Variations on the theme of a bean-car with an elongation

  • Mar 26, 2018

Bob-kara with an extension - a stylish and modern hairstyle, which has many variations.

From the article you will learn its features, as well as how to make it yourself and watch the video and photo hairstyles.


  • Features Bob-Kare
  • Who is the right haircut?
  • How to make a haircut?
  • How to style?

Features Bob-Kare

The hairdo has been known for more than 100 years and still does not lose its popularity. This is due to the fact that the cuts of the square and its varieties - bean - have many variations, so you can choose them for any type and shape of the face.

Bean is not suitable only for owners of curly hair, yet the rest can afford this haircut.

Bob with elongation can be of different lengths: some choose options to the shoulders, and others - to the cheekbones, it all depends on the image that you want to get.

This hairstyle is characterized by locks, shortened from the back and stretching to the face with locks.


Elongation can be smooth or sharp, experts say that the best look for a hairstyle with a cut along the line of cheekbones, while it can be both elongated and up to the cheekbones.

The length of the locks on the back of the neck also varies: they can be very short and fully open the neck - this option is suitable for those who want to create a noticeable and stable volume at the back of the head, but the hair length transition will be quite sharp and noticeable, but the hair can be likeElongated, and reach the cheekbones.

Bob with a smooth transition is characterized by an almost imperceptible elongation on the front strands, the rest of the hair is cut along the same length.

This hairstyle has a more strict and restrained appearance and visually practically does not differ from the usual cutting of the square.


There is another type of haircut - a bean with asymmetrical strands - in this case, on one side, the hair will be shorter than the other, but the lengthening also comes from the neck.

It has a very stylish and original look and does not require special styling, maybe with bangs or without.

Asymmetric haircut helps to create a larger volume on the top of the head, which is why women with thin hair often choose it, it will also suit a round face.

For those whose hair lacks volume, experts recommend choosing a graduated Bob-kar. It is characterized by short locks on the upper part of the head and elongated lower ones.

At the same time, the general lengthening of the head of hear from the occiput to the face is also preserved.

You can also achieve the increase in volume with a bang: if you choose a graduated square, the bangs can be thick straight, or torn, with strands of different lengths, but also thick enough.


If an additional volume of hair is not required, then the standard type of haircut is suitable, when along the entire length the strands are the same and only extend to the face.

This option is more like a normal haircut.

Who is the right haircut?

Thanks to the variety of options that can have the appearance of a haircut, the bean will suit almost every woman.

Specialists advise this hairstyle for girls with wide cheekbones or puffy cheeks - with her help, these features can be hidden.

It will also look good with a triangular face shape, becauseCan balance the parts of the face, where one part is somewhat larger than the other.

This is the best way to cope with the long haircut options.

If the face is oval, then Bob-kara will also look great, but if it's narrow, then it's better to choose a graduated short cut, becauseVolume on the top of the head will help to hide this feature.

Well in this will also help a thick bang, but you can do without it.


The main feature of this hairstyle is that the hair should be straight, no matter how long it is, so if your hair is curly or wavy and unruly, then it's better to look for other haircuts, becauseOtherwise you will have to constantly lay your hair, and this can damage them.

If the head of hair itself is voluminous, then it is worth choosing elongated variants of Bob-kar, the best kind of such hairstyles are on straight strands of nature, especially they will be useful and convenient for thin hair, devoid of volume - it can easily be created by laying andGrading.

For a round face, this hairstyle is also acceptable, but do not choose a graded square, becauseIt will create too much volume on the top of the head and emphasize the features of the face oval.

The most successful option is an asymmetrical, slightly elongated square with a bob bang, or without it.

How to make a haircut?

Plus haircutting Bob-kare is that the technology of its creation is simple for repetition with your own hands. The scheme of this hairstyle combines two: on long strands - it's square, and from the back of the head - a bean.

Make a haircut always on wet strands, but you need to immediately determine the length, because after drying, the hair will be shorter by another 1 cm.

Begin to do a haircut from the back of the head, while the head of hear needs to be gathered in a bundle, leaving only one strand, which is cut offBy the desired length.

The subsequent strands are sheared by overlapping the first so that all of them are of the same length. When creating a haircut with your own hands, it is very important that the head turns smooth.

If you want a graduated square, it's better to contact a professional, becauseThis technique is much more complicated.

Cut the strands from behind always in the direction of the face, thus, aligning the haircut, but you always need to orient yourself on the first central strand.


To control the quality of the cut, every two strands need to be compared.

The lateral zones are cut in the same way: the hair is pulled back to the back of the head and cut at the same level as the occipital locks.

In this case, you need to determine how sharp you want to make the transition of the length of the haircut - the stronger you will pull the strands, the greater will be the elongation to the face.


Haircut bean bob

Hair on the top of the head before cutting should be separated with a diagonal cut, they need to be cut, pulling back and gradually connecting with strings from behind at the back and in the frontal zone.

If the bean-bob is with a bang, then first you need to comb the hair along the growth line to the face, then decorate it with a straight or oblique cut, depending on the image you choose.

After the haircuts are finished, the hair should be dried, then, if necessary, trim with scissors, and if the bob turned out high, then the neckline is trimmed with a machine.


Creating a quality Bob-kar requires special skills and tools, so do it yourself is not recommended - better entrust it to a professional, and your own hands will be much easier to cope with the hairstyle.

How to style?

It is worth noting that a qualitative haircut with a bang or without, special piling is not needed, becauseIt is selected individually for the type of face and it lies well and without styling.

But if you need styling for a special case, then the standard type of haircuts can be completely transformed. One of the most popular ways for women with hair of different lengths is curls.

They can be made on the classic straight haircut bean.

Curls can look very different, and therefore they can be selected for a face of any shape: round, oval, triangular, etc.

If the hairstyle is elongated, the piling-waves will do: for this, the hair can be wound on curlers.

If a square with a long oblique bangs, you can make curls from the middle of the head, the so-called puppet curls, leaving the rest of the head of hair with a bangs smooth.


For a round face, the volume at the bottom does not fit, so it will be better to look for bulk styling - for this it is enough to lift the strands at the roots, and lower their parts a little twist with a curling rod.

If the head of hair with a bang, then for a round face it is better not to do a three-dimensional, but simply comb it on one side( see photo).Volumetric hairstyles are suitable not only for round, but for any other type of face.

If the bean is very short, then you can create volume yourself with the help of a little twisted strands from behind - so the hair will turn out feminine and lush.

Hairstyle twirled Bob-kara

It is easy to make a bulk stitch with your own hands and with the help of a large round comb: a hairdo is created in just a few minutes, it is enough just to dry your hair by twisting it from the roots along the strands.

In the same way, you can lay a bang - this method is ideal for thin strands, deprived of volume, becauseLaying will have an attractive look all day long


Now in a fashion disheveled laying - on a haircut, a bean to create this with your own hands will also be easy.

For example, you can divide the head of hair with an oblique parting and especially ruffle the strands with a gel or wax.

This styling is good for a round or other type of face. After that, fix the hair with a varnish.

This option is perfect if you need to hide that the hair is a little dirty. And if you want a more original image and the length of the hair allows, then you can complement your hairstyle with a weave.