Restoring split hair at home

  • Mar 28, 2018

Do not know how to restore split hair?

You can glue the ends and treat hair in the salon or at home using certain procedures.

Split ends - a signal that the hair has received a chemical or temperature injury. Fortunately, this condition is quite easy to treat.

Important: if the problem is left unattended, the splitting of the tips of the hair will only progress!


  • What should I do to prevent split ends?
  • Home restoration of split hair
  • Restoration in the cabin

What to do so that there are no split ends?

Proper nutrition is the foundation not only of health, but also of beauty. The daily diet must be balanced.

If there is a lack of vitamin E - hair is cut, C - break, B - become dull, A - fat.

In addition, the menu must include marine fish and seafood( sources of microelements), nuts( contain unsaturated fatty acids).

Proper nutrition

Hair color without ammonia. Henna and basma are also not as harmless as they are thought to be - they dry and dehydrate the h

air, which leads to a number of problems, including split ends.

You can apply henna and basma not more than once a month.

At home, conduct a biweekly recovery with nutrient masks - with kefir, gelatin, yolk, cocoa, ethers, honey and other useful products for ringlets.

Do not use hair cleaners that dry and irritate. For example, some people wash their heads with soap, considering it therapeutic.

However, in fact, it changes the balance in the alkaline side, the skin covers suffer.

Replace the 2 in 1 tool with separate shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo should be used properly. They wash their roots twice, and they use balm to wash their hair.

Buy products for washing and care, enriched with additives, extracts and decoctions of herbs and algae, vitamins and other useful ingredients.

At home, from time to time, replace the shampoo with egg yolk, whipped with a little water. Washing will take longer, but the positive effect is immediately noticeable.

A very important rule - never rub your wet hair with a towel. Wipe them with neat, soothing movements.


Do not comb immediately after washing and do not use metal combs, especially during hair styling with a hairdryer.

Do not use lemon juice on problem hair, vinegar acids dry, dehydrate already fragile hair.

Very mustard. If you use it as part of masks, always dilute anything with grease and apply only to the skin.

For treatment use the solutions of vitamins from the pharmacy and natural herbal ingredients - they provide recovery.

Home restoration of split hair

Home masks work in two ways: they seal the ends and immediately heal the brittle rods.

On healthy hair, masks are made once every two weeks, but if there are problems, the procedures are performed every 10 days. The mask can be applied and just on the tips, and the entire length.

What substances help from split ends? Vegetable oil, primarily olive, honey, vitamins A and E, yolk. Here are a few recipes based on them.

Indian blend. Now this is a very popular recipe on the web. Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of honey.

First beat the butter with the yolk, then add honey and whisk again. The mixture should not flow, so honey should be taken thick. The composition is applied to the tips an hour before washing.

A few procedures are enough to get rid of the problem of split hair.


Mixture with aloe and burdock oil. Simple, but effective at home prescription. Mix two tablespoons of fresh aloe juice and 1 tablespoon of oil.

Apply first to the tips, and then to the full length, to wrap your head for a few hours.

Aloe contains vitamins A, E, B, C, so the plant juice is widely used in cosmetic procedures. The mask is not done on dyed hair, since the aloe is washing away the color.

Mixture with yolk, honey and liquid almond oil. This composition has everything you need to restore the structure.

Honey moistens, yolks with vitamins and microelements, and almond oil with its fine structure serves as a conductor for useful substances, delivering them deep into the rod.

In addition, it is also rich in vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus. The mixture is applied for 40 to 60 minutes and rinsed.

Finished funds from the store. All well-known cosmetic companies produce special products, helping to say goodbye to split ends at home.

For example, one of the series from Fructis is called "Goodbye, split ends".

The Pantene PRO-V brand offers the "Instant Recovery" serum and the more expensive Advanced Keratin Repair.

In Elseve came to the problem in a comprehensive way and produce a straight line of products "Full hair restoration 5".


Restoration in the

salon In the hair salon you can be offered several procedures that relieve the split ends.

Lamination. Lamination - a long-term protection and restoration of each hairs separately.

This is a great way to get rid of not only fragility, but also from the dullness, dryness or fatty ringlets. In the healing "cocoon" hair is up to a month.

The tips in it are stuck together, and the hairstyle will no longer look like a patch.

Unfortunately, the composition is gradually washed off during washing, but all the time while it "works", the hairdo looks amazing, and its volume visually increases by about 15%, which is especially nice if the hair is naturally thin.

It is interesting: especially skillful beauties laminate hair with gelatin at home.


For short haircuts, a spoonful of powder is poured with three tablespoons of warm boiled water and left to swell while the head is washed.

Hair is washed as usual, then it is applied and washed off with balm, lightly squeezed out with a towel until the medium moisture level.

If gelatin has not dissolved yet, then it is heated in a water bath. Add gelatin to any mask of industrial production, mix thoroughly and apply to the hair, retreating 1 cm from the roots.

Wrap your head in polyethylene, put on a hat and warm it up a little with a hairdryer. After 45 minutes, the mixture was washed off with water.

Hair, even split, becomes smooth and very shiny, get a healthy look.

Gelatin lamination is done once a week, but not more than 2 months in a row.

The effect is noticeable after the first time, but with each procedure it only increases.

Hot scissors. Cutting this tool allows you to seal fresh slices, through which the rods intensively evaporate moisture.

All water and nutrients remain inside the hair, which only benefits him. The shears themselves remain cold during operation, the temperature only arises at the cutting site.

This tool can be programmed - the degree of heating of scissors is selected by the master individually.

Before beginning the haircut, the hair is viewed on the machine for proper diagnosis. All procedures will take 1.5 - 2 hours of your time.


So, the prevention of split ends will be rich in vitamin E food, protection from thermal exposure and gentle handling of wet strands.

If this trouble has already occurred, the damaged parts can be sheared, laminated or sealed in mixtures at home.

Never get upset, looking in the mirror, because the restoration of beauty and health of hair is completely in your hands!