform and rapid hair loss.

Women who have tried shampoo, speak of it as a reliable tool - their hair has gained beauty and became healthy, stopping falling out.

Reviews show that when you use shampoo you can smell pleasant, you get a lot of foam.

Many of this cosmetic product fell to taste, and they combine with shampoo and apply balm.

Also, consumers note that they have not experienced any side effects.

There were only individual reactions due to increased sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug, but the allergy manifested was of a non-severe nature.

Most women liked to use the spray. It is most convenient to use - do not look at the time and specially wash your hair. True, no one noticed the effect especially from him.

Most of the reviews leave thanks to the "Selenzin" tablets.

Those who took these pills saw positive changes in a short time - the nails stopped breaking, strengthened and hardened.


Consumers have left feedback that they have normalized the hormonal background, improved metabolism. Moreover, there is an opinion that tablets are faster than traditional medicines.

Anyway, before taking the drug, you need to get acquainted with the instructions to find out if there is any component of hypersensitivity.

It should be considered before taking this medication during pregnancy, no studies have yet been conducted on drug treatment during child bearing.

The decision, what exactly to acquire for treatment of the thinned hair, the patient takes only. But before anything is chosen, it is better to consult a specialist.

To take the cosmetic and therapeutic products of this company, you need to know exactly your diagnosis.

If you make a mistake in self-diagnosis, then you can not wait for the proper result from the treatment.