Dresses for graduation day 2016

  • Mar 28, 2018

Each girl has a growing period. And when she becomes a girl, begins to be actively interested in makeup, hair and beautiful clothes. In high school, many of them are increasingly asking about the attire to the graduation ball, with their girlfriends looking for images, visiting stores and browsing fashion magazines. And this year is no exception. For a successful image, first of all, you need to choose a dress as the basis of appearance, and then to it, choose shoes, makeup, hair and accessories. After all, the combination of all components will form a unique, harmonious image, which then will be pleasantly seen in photographs.


Trends of evening gowns for graduation 2016


While browsing the photo of the 2016 prom dresses, you can c

hoose a large quantityTVO liked. But here we must understand that they are designed for different types of shapes and color gamut plays an important role. Below we will try to tell you what to choose a fashionable dress for the graduation ball in 2016, how to choose accessories, how to combine shoes with attire and how to organize the process of fees, so that it only makes you feel good. And also talk about children's graduation dresses in 2016.

Long dresses: features and styles


  1. Long dresses on the floor at the prom in 2016, perhaps the option that fits all types of figures. Designers of this season, like last year, prefer this kind of design thematic outfit.
  2. It's better to choose a style from light, flowing fabrics that will make the image elegant, refined and elegant. This outfit adds solemnity to the event, because you want to feel like a queen on such a day.
  3. For girls with a magnificent figure, it is better to choose a dress with a cloak or sleeves in three quarters to hide the flaws of the figure. And also not to take a dress, strongly pulling the waist, it should lie perfectly in shape.
  4. With a deep cut, be careful not to look vulgar.
  5. If you choose a one-color dress, without any frills in the form of sequins, or a large number of crystals, then you should pick up the bright accessories, such as a long beautiful earrings, interesting pendant on a thin chain or an elegant bracelet.
  6. When choosing a dress with a train, do not forget that it should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, because it still has to dance. Think about this original piece of the wardrobe during the evening, somehow attached, for example, to a hook on the hem of the skirt or with the help of a thread dressed on the arm.
  7. Very popular model dresses in the form of a mermaid, suitable for both graduation and wedding occasions. Girls with a slender figure, this outfit will give a special charm and femininity. It is interesting to look at the design of models with embroidery on the corset or with a small, not nalyapy amount of rhinestones.
  8. Choose an outfit for a better light shade. This will add tenderness and romance to the young image.
  9. It looks interesting asymmetric long design solutions. One-shoulder dresses can advantageously emphasize lines and profitable proportions of the figure. For these outfits are ideal for bulk bracelets. Asymmetric dress styles are also suitable for short lengths. For bold girls, this is an excellent option, for example, to withstand the image of a rock star.
  10. Greek dresses this year also did not go out of fashion. Elegant outfit in a complex with a romantic hairdress - slightly podsobrannymi hair back, shoes with heels, clutch and thematic jewelry, will help create a romantic and gentle image of the Greek goddess.
  11. If you have chosen a bright color dress, then you should not choose accessories for it in tone, it's better to stop on decorations of pastel tones, because the accent of your outfit will focus on the attire.
  12. Many world designers in 2016 in one voice called a fashionable evening gown of a lace fabric model. The specificity of the material gives a special tenderness, timidity and elegance to the image. Lace can be used both as a patch on the dress, and as a dress corset trim. However, it looks especially beautiful from the openwork fabric. Elegant and luxuriously looks the design of a precious translucent sweater. You can buy fabric from both monophonic and bright material.

Short dresses: design and trends


  1. Short dresses at the final 2016 will be more suitable for miniature girls. After all, you want to show all the dignity of a figure in such an evening, and beautiful long legs act as a distinctive effect.
  2. There is a very elegant train to the dress, which does not need to invent where to put in the dance, but this approach looks very gentle and unusual.
  3. V-shaped cutout will nicely emphasize a decent chest, only need to be controlled so that the image does not look vulgar.
  4. A mini dress can be preferred by bright and cocky girls, while cocktail and straighter girls are more reserved.
  5. It is interesting to look short lush skirts in evening dresses, in 2016 such outfit will serve as a real decoration for any girl. If this one-tone dress can make one bright accent in the image, for example, put on bright shoes, a large bracelet or long earrings. Remember that in this case it is better not to overdo it, so one thing will be enough.
  6. An interesting option for the prom dress will be a dress-transformer. Some girls, can not pick up the length of the outfit, which they prefer. This problem can be solved with the help of such an unusual dress. After all, you want to look perfect and at the same time attend the ball with comfort, so that it would be convenient. A distinctive feature serves as a skirt that turns into a cute short cocktail dress and a makeshift trail, that can turn into an evening dress with a completely different, but no less eye-catching design. And one more important advantage of this outfit is that you can appear in different images for one festive evening without any special expenses for the wardrobe. The first one is romantic, elegant, with a long train or skirt, and the second - with an unfastened bottom, can be bold and seductive. Accessories in this case, choose with care to fit under both images. The shoes will harmonize with the neutral color, and the clutch of the appropriate color scheme for combination with the shoes. Makeup is applied better closer to the skin tone, to look natural and beautiful, it will ideally be to allocate eyelashes and lips with bright lipstick.
  7. Beautiful and elegant look dresses with a deep cut on the skirt. When you stand this cutout is not visible, but only it is necessary to step and gracefully peeps out the leg, which is especially attractive to the eye, and forms an image of mystery and sex appeal. This image suits the refined girls with high growth, the decollete is better not to allocate at all, the cutout with a short, sleeveless boat is ideal.

How to choose a dress for prom 2016: recommendations


  1. If you want to approach the choice of the evening dress 2016 with practicality, then it is not dusted in the closet, and at least several times you can wear it, for example, to a wedding for a friend or a date with a young man. In this case, it is better to choose a classic version with a pastel color range, which are always relevant.
  2. Long dresses with a train or a fluffy skirt in this case are not very suitable, it is better to choose a short cocktail dress, which, as is known, should be present in the wardrobe of each girl. However, "short" in no way means that the skirt should barely cover your rounded forms. The classical length is the hem slightly above the knee. To this dress will fit high, even slightly careless hairstyles. In the image, you can focus on the shoes and lips, painting them as brightly as possible.
  3. Absence of complexes and self-confidence are, of course, excellent qualities for girls with lush forms, but flaunting their extra pounds will not add to your attractiveness. Choose a dress with such a figure will not be difficult, but you need to think sensibly. Short, fitting dresses - this is definitely not your option. But the length of the maxi is when the hem is just below the knee or at its level, it will be very useful for such a complexion.
  4. Colors are better to choose monochrome with a small pattern, because bright with large ornamentation will visually add extra kilograms. Dark colors also visually reduce the volume and refine the image.
  5. The dress with an asymmetrical zip on the sides distracts attention and visually hides the shortcomings.
  6. Look great long two-layered outfits with a sufficiently deep cut, then the attention of others is concentrated on it. The bottom layer should be more solid from a dense fabric, and upwards - from a light flowing material, for example, silk or chiffon. They will help to hide flaws.
  7. For girls with large hips, an A-shaped look and a trapezoidal dress with a belt under the chest, studded with stones or lace, will do. With the choice of jewelry in this case, do not overdo it. Long beads in one - two strings with a medium diameter of stones will be enough.

Children dress on prom 2016


  1. Little Star is already at such a young age watching adults and also want to look beautiful on their festive mini-balls in kindergartens, parting with primer and school discos.
  2. Graduation already in the older group every girl wants to look like a princess, but as due to their age they change the taste very quickly, this role take the kids mom.
  3. Already at the age of 7, the children form a certain taste and idea of ​​the style. Therefore, you need to choose the outfit with the child, take into account his opinion about the style and color, otherwise you risk upsetting the baby, and she does not want to wear the dress you chose.
  4. Already a year the popular model is the classic dress style. A gorgeous skirt and corset will not leave your child indifferent. It is better that the skirt was multi-layered of light fabric, and the corset was meticulously strewn with ornaments.
  5. Also elegantly look just plain clothes with a minimal amount of decor.
  6. Very gently and not pretentiously looks dress with A-silhouette, gives lightness to the image. Preferably choose colors calm, pastel. So young stars usually face white, pink and gentle blue. It goes well with a beautiful flower in the hair and a buttonhole on the arm.
  7. Look elegant dresses that resemble a ballerina. Irresistibly ironed girls in cream and white colors with bright accents in the form of a belt, embroidered in the bottom of the skirt by embroidery or lace.
  8. Very nice looking diadems in the hair with a small, hand-picked handbag. Shoes should also be watched in tone to the dress on a small heel.
  9. Let your little princess feel irresistible on such a memorable day. And will be the most beautiful on the holiday.

Graduation dress in 2016: where to buy


  1. This year the Internet is full of different pictures of the final dresses. It remains only to choose a style and you can go shopping.
  2. Another option for buying may be an online store, but you need to be careful here, because the size grid differs significantly. Benefit in modern times, e-commerce provides a home service. You just choose the number of outfits that you liked, order them on the site, the courier comes to you and you are already in a relaxed atmosphere at home, you can all try on and choose the most desired, which, undoubtedly, will suit you.
  3. When buying a dress you want not only look great, but also purchase an inexpensive graduation order. Here the help comes, so to speak, the "grandfather's method", which has not lost popularity in our time - it's sewing a dress from a specialized seamstress. Then you will definitely be sure that your outfit will be the only one and you will not have the fear of coming in the same dresses.
  4. Image selection is best to start a month before the event, or even 2, to organize the collection process well. After choosing a dress, you may want to sew an exclusive model, but this takes time.

Here you have already decided on the shape of the dress and have even purchased or ordered for individual tailoring. Next you need to choose a hairstyle and makeup. Better at home to try a few examples or discuss with a hairdresser all the options. Shoes with heels, will be a win-win option, should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, as it will have to dance all evening and I would not like to sit on a chair because of fatigue in my legs. After you have bought suitable shoes, it's better to be at home at home for a few days. Well and in the end to get accessories - a handbag and ornaments. And be sure that a well-organized collection for the graduation ball will bring you a good mood and pleasant excitement.

The choice of dresses should be taken with special attention. After the prom, every girl wants to hear about her image only positive feedback. We wish you pleasant shopping and positive emotions!