Methods of curling hair on large curls

  • Mar 28, 2018

Hair curling for large curls is suitable for women with any type of face.

The hairstyle gets visual volume and density, while gracefully emphasizes facial features, making them even more attractive. Large hair curls always look festive and stylish.

Creation of large curls can be performed at home in various ways, using special forceps or curlers.


If there is no desire to curl large curls daily with the use of a curling iron, you can go to the beauty salon, where the master will be offered a long-lasting perm.

There is no difference, short hair or long hair, a good master always has a few ideas in stock.


  • How to make large curls with a curling iron?
  • How to make hair chemistry at home?
  • What time does chemistry hold on your hair?

How to make large curls with a curling iron?

To beautiful large curls turned out successfully at home, in the first place, you need to buy tongs for curling large curls.

In this case, do not forget about the provis

ion of thermal protection of the strands from the strong thermal action of the fuse. Otherwise, it is not possible to avoid thinning and damage to the structure of the hairs.

As thermal protection means use specially designed for this mousse, cream or hair gel, they are applied to the strands immediately before the curl.

By the way, the masters recommend buying a thermal protection product for the hair of the same series as other cosmetic products - lacquer, balm and shampoo.

They will perfectly complement each other, and let hair always look fresh and attractive.

Curl of curls

The heating level must match the state and type of strands. The main thing is not to over-force the forceps, curling curls, as a prolonged thermal effect can result in complete damage to the hair.

To curl up beautiful large curls with a curling iron at home, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

A fine varnish of medium fixation should be placed at hand during curling, as large curls, unlike small curls, straighten faster.

The process of curl is recommended to accompany the spraying of varnish on curls. In this case, first treat the strand with varnish, then immediately wind it on the tongs.

Soak until the hair becomes hot.

Curling long strands, it is not necessary to use a clasp clip, it becomes the cause of ugly kinks.

It is necessary to stretch the tip of the strand when winding slightly with your fingers, as a result of which the hair is tightly attached to the plait. And the fact that the tip will not be curled, is not terrible for hairstyles with large curls.

Curling too short hair, a clip of the curling iron all the same will have to.

After the curl has curled, it is carefully removed from the plate, trying not to unwind too much, fix using special flat barrette-tongs.

When each strand is processed, the clamping forceps are removed, the curls neatly broken with hands, thus giving easy carelessness to the hair.

Permalior curls of large curls

The modern chemical wave of hair is more gentle compared to that made in Soviet hairdressing salons.

Of course, the improved technique of perm was not useful for women's hair.

But here the effect of its use is the reason that many women turn to beauty salons in order to find beautifully curled short or long curls.


Chemicals are auxiliaries that are used when curling curls.

Due to them the waving effect persists for three or more months, everything depends on the speed of hair growth and the quality of chemistry.

Long-term perm large curls can be made in several versions, which provide for different ways to wrap hair curlers:

Vertical long-term chemistry - this type of waving is usually done on long hair. With the help of smooth bobbins, the strings are wound, starting from the roots to the tips.

American long-term chemistry - the most popular type of curls of large curls, suitable for medium-length strands. In the process of curling, large curlers are used.

Radical long-term chemistry - most often done on short strands, how large a curl will be, depends on the period of exposure to chemicals on the head.

Gentle - a long-lasting chemical wave, called biosvavka.

The usual perm is different from gentle laying, the composition of the chemical auxiliaries, in which instead of ammonia is present the ciscin protein.

Ciscin more carefully provides a form of curls, feeds them with useful substances. Long-lasting gentle waving can be used for damaged and dyed strands.

Here it is important to note that with any technique of chemical wave strands experience not only chemical, but also physical stress.

Before the procedure begins, the hairs have a dense structure, which is formed by the action of the hair protein.

Once the chemical agent starts acting on them, the hair tissues split and the structure of the protein is damaged.


At this point, the open flakes of the hair allow the strands to form a large or small curl.

Strength and durability of a perm depends on correct fixation of curls.

As a fixer, use a light peroxide solution, while at the time of fixation, keratin, also a hair protein, is restored again.

Scales come back to their place, and the hairs get their natural position.

How to make hair chemistry at home?

To conduct a perm on long or short hair at home, you need to have patience and all the necessary materials that will be needed in the work process:

  • hair curlers( made of plastic or wood);
  • curling agent;
  • tableware for mortar( not metal);
  • wooden or plastic comb.

Make large curls at home will be necessary, if all the technological stages are met.

Curl with chemical agents is made on clean hair, for the convenience of winding curls, strands are divided into partings.

Screw hair starting from the occipital part of the head, then go to the temporal zones and the central part of the nape, the crown.

Strands are wound on curlers by the selected method. If the hair is short, then the root method of curl - the strands are screwed not all, but only a part of them at the roots of the hair, the ends remain untouched.

Chemically impregnated all the impregnated strands with chemical composition.

If short chemistry is done on the basis of chemistry of the radical type, then the chemical solution is applied in such a way that it impregnates only the wound parts of the braces.

After all the curls are processed, a polyethylene hat should be put on the head, and a towel should be applied over the top.

After 15-25 minutes, the head should be thoroughly rinsed under warm running water. The time of aging of the chemical solution will determine the elasticity of future large curls.

The next step is fixation, while the forehead is covered with a napkin so that the fixing agent does not get into the eyes.


As a fixer for one procedure, take 50 ml of 3% peroxide. The agent is applied to the curlers with a sponge, foamed, left for 5 minutes.

Then, once the foam settles, the curlers are removed, and the lock is re-treated with curls, allowed to stand for 5 minutes.

At the final stage, thoroughly wash the scalp from chemistry, apply a restoring agent. Then ringlets are distributed and dried with a hair dryer.

What time does chemistry hold on your hair?

The effect of large or small curls can last from 4 to 6 months. Then again to expose hair of chemistry is recommended not earlier, than in three months.

If you want to stay longer with large curls, you need to provide them with regular regular care.

A large curl will not leave your hair for long if the following recommendations are observed:

  • For shampooing, you need to choose shampoos that include moisturizing oils and vitamin complexes. Each lock must be carefully separated, massage the skin. At the end of washing, the hair needs to be covered with a light nutritious balm.
  • Curls are best dried using a natural method, without a hair dryer. If the use of a hair dryer is caused by cold weather, it is necessary to dry the curls with warm air using foam for styling and means for protecting the tips.

After chemistry, hair care needs to be done with the help of professional cosmetics.

Similar products offer beauty salons and specialized stores. Thanks to the use of professional cosmetics, each curl will retain its elasticity and expressiveness for a long time.