We take care of oily hair

  • Mar 27, 2018

Care for oily hair should be systemic, since the increased activity of the sebaceous glands does not allow preserving the aesthetic appeal of the hairstyle for a long time.

Oily hair has the property to get dirty very quickly, which stimulates women to wash their hair almost every day and implement various cosmetic procedures.

However, this type of hair is less susceptible to the ravages of aggressive media as fatty film protects them well enough and does not allow to lose the natural firmness and elasticity.

Oily hair is not a common type. Mostly problematic are structures that are subject to the negative influence of physical and chemical influences, coupled with dryness and brittleness of the tips. However

Greasy hair

disturbances in the secretion of the sebaceous glands lead to very negative consequences conjugate with the appearance of oily dandruff strands sticking, loss of aesthetic attractiveness of hair styles in a matter of hours, occurrence of odor, appearance of negative feelings when

touching hair.

Any woman does not accept that her beloved hair brought discomfort as a result of touching or humiliated her dignity by visual rejection.

For the care of oily hair, the use of various cosmetics from well-known brands, massage, treatment with the help of innovative technologies is provided.

Such an approach undoubtedly brings a positive result, however it requires allocation of a significant part of the finances from the personal or family budget to maintain the external appearance in the norm.

Recently, more and more growing trend is growing in the use of care products for problematic fatty hair created at home.

Folk ways, tested for years and centuries, can not damage health, and their effectiveness is completely undeniable.

In addition, they assume the use of natural products, in most cases, publicly available.


  • Myths about the "right" treatment for oily hair
  • Natural products for hair care
  • Natural conditioners and lotions for oily hair
  • Healing mask

Myths about the "right" treatment for oily hair

Care for oily hair is to combine the right dietNutrition, abundant water use, use of a whole complex of natural cosmetics: shampoos, rinses, balms, masks.

In addition, special attention should be given to massage.

There is a position that greasy hair must be "accustomed" to a rare wash. Many women abstain from the daily procedure, as a result, experience discomfort from physical discomfort and inner insecurity from an unsightly hairstyle.

Fruits and vegetables

experts do not welcome such behavior, and recommend to refresh the hair as needed: the appearance of contamination and fat, occurs itching, loss of hair and form other causes discomfort.

Wrong, according to trichologists, is also the idea of ​​the need to rub shampoos into the scalp while washing greasy hair.

Actively helping chemical elements penetrate the skin, you can achieve a temporary effect in the form of dryness of the cover.

However, the sebaceous gland will instantly react to the imbalance and intensify the functional processes in the negative direction.

Hair as a result will turn into fatty, visually unattractive strands in the shortest possible time.

It is advisable to refrain from active exposure to the skin during combing, so as not to stimulate the glands of external secretion to excessive activity.

It is effective to apply brushes with natural bristles or other tools that can not injure the epidermis for combing fatty and other types of hair.

However, before applying restorative or therapeutic masks, experts recommend mandatory massage, as it will favor the penetration of useful components into the skin and roots.

Also massage is mandatory if the treatment of damaged hair( fatty, dry or other types) and scalp.

Professional process of care for fatty hair and home treatment in general does not differ from professional approaches, as it requires systemic application of a number of means that allow hair not only to look aesthetically, but also to be truly healthy.

Head massage

The difference is that cosmetic compositions are made from natural products on their own, by random mixing of components on the basis of intuitive perception, expert advice and analysis of usual reviews on the Web.

At the same time, the technology must be observed correctly. The composition of masks and shampoos for oily hair can be determined arbitrarily.

But the meaning of their application can be leveled, if the result will depend on a number of random factors.

For example, the composition can be formed according to the principle of "chaos" or "dump of different types", or "a combination of randomly selected components."

The inclusion of components based on the priorities "I so want" and not having clearly defined strategies in the form of "what happens" will not lead to the realization of the goal.

Natural products for hair care

How to take care of oily hair correctly without the usual shampoos and balms, in a wide range offered in retail chains?

There are many ways, from shampoos based on folk methods to exquisite masks, including jojoba oil, avocado and other exotic products.


A regular egg is an excellent remedy for washing oily hair, not inferior in performance to quality shampoos.

The usual whisk used in cooking, it is necessary to stir intensely a couple of eggs and apply the mixture on the hair.

It is recommended to hold the composition for some time on the head, preferably until it dries completely. If there is a time limit, then the earlier removal of the mass is not critical.

The flushing process is carried out under an abundant flow of warm water, followed by rinsing with vinegar.

It is recommended to use fruit vinegar, because its main advantage is the absence of an intense odor.

As the reviews of women say, greasy hair does not accept hot and cold water. It is necessary to maintain a temperature regime that would not stimulate the reaction of the sebaceous glands - 35-36 C( correctly - within the limits of the human body norm).

Kefir or whey has been used since the beginning as a means for washing the head. The reviews of modern women testify that to this day this national recipe is in demand.

Natural kefir( purchased on the market or properly made at home on its own) is rubbed into the skin, distributed to the hair and stored for half an hour.

Washed off with abundant water flow. However, this procedure is associated with the appearance of a not very pleasant smell.

The use of rinsers from the decoction of herbs will prevent the appearance of odor in the aftermath.

Fat, dry and other hair can be washed with a mixture of mustard and water, and also with the help of softened rye bread.


The solution containing lemon also has the most positive effect.

The fact that rye bread is a unique product that works effectively for cosmetic purposes is interesting.

Natural ingredients that make up the bread, very gently stimulate growth, strengthening, recovery and other processes.

It is recommended that natural preparations, including mixtures containing bread, be kept at least 10 minutes before flushing.

However, it should be borne in mind that for oily hair, the use of mustard is most actual in the makeup of masks, but as part of natural shampoos for washing, it can serve as a stimulant of the sebaceous glands.

Opinions about mustard are rather ambiguous: most experts believe that this product as a deterrent without using additional components can be harmful to health. On the other hand, in combination with oils or other components,

can have a very positive effect on the growth and stimulation of metabolic processes.

Natural rinse and lotion for fatty hair

After using natural products as a means for washing oily hair, it is necessary to use the rinsing agents correctly.

The most optimal solution are decoctions or infusions based on herbs: sage, St. John's wort, psyllium, nettle, calendula, chamomile, coltsfoot, as well as oak bark, hop cones.


If fruity vinegar is used, the recommended proportion is 1 tbsp. L.Per liter of water.

Rinsers contribute not only to a positive aesthetic result, but also to the treatment of hair.

Shining hair, pleasing surroundings with glitter, exhilarating elasticity, springy elasticity, original curves and hairstyles are the result of the hard work of the owners who put their best efforts to achieve "peaks" of perfection through the use of effective cosmetics.

Effective for oily hair are also lotions or tinctures made at home. They can be used in between the procedures for washing the head.

The most popular recipe for lemon-alcohol lotion. It includes 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 250 ml of alcohol or vodka.

However, such a composition is quite aggressive, wiping the skin should be done correctly: in small amounts and without active rubbing.

Softer are lotions based on herbs, fruits, flowers. For example, for dark-haired women, a regular freshly squeezed cherry juice is suitable as a lotion for oily hair without including additional ingredients.

An excellent tool is also a decoction of lime flowers, supplemented with lemon juice or an alcohol tincture of calendula.

Healing masks

Masks are the main healers of hair.

They help to effectively treat damaged ends, restore fat balance, resuscitate structure, feed tissues and implement a number of other processes necessary for health and appearance.

The most useful components in the composition of masks for oily hair, made at home, are:

  • egg;
  • honey( propolis);
  • mustard;
  • garlic;
  • nettles;
  • aloe;
  • lemon.

It is interesting that some types of oils can also be included in the formulations of masks that treat oily hair.

For example, jojoba or grape seed oil. Especially the inclusion of oils requires care for thin greasy hair.


Hair health requires an integrated approach. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the organism and to select components in the composition of cosmetic products manufactured at home, in accordance with preferences and individual tolerability.

Experts are sure that the external appearance is a reflection of the state of the body as a whole.

Therefore, the health of the hair must be taken systematically and in a complex, from the normalization of the processes of nutrition and ending with the choice of comb.