Light and fast hairstyles in a hurry

  • Mar 27, 2018

Fast hairstyles come to our aid when the situation demands that the hair on the head be beautifully laid, and there is no time to create a beautiful complex laying.

The hair styles offered by us are created in a hurry: they are all very light and simple, they are made without any difficulties with their own hands, they do not require any complicated and expensive accessories, as well as special skills.


  • General questions
  • Classic tail and hairstyles based on it
  • Braids and braids

General questions

Loose hair is not the only option to quickly decorate a beautiful styling.

Uncomplicated hairstyles that allow you to look neat and stylish in any situation, you can easily do at home in just a few minutes.

After reading the descriptions of the techniques of performing hairstyles, as well as watching the accompanying schemes and videos, you will easily master this process.


Thanks to the large selection of folds, you can easily find a hairstyle sui

table for work, everyday life or a solemn evening and you can look every day in a new way.

Fast hairstyles, like complex ones, are always made only on clean hair - this is one of the main conditions. So do not be lazy and spend some time preparing your curls.

Wash them thoroughly with a suitable shampoo, soften with an air conditioner balm that will prevent hair entanglement and preserve the styling longer.

If you will dry your hair with a hairdryer or use it when laying with forceps or curling iron, then pre-treat the strands with a thermal protective agent.

Do not take it lightly, and your hair will delight you with its healthy appearance.

There is an opinion among people that it's wrong and uncomfortable to make a quick hairdo for clean hair. Indeed, clean locks in many people are frustrated, poorly hold volume and shape.

All this can be avoided by using suitable means for fixing the hairstyle, to use when laying some accessories( invisible, hairpins).

So, for fast hairstyles at home you will need:

  • clean hair;
  • thermal protection means;
  • styling products;
  • curling iron, hair curlers or ironing iron to change the shape of the curls( straightening or twisting);
  • accessories for fixing strands;
  • decorative accessories;
  • 5 - 10 minutes of time.

I would also like to draw attention to the fact that recently there were amateurs to create hairstyles "for a few days".

These unique people argue their decision by the fact that when combing on the comb, there are always a few hairs, and unchanged for two or three days laying reduces the number of lost hair.


However, the above approach is simply dangerous for your curls. The fact is that when the hair is motionless for a long time, there is a violation of microcirculation of blood in the onion of the hair, which leads to weakening of the curls and increased hair loss.

In the following sections of the article, you will be offered several options for fast hairstyles for each day, which are easy to make at home.

Classic tail and hairstyles based on it

Everyday hairstyles are distinguished by the simplicity of their performance, which does not require any special skills from you.

Even the simplest hairstyle will look beautiful if you make it on clean hair, with a little amount of styling.

You can refresh the usual styling with a new barrette or other accessory, as well as a small strand that "accidentally" gets out of the hairstyle, if it allows it.

An ordinary tail is perhaps the most common everyday hairdo for loose hair.

It is done in just three minutes, it allows you to remove hair from your face, open your ears and show the lines around your neck to others.


The tail looks great both on straight and curly hair. It is important that your curls are clean and not too thin, since the tail should have a sufficient volume.

This hairstyle can be executed on smoothly combed hair. Also, you can make a small overcoat on your head to make additional visual volume.

The tail itself can be located anywhere on the head - from the crown to the back, giving you a strict office or mischievous youth look.

Also, the hair in the tail can be assembled from one side from the side, or split into two halves by a straight or zigzag pattern, building a pair of ponytails.

The tail base can be fastened with a hair band, a hair clip or a small strand of hair and a pigtail wrapped around it.


Tail with harnesses

A stern tail can be slightly softened, in one movement turning it into an inverted one.

To do this, collect the hair in the lower part of the head and divide them into two equal halves just above the base of the tail, and lower the gum a little lower.

Next, let the loose curls pass through the formed hole in the direction from top to bottom and pull it towards you to get two curls.


On the basis of the tail itself, you can create several hairstyles that will be useful if the loose hair is banned by the dress code or is not appropriate for your work.

These stacks include simple bundles, seashells and rollers. They can easily be made by themselves, having spent quite a bit of time.

The process of creating a variety of beams and seashells to you is demonstrated in the video clips offered in the article.


Note how the stacking changes quickly, if you put in it a slight accent in the form of an elegant barrette - so you will get a decent evening hairstyle.

Braids and braids

Fast hair at home with their own hands - this and various braids.

Of course, it takes a little more time to weave than to create a simple beam, but you will look stunning, it's no secret that a beautiful long braid always attracts the attention of others.

We bring to your attention a few videos, thanks to which you can easily master the simple weaving techniques of the French braid, the braids of the fishtail, the Danish( reverse French) braid.


Pigtails can be used not only as an independent hairstyle, but also as one of the elements of another styling.

This includes the aforementioned options for decorating the tail base with a small pigtail, a braid embracing the base of the beam, partial braiding of the curls in the braid( to the base of the head) with the design of the same tail or bundle.

Spit can be laid on the head in the form of an original basket or a kind of flower, which is sure to attract the attention of others.

In addition, pigtails with their own hands - not only everyday fast hairstyles. Weaving curls and used in the evening styling, an example of which is a spit-waterfall.


You can decorate braids with ribbons, hairpins, hair bands. Very beautiful look pair of hair clips, one of which fixes the ends of strands in the weave, and the second is attached to the base of the braid.

The most simple pigtail that you can do with your own hands even without the braiding skills is a scythe.

To perform this hairstyle, gather the hair in the tail and divide it into three equal parts. Next, each part separately turn clockwise so that a light tourniquet is formed.


Combine all three harnesses, also twist them slightly. Then fix the ends of the hair with an elastic band or a hair clip. As you can see, everything is very simple.

Let's go to the same styling with a fantasy to make a beautiful evening hairstyle. After dividing the hair into three parts, two of them will be formed with bundles, as before, and the third will be plaited into a non-pigtail pigtail.

The most optimal is the classical Russian weaving. When weaving the braid itself into one of the strands, you can attach the ribbon.

Now we combine the two strands and the braid into a common bundle, getting something unusual.


From this article you learned how to choose and correctly make yourself simple everyday hairstyles with your own hands.

We hope that this information will help you to choose the most suitable option for hair styling with your hands for the minimum amount of time.