Causes of split hair along the entire length

  • Mar 27, 2018

When the hair splits along the entire length, the question arises - what to do?

There is a standard answer that can solve this situation in a radical way - haircut.

Not all girls will agree to cut their long hair and spend some time walking with an ultrashort hairdo that goes only to thin individuals with a certain type of face.

The problem is that if you neglect the haircut and do not start to engage in hair, then soon the brittle and dry strands, the tips of which began to fade, completely lose their presentable appearance.

Damaged hair

A girl with long hair that crosses along the entire length, looks untidy and unattractive.

The scale of the problem is visible from afar - the section disfigures the curls, the hairstyle looks overdried with a shock.

If you are not ready to give up length and do not want to cut what you have grown so long, then from this article you will find out what to do to bring long split strands in order at home.


  • Causes of hair stratification alo
    ng the entire length of the
  • How to care for split hair at home?
  • Means for the care of split and brittle hair
  • Recipes of organic masks

Causes of hair stratification along the entire length of the

The reasons for the hair section along the entire length may depend on various factors that affect the body.

Among them:

  • heredity;
  • lack of power;
  • dehydration of the body;
  • health problems.

Heredity. Scientists have recognized that every person on earth has a programmed length since childhood.

The strong and beautiful hair that adorns your head grows only until the moment that is embedded in the genetic code of your body.

After the curls have exhausted the possibilities of their growth, they will start to do the exact opposite: self-destruct.

In this situation, there is only one way out - you will have to listen to the voice of reason and stop at the length that nature offers you to look neat and beautiful.

Dehydrated body. At this point, everything is simple: the more water you drink the day, the better your curls and skin look.

You need to drink at least 2.5 liters a day, and then they are guaranteed to say thank you.

Incorrect power. Frequent use of fried, spicy, excessively salty and sweet is the worst gift that can be presented to your own organism.

The diet should consist of vegetables, meat, dairy products and other products saturated with vitamins A, E, B, C, without which the curls will have to tight.

Proper nutrition

Girls who want to get rid of the problem at home should include vegetable oil in their diet.

It should be clean, preferably the first pressing and always fresh. The main thing is not the one on the basis of which food has already been prepared.

It's best to take for yourself the rule: every morning you need to drink a teaspoon of oil enriched with Omega 3.

In just a month you will appreciate how much the condition of your skin, hair and nails has improved.

Serious health problems. If the menu adjustments, sufficient water consumption and lack of stress do not help to cope at home with problem hair that fall out or break down along the entire length, then a visit to the doctor is still worth accomplishing.

He will check your tests and tell you how to act in the right situation.


How to care for split hair at home?

If the hair falls out, splits and breaks down the entire length, then you need to sound an alarm. This is a serious sign that directly reports: the body is underfed by nutrients.

A trichologist who deals with hair problems will probably tell you how to get out of the situation, prescribe vitamins and a diet, and also advise on the care that will need to be used during treatment.

Self-medication is not the best option, after all, in addition to the vitamin deficiency described above, there are a number of problems that can be indicated by terribly dry and brittle ringlets, the tips of which fade and fray.

Haircut. Despite the fact that the haircut for many is undesirable, it must be recognized that the tips of 1-2 cm long will have to be cut.

Dry and brittle hair, freed from the most problematic part of it, will grow better and spend energy on restoring your own structure.


Stacking. Strands, the ends of which are split, and so are subject to serious stress, so load them with stowage, pull them with iron or dry with hair dryers is not recommended.

Strongly split across the length of the hair will continue to separate, if you neglect this advice. The problem will turn into a vicious circle that can not be broken.

Combs. There are a huge number of combs from various materials, some of which damage the structure of the hair and scalp.

To smooth the delamination problem, you should use the usual wooden combs, which would surely please our great-grandmothers.

Their frequent teeth carefully untangle curls and very carefully comb even long strands.

Plastic electrifies the hair, metal can damage the skin, so wood or natural bone are ideal materials for at least the time of treatment.

Wooden comb

Means for the care of split and brittle hair

The modern beauty industry actively promotes two lines of hair cosmetics that argue among themselves. There are minuses for both, so it is important to understand what you need.

Silicones. Means with silicones, which are applied to the hair in the form of indelible conditioners, not only facilitate combing, but also visually smooth the split ends along the entire length of the strand.

They glue the fragile scales of the cuticle of the hair, which are stratified from the negative impact.


It is believed that from frequent use this material accumulates in strands, from which they become brittle and lifeless.

Of course, making loud statements that silicones can save hair - it is impossible, because the effect of salvation will be exclusively decorative.

Only hair follicles are active, which are located in the skin. Therefore, consider that silicone will spoil your hair or enter the body - it's not worth it.

Silicones are shown in long, thin and repeatedly colored curls. They give only a visual effect: they envelop the tips and length of the hair, improving their appearance.

In every brand that produces hair cosmetics, there is a treasured jar with a liquid or oil that has a silicone in the composition.

Organic. It includes creams, shampoos and balms that do not contain SLS and parabens, and are saturated with various extracts from useful plants.

Let's be honest - they are relevant only for the scalp, which needs careful but gentle cleansing and vitamins.


From the whole range of organic hair products, which includes not only samples from the store, but also the products familiar to us, we can distinguish several ingredients that will nourish the scalp and have a softening effect on fragile and very fragile hair, Along the entire length.

However, that organics that really helps hair, is sold not in cosmetic, but in grocery stores and is easily applicable at home.

Ingredients for the softening and strengthening masks given in this article are easy to obtain.

Often they can be found in any refrigerator, while others - buy in a pharmacy or in the market from farmers.

Recipes of organic masks

Kefir and sour cream. One of the most accessible and very common ingredients that are found in hair care at home.

They are used solo or combined with other products, creating excellent nutrient and softening masks, supporting tips that are sewn.

Make masks from kefir or sour cream simply - to them you can add honey, egg yolk or a little yeast.

All split sections should be impregnated with the prepared mixture, strands wrapped in polyethylene and a towel.

They wear such a mask for a long time - not less than five hours, so it's better to do them at night.

Vegetable oil. Many oils are very suitable for softening, moisturizing and nourishing heavily damaged hair, having painful tips.


The main secret of the oil mask, which is not known to all girls - it should be applied only to clean hair, washed with shampoo.

In this case, the oil will be easier to penetrate into the hair and impregnate it with useful microelements. The oil that you put on your hair should be warmed in a water bath.

Coconut, olive and almond oil is great for preparing therapeutic masks at home. Walk with this mask is better about 8 - 10 hours.

Chicken egg. The yolk of a chicken egg is good for hair. It strengthens the hair and gives them shine.

After the application of egg masks, the hair does not fall out and breaks less, the tips stop fluffing, and the strands, which are very slim along the entire length, visually look more neat.

For example, about a mask of yolk and a large spoon of burdock oil, to which honey and cognac are added in equal parts( by teaspoon), everyone knows who takes care of their hair at least a little.


Onion juice in combination with yolk and lime honey also gives a good firming effect, which, with constant use, removes the tips that cut off, adding hair to useful micronutrients.

Herbs. Rinsing hair with decoctions of different herbs can also give a good result even to severely damaged hair.

To make such decoctions simply: instructions for their brewing are written on drugstores. The main thing is to allow them to insist that the herbs give water as many useful substances as possible.

For the restoration of hair, the tips of which break and split, broths from sage, plantain and dandelion or from chamomile, birch leaves and lime-colored flowers will do.

Before use, the broth is best warmed to room temperature, then applied to clean, slightly wrenched strands and dry the head without using a hair dryer.


Hair condition is directly related to the general health of the human body.

In order to be beautiful and silky, you need not only carefully look after them, but also eat right, drink plenty of water, give up all bad habits and go for preventive examinations to the hospital.

The problem that is just beginning to be eliminated is easier than curing its long-lasting consequences.