Women's fashion trousers 2017

  • Mar 27, 2018

Trousers are practically a necessary item for every woman's wardrobe. If the jeans often look too patsan, and the skirts hamper the movement, elegant pants, combining style and comfort, are the optimal solution. They will be equally appropriate to look at a business meeting, and on the road from work on a bicycle, and with a cup of coffee with friends. In this article you are offered an overview of the most fashionable styles for the next year.


  • Fashionable women's trousers 2017: styles and fashion trends
  • Fashionable women's trousers 2017: colors
  • Fashionable women's trousers 2017 on the photo
  • Fashionable narrowed women's trousers in 2017
  • Fashionable women's trousers 2017: skinny
  • Women's fashion trousers 2017: trousers-
  • Women's fashion trousers 2017: leather trousers
  • Women's fashion trousers 2017: trousers-culottes
  • Women's fashion trousers 2017: evening trousers
  • Classic women's trousers in 2017
  • Fashionable women's trousersnskie trousers 2017: overalls

Women's fashion trousers 2017: styles and fashion trends

  • stretch pants become the undisputed leader in fashion trends. Indeed, such models perfectly emphasize slender legs and are convenient for all occasions - both for the rhythmic life of a large city, and for outdoor activities.
  • In the fall and spring of 2017, fashionable women's pants from rough fabrics with a clear silhouette in combination with massive shoes, large stoles or draped tops will look very stylish. Most often these are shortened narrowed trousers with a high waist, accented with decorative buttons.
  • Pants-boyfriends - loose shortened and slightly narrowed bottom trousers suitable for any shape and emphasize femininity with contrasts.
  • Fashionable wide women's trousers made of flowing fabric with folds and draperies will look great in summer under sandals on thin soles. Winter variant - wide warm pants with the addition of wool will look good with heels. The shortened ankle-length model is also relevant, it can be combined with both half-boots and coarse massive boots.
  • In 2017 refined femininity comes to replace deliberate sexuality, and an overstated waist finally replaces trousers with a low fit. This cut emphasizes the figure and visually elongates the legs. That the figure looked harmoniously, models with an overstated waist can be worn with jackets with pads - actual in 2017 news from the 80's.


Women's fashion trousers 2017: colors

  • Mustard shades of pants will be particularly fashionable - in the autumn-winter season, and in the spring-summer collections. Despite the fact that the fashion 2017 combines different palettes - from dark gray and black colors, to eye-catching bright prints, it is worth looking at deep wine, dark green and brown-beige tones. Such colors embody the basic concepts of the latest fashion shows: harmony with nature, careless chic and simple natural elegance.
  • Fashionable women's pants in the summer of 2017 can combine more colors. Fabrics of complex dark shades( burgundy, greenish, brown) will be supplemented with prints of fresh juicy colors( warm pink, lime, yellow).
  • Judging by the displays, turquoise and blue shades will not be relevant for trousers.

Fashionable women's trousers 2017 on the photo

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Fashionable narrowed women's trousers in 2017

  • Suited as long styles, and shortened. Models of narrowed trousers with a length of 7/8 demonstrated at the shows Brooks Brothers, Anna October and many others. Narrowed pants - a great replacement for jeans or corduroy, even if in informal situations you want to add an image of style and femininity.
  • Such fashionable summer women's pants can be perfectly combined with moccasins and a shirt in the afternoon or with sandals on a small hairpin and a long top waistband for the evening.
  • In winter, narrowed trousers can be combined with both a jacket and a cardigan, and with almost any footwear depending on the mood.

Women's fashion trousers 2017: skinny

Popular are elegant and comfortable trousers-skinnies, most of them are flickering on the shows of Roberto Cavalli. Mass market quickly picked up this trend. In the trend as monochrome dark colors - black, brown, gray, and the most daring patterns. Light or bright prints will add an image of playfulness in the spring-summer season.

Models with stitched arrows and decorative belts are suitable for walking around the city, and simplified versions, almost reminiscent of leggings, fit into a sporty style.


Women's fashion trousers 2017: bell-bottomed trousers

These stylish women's pants 2017 will gain popularity by referring to the fashionable retro silhouette. Comfortable flares made of dense fabric fit well into the autumn-spring wardrobe. For the competent completion of such an image, it is worth combining retro trousers with accentuated modern tops and accessories.


Women's fashion trousers 2017: leather pants

Brutal leather pants are not at the epitome of comfort and freedom of movement, but remain among the fashion trends for the second year. Leather models again demonstrate on the catwalks Christian Dior and Roberto Cavalli. The skin gives impudence, muffled this year by a simple classic silhouette. These pants give greater freedom of combination.

  • You can bring the sharpness of the image to the extreme with heavy boots and a leather jacket-leather jacket.
  • If you want to play on contrasts, you can wear a leather pants lace top, adding romance to the image, or add rigor court shoes and a classic leather jacket in the same tone to trousers.
  • Leather trousers with heels and bright top are perfect for the evening.


Women's fashion trousers 2017: pants culottes

This sleek hybrid trousers and skirts, who came from high fashion, as relevant as ever. Such pants will add to the image of originality and elegance at the same time. Soft creases emphasize femininity in combination with a shirt or a classic raincoat. If you prefer a cozy pajamas style, combine kulots with tops-oversays: cardigans or short coats.


Women's fashion trousers 2017: Evening trousers

In 2017 it could be almost any cut pants, the main thing - to choose the right colors and accessories. In the collections of Brandon Maxwell and Elisabetta Franchi, modest feminine situettes are combined with bold glossy texture and gold shine.


Classic women's pants 2017

Classic is always current, and strict, straight-cut trousers are perfect for almost any occasion - the whole thing together. Putting on such trousers is far from always limited to a shirt and a jacket. Outside the office, the boldest combinations are possible.

  • Platform shoes and a turtleneck will create an unexpected silhouette and allow straight trousers to look less formal. In cool weather, the image can be complemented with a cozy stole or overcoat overcoat.
  • Massive sweaters and cardigans will give the straight strict trousers an easy negligence effect.
  • The combination of textures is actual in 2017: loose trousers of their flowing fabric can be perfectly balanced with a classic jacket, and trousers with arrows - multilayered knitted tops.
  • The truncated tops will fit the classic pants in the summer, creating a modern interpretation of the retro style of the 70s.
  • Lace and tops in the linen style will give an image of informality, even in combination with a strict suit.
  • Bright accent animates the image and allows you to look every day differently depending on your mood. Fashionable patent leather shoes or platform shoes, bright clutches or massive bags - the choice is yours.
  • Black trousers always look elegant and, depending on the combinations, will suit almost any occasion. Actually a couple of years ago, the cell begins to give way to monochrome models or prints with a thin strip - almost imperceptible, but visually smoothing the imperfections of the figure.
  • Now in stores you can often stumble upon classic trousers with a high fit without lightning. These styles are equipped with a rubber band from behind, which gives them practicality and allows you to perfectly match any shape.

Women's fashion trousers 2017: overalls

In 2017 will be fashionable trouser overalls. Light closed models made of lightweight fabrics will become a beautiful and practical option for the next summer. The loose cut does not hinder movement, pale shades reflect sunlight, closed forms protect from the sun and give a silhouette of grace.


The following year, designers focused on sophisticated silhouettes and exquisite shades, giving elegance and dignity to the image. Definitely worth to give up trousers with a low fit, sport baggy styles and a combination of smart trousers with heels in the daytime. In fashion, restraint and naturalness, seasoned with a few bright accents. And whether you choose comfortable skins, nostalgic flared trousers or classics - it's up to you. Simple restrained styles, occupying a fashionable pedestal in 2017, give a large field for imagination in the selection of accessories. Fashionable in 2017 pants will allow you to look every day differently, but equally feminine.