How to determine your type of shape by parameters. Types of figure in women, photo. How to choose clothes by the type of figure - what to wear

  • Mar 26, 2018

Each woman is unique in its kind, the features of her figure are unique. However, scientists were able to identify several types of female figures that allow us to classify our women according to certain characteristics.


  • Features of the classification of female figures by type
  • Types of figures for women - description
    • Shape figure "Pear"
    • Shape type - hourglass
    • Shape type - rectangle
    • Shape - apple
    • Shape type - inverted triangle
    • Shaped figure types for celebrities
  • How to determine your figure type
  • How to choose clothes by figure type
    • How to choose the wardrobe - type of figure gr
    • How to choose the right wardrobe - an hourglass
    • How to choose the right wardrobe - the shape type of the rectangle
    • How to choose the right wardrobe - the figure type inverted triangle
    • How to choose the wardrobe - the figure type of the apple

Number of types of figures, but in reality there are only five main types that have been given the names of geometric figures or letters. Few kn

ow that if you know your type of figure, you will learn how to dress beautifully and stylishly without any problems. It's not for nothing that they say that there are no ugly women - there is an incorrectly chosen wardrobe. Knowing all the features of your bones, fat deposits and muscle tissue, you can easily select for yourself an individual training schedule and choose the best style in clothes.

In this article we will consider the features of classification of types of figures in women, we describe the five basic types of figures. And also in more detail tell how to determine the type of figure and how to choose the right clothes, based on the features of the structure of the body.

Features of the classification of female figures by type

It has long been proven that the features of the structure of a female figure are inherited. All other changes may be insignificant and depend on a certain lifestyle, food culture, physical activity. You are unlikely to be able to reduce the volume of the hips, if your type of figure is a pear and, conversely, if your figure looks like an inverted triangle, you can hardly reduce the width of your shoulders.

In any case, there is no ideal female figure. In different centuries, completely different types of female figures were recognized as ideal. In the Stone Age, women were considered to be the standard, in the Middle Ages, a figure with a three-dimensional waist was preferred. And only in recent years, ideals and stereotypes have changed and there have appeared ideal proportions, which are equal to 90-60-90.Many girls do not eat for months and exhaust themselves with physical stresses to achieve such parameters. However, it is important to pay attention not to the parameters, but to the proportions, of which the types of figures for women are added.

Types of figures were classified based on the proportions of the female body. To determine your type of figure, it is important to consider the ratio of the parameters of the shoulders, waist and hips. Currently, there is a large number of different classifications of female figures. There is a classical classification according to the similarity of the figure with geometric figures or fruits. You can also highlight the classification of the wrist and the metabolic system of types of figures. You can also highlight several new different types of figures that appeared in connection with changes in the characteristics of the female body: broccoli, eggplant, and muscatine pumpkin.

Types of figures for women - description

Let's consider the most popular and often used classification of types of a female figure, where each type corresponds to a certain geometric figure in one case, fruit in another case and the letter of the alphabet in the third case.

Shape type "Pear"

Sometimes in the literature you can find a few other names: the type of female figure A-shaped, the type of figure is a triangle. This type of figure of the female body can rightly be called the most feminine and attractive. It is to these girls and women that the complexion is best suited to fine semi-narrow shoulders, medium-sized breasts, wider hips. Most often, pear-shape-type wearers have a longer upper body. They are characterized by a flat chest or small chest, but a well-defined waist, on which the fat tissue practically does not accumulate.

When gaining weight, the fat of female pears accumulates primarily on the hips, buttocks, calves, in the lower abdomen, less often in the waist region. But such a woman always possesses lean hands and the entire upper body. At first glance, this type of figure gives the impression that the top is much lighter than the bottom.

The big drawback of this figure is the tendency to the appearance of cellulite, which has long become the main enemy of a beautiful female body. Also, the disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that when typing the weight of a pear shaped figure becomes more and more distinguishable, and the area of ​​the hips noticeably heavier. It is especially important that the owners of the triangle figure type always keep the posture correctly, otherwise all the shortcomings will become even more noticeable.

Tips on power and training:

  • First of all, if you decide to change something in your figure, you need to intensively perform complex exercises.
  • For owners of the pear figure type, it is important to pay special attention to weight loss in the area of ​​the legs and buttocks. Therefore, experts recommend the use of exercises aimed specifically at these muscle groups.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the upper body so that in general the figure looks harmonious and there is no emphasis on heavy hips.
  • Women with a figure of this type very quickly gain weight, they are prone to fatness. Therefore, it is important to eat right.
  • Nutritionists claim that women-pears metabolism is faster in the second half of the day, so it is recommended to eat tight in the evening. At the same time, in the morning and in the afternoon the volume of food is cut.
  • It is recommended to eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.
  • It is important to constantly monitor the amount of water you drink. The norm is 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.
  • Exercises suitable for women with a pear shaped figure: gluteal bridge, squats with jumping, lunges with advance.

Shape type - hourglass

This type of figure is also called "eight", "guitar" or "X-shaped figure type".All these names describe, perhaps, the most ideal proportions of the female body. These are the most notorious 90-60-90, only the values ​​can vary slightly. In our time, this type of figure is considered the standard of female beauty, although this is erroneous, and at times biased. For the owner of this type of figure are characterized by the same proportions of the parameters of the shoulders and hips, while the waist is very narrow, and sometimes even unnecessary.

Women with an hourglass figure always look good. When gaining weight, fat accumulates in the thigh and chest evenly, while the waist remains narrow. The most important shortcoming of the hourglass figure is the appearance of "ears" in the region of the hips when gaining weight. They can easily be removed during exercise and adjusting diet.

Slender waist, medium-sized breasts, slightly bulging buttocks and sloping hips, the difference between the parameters of 30 cm is the limit of the dreams of many women, even with a completely different type of figure, the parameters of which are not so perfect. Do not strive for this, probably it will never work out. It's enough just to emphasize the dignity of your type of figure, and your body will be perfect.

Advice on nutrition and training:

  • Women with a figure type hourglass are encouraged to balance their diet. It is important to maintain weight constantly, so that the fat tissue is evenly distributed throughout the body, and more specifically on the hips and chest.
  • You should not allow fasting, so you will definitely gain excess weight through constant overeating.
  • The main meals are breakfast and dinner, and between them two light snacks are allowed.
  • Base your diet on dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables.
  • It is recommended to use exercises for all muscle groups so as not to allocate any one part of the body. Only in this way you will be able to maintain the perfect proportions of hourglasses.
  • Instructors advise to do aerobics, where a variety of exercises are used: running, walking, biking, stepper and other restorative exercises.

Shape type - rectangle

This type of figure also has its own characteristics and is far from ideal. In a woman of this type, the shoulders, waist and hips have almost the same parameters, for which the rectangle is called such a constitution. Sometimes you can find other names that characterize the structure of the body, for example, a ruler or a banana, or an H-shaped figure. This type is characterized by a fairly broad chest, sometimes bulging belly and with no prominent hips with prominent pelvic bones.

Women with this figure often resemble teens or even something similar to men. The main problem is the tendency to fullness, which leads to a complete lack of proportions between the shoulders, waist and hips. However, with constant loads and proper nutrition, you can achieve ideal parameters. Very often women with a type of figure rectangle can be found on the podium.

The figure of type H is most amenable to adjustments. Even with a slight impact of physical exercise, you can see the result. By nature, such women have very supple muscles, which are easy to form in the right direction.

Advice on nutrition and training:

  • The main problem for women with a rectangular figure is the protruding abdomen and lack of waist. Specialists recommend to intensively engage in proper nutrition, use a low-calorie diet.
  • For optimum proportions, it is important to avoid using salt, alcohol, in particular beer and sausages.
  • The rate of metabolism in women of this type is average, so it is recommended to eat small portions throughout the day.
  • In order to maintain this type of figure in perfect condition, it is important to exercise regularly. Experts advise doing a variety of exercises on the press. It is necessary to constantly work on the abdominal area to achieve bends and the appearance of the waist.
  • Also it is necessary to be engaged in power trainings which are directed on increase in volume in femurs and buttocks for giving to a figure of a womanhood.
  • Excellent for women with a figure of a rectangular type of cardio exercises. This is a long jogging, walking.

This type of female figure is often referred to as the O-shaped type, an oval, a circle or a diamond, sometimes you can find the name diamond. Usually owners of this type of figure are inclined to completeness. Their characteristic feature is the same parameters of the chest and waist, which gives the figure a resemblance to an apple or an oval. First of all, women with an O-shaped figure have a smooth line that passes from the chest to the hips, this is inherent in slightly full women.

Often, such women have problems with being overweight in the abdomen and back. But they are the owners of high and large breasts, slender and long legs. In the distant past, world-famous artists of such women wrote in their paintings, considering them a reference figure. By nature, such women are characterized by grace and aristocratic posture.

You can easily all the features of your body make your own weapon. Make an emphasis on the face with a fresh make-up and dress the dress-case, beautifully emphasizing the line of the hips and slender legs.

Advice on nutrition and training:

  • The Achilles heel of women with an O-shaped figure is a problem of excessive weight. Most often it appears in the abdomen and waist.
  • To maintain normal proportions and burn excess fat tissue, it is recommended that you strictly monitor your diet. It is important to stick to a low-carb diet.
  • As the basic foodstuff for women with an apple-type figure, it is best to use fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat fish and meat, various cereals from whole grains, cottage cheese and kefir with a low percentage of fat. The main thing is that all these products are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Regular physical activities are also important.
  • It is recommended to perform exercises on the press, oblique abdominal muscles and lateral muscles of the press. Experts advise doing the following exercises: push-ups, burrs with jumping out and a bicycle.

Shape type - inverted triangle

This type of figure in women is often called a V-shaped, T-shaped, strawberry or carrot. All these names describe a figure with a thin waist, medium-sized breasts, narrow hips, but with rather massive shoulders that make a woman's figure look like a man's.

Women with this type of figure are most common among athletes, for example, in swimming or tennis. This is due to the fact that all excess fat accumulates only in the upper part of the body: in the hands, shoulders, chest and neck. In addition, the owner of this type of figure have long and slender legs. All these features lead to the fact that women can be very successful and enduring in sports.

Women with such figures are easy to see. Very often the upper part of the body is much more massive and at the same time shorter than the lower one. The legs of the owners of the figures of the inverted triangle are almost always long and slender, which is the most important advantage of the body structure of such a woman.

Advice on nutrition and training:

  • Women with this type of figure also show proper nutrition and strict regulation of fat intake and carbohydrate. It is best to give preference to foods with high fiber content. It is also important to include as much protein in your daily diet, while reducing the consumption of dairy products.
  • All workouts should be aimed at balancing the proportions of the upper body and lower. To do this, you need to perform strength exercises to build muscle in the hips and buttocks.
  • It is recommended that the holders of the figure of the inverted triangle do "supersets": lifting weights with a small number of repetitions.

Photos of figure types in celebrities

World celebrities also do not have an ideal figure, but they try to emphasize all the advantageous features of their types of figures. Consider the photo types of the figure in different famous people.

Hourglass figure type - Sophia Loren, Scarlett Johansson, Monica Bellucci, Merelin Monroe, Halle Berry. Type of pear figure - Christina Aguilera, Keith Winslet, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez. Figure type rectangle - Milla Jovovich, Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan. Type of figure apple - Alla Pugacheva, Kelly Osbourne,

.Type of figure inverted triangle - Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger.


How to determine your body type

Every woman can make her figure perfect. You just need to know exactly which type of figure you are. In order to determine the type of figure in a woman, you need to find a measuring tape, take a sheet of paper and a pencil and start measuring.

  • First of all, you need to measure the volume of your breasts. To do this, take a centimeter tape in your hand, attach it horizontally to the floor over the most ordinary bra without any foam. The measuring tape should pass at the most protruding point. Make sure that it is strictly parallel. Write the parameters on a sheet of paper.
  • The next step is to measure the waist volume. To do this, the measuring tape needs to cut the narrowest part of the abdomen without drawing it.
  • Measure the volume of your hips along the widest and most prominent part.

Next, check your parameters with a description for each type of figure:

  • The volume of your chest and hips is almost equal, and the waist is smaller by about 20-30 cm - your type of figure is an hourglass.
  • The volume of the chest, hips and waist is almost the same, then you are the owner of a rectangular type.
  • The volume of your breasts is much smaller than the volume of your hips, then your pear figure type.
  • The volume of your chest is much larger than the volume of the hips - the figure of the figure is an inverted triangle.
  • The volume of your waist and chest is quite impressive - your type of figure is an apple.

You can define the type of figure online using special Internet programs. To do this, enter your body parameters in special boxes and click Calculate. The program itself in a few seconds will determine which type of figure you are.

How to choose clothes by the figure type

As mentioned above, there is no ugly figure - there is an incorrectly chosen wardrobe. Let's give some advice on the correct choice of clothing by the type of figure in women. Having learned that to wear on the type of figure, you can competently and skillfully combine the outfits to emphasize all the advantages and hide the shortcomings.

How to choose the right wardrobe - pear figure type

  • Clothing should emphasize the upper part of your body.
  • Be sure to pick up several tops, T-shirts with open hands, sleeveless. With bare shoulders, with a neckline.
  • Shirts and blouses with wide sleeves will suit.
  • Blouses with a wide neckline, favorably emphasizing the chest.
  • Dresses by the type of pear figure fit with an overstated waist or with a frill under the chest line. You can also wear dresses with V-neck.
  • Bottom is black with a thick fabric.
  • From the range of skirts, give preference to pencil skirts.
  • Pants are better to wear a little bit straight cut, with an extension from the hip.
  • It's best to buy outer clothing from a dense fabric, you can try on a coat with overlays on your shoulders. How to choose the right wardrobe - hourglass
    • This is the only type of figure that almost any clothing will suit.
    • Choose a wardrobe that will emphasize the right proportions of the chest and thighs, and also emphasize the slender waistline.
    • Dresses choose a fitted cut. The same can be said for top clothes such as a coat or cloak.
    • It is also important to emphasize the waist with a belt, so choose shirts, blouses and outerwear with a belt.
    • Blouses and dresses with a rather large V-neck.
    • From skirts you can stay on skirts-trapezes or skirts with an overstated waist.
    • Trousers and jeans are better to choose straight.
    • The dress case and dress with a smell will favorably emphasize all the advantages of your figure.
    • Swimsuit according to the type of an hourglass figure can be chosen absolutely any, here you need to navigate the features of the structure of the body.
    • Avoid garments of baggy shape that will hide your figure.
    • It's also better to remove trousers and jeans with a lowered waist from the wardrobe.

    How to choose the right wardrobe - type of shape rectangle

    • Choosing clothes for this type of figure is necessary in such a way as to make the balance between the upper body and the lower one.
    • Outer clothing is best to purchase fitted, possibly with a belt.
    • Dress-tubes, fitting dresses with open shoulders or with a smell.
    • A tight skirt in the form of a trapezoid or a skirt-sun.
    • Tops and T-shirts are best worn with a short sleeve or at all without sleeves.
    • To correct this type of figure, you can wear dresses, skirts, coats with an oblique edge. Blouses and blouses with an oval or square cut.
    • Clothing is better to choose from the dense and massive fabrics that outline the waist.

    How to choose the right wardrobe - type inverted triangle shape

    • Enrich your wardrobe with clothes that visually increase and will focus on the legs and closes too massive upper part.
    • Blouses and blouses are better to choose with a V-shaped or oval cutout.
    • Sweaters, jackets, shirts should be without excess volume and in sleeves.
    • It is more preferable to wear a dark top and a light bottom.
    • The outer garment should be slightly loose, for example, a trapeze coat.
    • Pants or jeans are better to wear with a low fit.
    • For business style, you can pick up tops or dresses with a basque at the hip level. This will visually increase their volume.
    • Choose skirts with a lot of folds, tatty or with three-dimensional pockets.

    How to choose the right wardrobe - the type of shape apple

    • The clothes for this type of pieces you need to focus on the slender legs and upper body, hiding the stomach area.
    • The outer clothing is best worn with a trapezoidal shape with an A-shaped silhouette.
    • Dresses are also better to choose with A-silhouette, with a smell and an overstated waist under the chest.
    • Wide skirts to the knee or slightly longer.
    • Trousers straight or slightly flared with an overstated waist.
    • Give preference to plain clothes.

    Do not pursue ideals that are completely inappropriate for your type of figure. It is better to do everything possible to profitably highlight all the advantages of your body and hide faults.