Benefits of sesame seeds and methods of application

  • Mar 26, 2018
Benefits of sesame seeds and methods of application

From the eastern fairy tales and legends, everyone remembers the famous phrase of Ali Baba: "Open, open, sesame!".According to the legend, after these words all the riches of the world will be at the feet of the treasure hunter. But ancient tales do not lie - opening with a loud click a pod Sesamum indicum, and in our opinion, sesame, you become the owner of millions of useful treasures: vitamins that give us strength;Microelements, fatty acids, without which it is difficult to imagine a healthy body. For unusual properties, the unique composition of sesame is also appreciated today.

Composition of sesame and its caloric content

Rich and. .. very high-caloric mineral and vitamin composition of seeds impresses with useful properties:

  • Tocopherol - responsible for tone, permeability of blood vessels, supplying oxygen to the human circulatory system.
  • Retinol is the best eye health advocate, takes part in most biochemical processes of the body. Strong antioxidant.
  • Vitamins of group B
    - protect from the consequences of stressful situations, stimulate brain cells, are responsible for the nervous system.
  • Micro, macro elements: zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and, most importantly, calcium.
  • Lecithin, fetin. A useful property of the latter is the ability to maintain the body's mineral balance.
  • Sesame is a powerful antioxidant that lowers cholesterol.

Seeds of sesame seeds are rich in fatty oils, amounting to 60% of the total mass. Therefore, sesame oil has the same rich composition and useful properties as seeds. It is worth noting that sesamin, passing the refining process, turns into a phenolic antioxidant - sesamol, but vitamins A, E "are lost" during processing.

Counting calories: who is useful sesame

Caloric content of sesame seeds is high - about 500 kcal. Therefore, supporters of diets need to strictly control the amount of sesame consumption. The conversation is about the seeds that are used for medicinal purposes, and not in cooking. But athletes who want to gain muscle mass, sesame will give not only energy-rich calories, but also proteins, polyunsaturated fats, minerals.

Useful and healing properties of sesame

Useful properties, as well as contraindications to sesame have been known since ancient times. Why is sesame useful for medicinal purposes? Rich in calcium, it strengthens bone tissue, preventing the development of osteoporosis. Decoctions of sesame seeds are an excellent expectorant. For children suffering from asthma, lung diseases, sesame infusions are good, facilitating breathing, relieving spasms.

Useful sesame properties of sesame are widely used in cooking. A variety of pastries, generously strewn with small seeds, bakery products with black or white seeds in the composition of flour, sesame halva, kozinaki - pleasing taste receptors, enriching the body with valuable micronutrients, minerals.

In cosmetology, saturated sesame oils are used, which are included in some creams. Popular therapeutic anti-aging masks based on steamed milled sesame. Health of hair, nails, elasticity, elasticity of the skin directly depend on the inclusion in the diet of sesame. A useful property of sesame in the fight against dandruff and eczema was noted.

Sesame seed

If sesame seeds are used correctly, they bring the maximum benefit. Given some contraindications, limitations, sesame and its seeds help with various diseases, prevention. Sezamol, sesaminol are antioxidants, which are contained in a significant amount in the seeds of this plant and are almost never found in nature.

Heated to 37 - 38 ° C 2 hours. Sesame seeds with honey, taken a couple of hours after awakening, help reduce the feeling of hunger. Brewed seeds with the addition of honey - an excellent way to stop diarrhea. Do not forget about contraindications: frequent use of honey-sesame decoction leads to constipation.

Useful properties are purification and recovery of the body from toxins. Prepare sesame kefir: add 200 grams of sesame soaked for 12 hours to add 400 grams of filtered water. Beat with a blender until smooth, wipe through a sieve, put the mixture in a warm place. After 12 hours in kefir it will be ready. Take no more than half a glass a day for a month.


Sesame oil has a unique ability to be stored for a long time( up to 9 years), without losing useful properties, minerals. The use of sesame oil for the body with gastritis, peptic ulcer is huge: a tablespoon 3 times a day before meals improves the process of eating. Colitis, constipation is well cured by the use of 1 tbsp. L.Sesame oil at night. Irreplaceable, the latter, if necessary, stop the blood, improve coagulation.

Cosmeticians include sesame oil in sunscreen products. Massages with sesame oil help to relieve muscle tone, restore, rejuvenate the skin, pleasantly warming and tightening the wound. To enrich the body with useful substances contained in sesame, use seed oil to prepare salads, vegetable snacks.

Sesame flour

Sesame flour has a strong detoxification effect. A tablespoon of chopped seeds before each meal will help to free the body of toxins. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect, a gruel made from flour and sesame oil will ease the symptoms of mastopathy. The sunflower seeds, powdered in the frying pan, will become indispensable for neuralgic pains of the limbs and lower back.

Useful sesame for the body

Useful properties of sesame affect the numerous processes of the human body:

  • For medical purposes. For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, peptic ulcer, gastritis, hypocalcemia, immune disorders, etc.
  • To improve the condition of the skin, hair. Included in the composition of creams, shampoos, balms for hair.
  • Culinary use. How is sesame for women useful?

The organism of the fair sex, during the menopause, "skimp" on the production of hormones that protect women from cancer, are responsible for youth and attractiveness. Phytoestrogens, which are rich in sesame, help to fill the deficit of female sex hormones, slowing down the aging process, protecting against cancer. Seeds of sesame contribute to the formation of bone tissue of the baby, strengthening the bones of a woman during pregnancy.

For men

Since ancient times, linseed porridge with the addition of sesame oil has caused an extraordinary surge of sexual energy, affecting its admirers as a powerful aphrodisiac, regardless of sex. In the East, sesame is used to increase potency: 40 g of heated seeds with 20 g of honey will turn a man into a great lover. Athletes who want to give relief to the body, increase muscle mass, experts recommend to include in the diet sesame oil, raw seeds - black or white.

Which sesame is more useful: black or white

Sesame seeds can boast a variety of colors: from white to gray-brown and black. There is an opinion that the seeds of the latter are the most useful, rich in vitamins, minerals. Black sesame seeds are unrefined seeds of ordinary white. Research scientists confirm that the seeds of black sesame contain more antioxidants that prevent aging. Asian medicine prefers these grains for medicinal purposes.

How to take sesame

Sesame should be consumed after minimal heat treatment. Therefore, fried sesame, which is abundantly strewn with biscuits, cakes and other products, only a tasty additive containing a minimum of useful substances. In order not to lose valuable properties, it should be applied in:

  • cheese;
  • cooked
  • steamed;
  • preheated form.

Contraindications and harm to sesame

Given the mass of useful properties, sesame has contraindications:

  • individual allergy;
  • to persons with a history of thrombocytosis;
  • with urolithiasis;
  • for gastrointestinal diseases( fasting).

Carefully use the beneficial properties of sesame to avoid contraindications should:

  • When pregnant. Excess of calcium leads to the lack of "fontanel" in the infant, increased intracranial pressure of the baby.
  • In combination with oxalic, acetylsalicylic acids, sesame consumption turns beneficial properties into harm, forming insoluble compounds - "stones" - in the kidneys.
  • During morning receptions. The use of sesame seeds, oils, decoctions and kefirs on an empty stomach in 90% of people causes nausea, irritation of the mucosa.


Alexandra Yuryevna, 47 years :

I learned about the beneficial properties of sesame recently. A year ago, the age-related restructuring of the body began - hot flushes, irritated condition became the norm. My friend advised me to use sesame seeds to normalize the hormonal balance. The third month I make useful sesame kefirchiki in yogurtnitsa. I noticed that I was less angry and irritated;Her husband noted a prettier appearance, became less gray hair, they are more dense.

Anna, 25 years old :

I follow my diet regularly. I adore vegetable salads, where I add sesame oil. I like the democratic price, although it is not inferior in value to most of the usual, especially sunflower. And the question: "Where to buy sesame oil?" - is not necessary, because it is in most supermarkets. I love Japanese cuisine, I'm learning to cook myself. Oriental people honor centuries-old traditions, adding sesame seeds to all dishes, so in my diet, sesame seed oil is in the first place.

Inna, 22 years old :

After the birth of the baby, I had to go to work. The regime of the day is such that sometimes it misses one feeding. There was a stagnation in the chest, it swelled and hardened. The milk began to decant badly. I was very frightened. The doctor prescribed a lot of drugs, but I wanted to avoid this as much as possible. Grandmother brought a bag of sesame seeds and advised to make a compress made of ground grains. Imagine, after two everything has passed and I again feed my little miracle chest!

Benefits of sesame seeds and how to use