How to return the wife

  • Mar 28, 2018

Yesterday your favorite woman was near, but today she is leaving you. Why, after a few years of married life, does the wife decide to part? What reasons are pushing her to this step? And how can I return my wife? Why the wife can leave?

  • Inattention from the husband
  • Treason of the husband
  • Different outlooks on life
  • Love for alcohol
  • Absence of children
  • Jealousy
  • Sexual incompatibility
  • How to return the love and trust of the wife? Psychologist's advice
  • How to return your wife after a divorce, changing yourself?
  • How to return a wife by changing attitudes in sex?
  • How to return a wife with a child?
  • How to return a wife to the family according to Orthodox laws?
  • How to get your wife back with magic?
  • How to get your wife back. Why can a wife leave?

    To understand why a wife decided to leave you, you need to know the motives of her actions and understand the situation. Each couple has an individual case. Still, there are several main reasons

    why women leave husbands.

    Inattention from her husband

    When a married couple plunges into a routine of everyday life after a wedding, many men stop paying attention to their wives. The role of a woman is reduced to cooking, cleaning, raising children. And their free time their husbands devote to friends, football, fishing. Over time, the wife begins to desperately need tender words, caress, attention. And if at that moment there is another man who is able to appreciate all this and surround the woman with care, then it is to him that she goes. Psychologists call several reasons why a wife feels her husband's inattention:

    1. He has not told her for a long time what he loves and appreciates.
    2. Spouses always spend their free time separately.
    3. The husband has not given his wife flowers and gifts for a long time.
    4. He does not care how his wife looks.
    5. He looks back at other women when his wife is around.
    6. He is troubled by his wife's requests for help around the house.
    7. Spouses do not speak frankly about their problems.


    Treason of a husband

    According to statistics it is treason that often becomes the reason for the departure of wives. Men, starting a novel on the side and think that this is an innocent flirting. Many justify this behavior with their polygamousness, considering it the norm to combine conjugal duties with the role of a lover hero. The main mistake of men is that they do not think about the feelings of their wives. But in vain. After all, women intuitively feel betrayal and categorically do not want to put up with it. And only when the wife leaves, many husbands begin to understand how much this woman was dear to them.


    Different views on the life of

    This is also a very common reason for the separation of spouses. In the bouquet-candy period before the wedding, couples do not think about how much they have different views on life. But after a while it turns out that for someone more important career than family or screams and scandals than silence and peace in the house. Disagreements can arise on any occasion. To return the wife, you need to know what are the manifestations of different views on life:

    1. Disputes and disagreement cause even small things in everyday life.
    2. Spouses can not or do not want to go to meet each other.
    3. The family does not know how to listen and hear a partner.
    4. The choice is made in favor of principles, not family interests.
    5. Love goes to the background in front of life's beliefs.
    6. A man does not want to take responsibility for providing a family.


    Love of alcohol

    Alcoholic dependence of the husband almost always causes wives to leave the family. Next to such men, women do not feel safe. At first, women try to help their loved one get rid of addiction. But if this does not work, the wives go themselves and take the children away. Among the reasons that make you leave, women call these:

    1. No ways help your husband get rid of alcohol dependence.
    2. Uncertainty about the future.
    3. The husband spends his salary on alcohol and drunken companies.
    4. In a drunken frenzy, the husband scandals and beats his wife.
    5. Unwillingness of her husband to change the situation.
    6. The husband does not care about the family and is not responsible for it.


    Absence of children

    The purpose of women is to be the mother and keeper of the home. If there is no child in the family, many wives begin to feel their inferiority. They in any way tend to realize their maternal instincts. And if the husband does not share their aspirations, then the wife will look for the one for whom children are also the joy and meaning of life. Of course, there are exceptions when both spouses do not want to have children and find other opportunities to realize themselves. But in most cases the woman will always strive for the continuation of the family. Signs that the wife will leave her husband if the couple does not have children:

    1. The wife constantly tells her husband that she wants a child.
    2. The husband does not think about procreation. Do not take seriously the desire of the wife to become a mother.
    3. The husband refuses to be treated, if the birth of the child depends on it.
    4. The husband for years promises his wife to solve domestic and financial problems, and only then offers to think about children.



    Even if a man loves his wife very much, she can get away from him. This happens in the case when the husband is constantly and unreasonably jealous of his second half. First, jealousy can please a woman - this is an indicator that a man is not indifferent. But then, reproaches and mistrust can even destroy love. With jealous who can not control emotions is very difficult to live. The reasons why the wife leaves her jealous husband:

    1. He seeks to control every step of the spouse.
    2. The husband does not trust his wife and does not believe her words.
    3. A husband can not curb his jealousy.
    4. Constant unfounded accusations of a husband against his wife.
    5. For the husband, the feelings and feelings of the wife are not important.


    Sexual incompatibility

    There can be a complete understanding between the husband and wife in the life views, but if the intimate life has failed, and the man has ceased to arrange a wife in sex, she can find a new love in the arms of another. This reason is preferred to remain silent. Some suffer all their lives, others decide to divorce. Women are very sensitive and emotional, so hard to survive the cooling feelings in an intimate life. They may not talk about it to their spouse, but when they can not pretend to be through time, they will simply leave the indifferent man.


    How to return the love and trust of the wife? Tips psychologist

    Revive extinct love and regain the trust of his wife can. But for this man will need not only a desire, but also a lot of strength. It must be understood that a woman whose heart no longer loves is open to new relationships. They can give another man, but can revive former feelings and ex-husband. Psychologist's advice to those who want to return the wife's trust and love:

    • After the departure of the spouse, do not throw at once to her feet. You both need time to come to your senses and understand the situation. During this period, communication should be very delicate and unobtrusive.
    • We need to remember the moment when the couple first met and started dating. It is then that a woman feels that it is especially interesting and necessary for a man. He waits every day to meet with her, afraid to lose and does everything to attract attention. After parting, you have to start all over again and do so that the ex-wife can again feel your love for her.
    • Do not chase the ex-wife, constantly ringing her on the phone and whining in the phone about how you are without her bad. It's enough to say a casual compliment, wish a good day or offer help.
    • Invite your ex-wife to a date, take a walk in the park, go to the cinema or theater, go on a weekend trip. At the same time, immediately stipulate that it is important for you to communicate with her. Do not be offended if your loved one refuses. After a while, try again or find out how she would like to spend time with you.
    • If your wife was bored with you, then it's time to change. Take the risk and show her that you are a brave and confident man. For the sake of your favorite jump with a parachute, or ride a horse, participate in car racing or other extreme sports. It is very important that your ex-wife at that moment be there and see what you can do for her.


    • If your wife constantly accuses you of not helping her around the house, then it's time to put off laziness and finally take on a real man's job. For example, offer to make repairs in the apartment and do not just say it, but start implementing the idea. Help her solve domestic problems and take care of the comfort of a loved one.
    • You have not noticed your wife for a long time and so she's gone? Now you need to learn to see even the little things associated with your beloved. For example, she made a new hairstyle that she had to face or put on a dress that emphasizes a beautiful figure. After all, this is all women do for men.
    • Be interested in what she thinks and feels. Ask her opinion. Listen to the words. Even if this seems to you to be a frivolous occupation, you need to understand that it is important for emotional women to know that they are heard and consulted with them. This will help restore the confidence of his wife.
    • Do not remember past grievances. Forget them and start the history of your relationship with a clean slate.

    How to return a wife after a divorce, changing yourself?

    If your favorite woman is gone because you cheated on her, were jealous or depended on alcohol, then the reason for the divorce lies entirely in you. In these cases, you have to work on yourself and change, otherwise you will never return your beloved woman. To return the wife after the divorce, the psychologists advise the following:

    • Set the main reason for the wife's departure. Talk to her and find out what her main claims to you were before the divorce. Listening to all about yourself, do not argue and do not try to find an explanation for your actions. You are a man and you must be able to cope with difficulties.
    • If the cause of the wife's departure is your treason, then you need to determine for yourself whether you can refuse to flirt on the side for the sake of your beloved. You should understand that there will be no second chance. If you are unable to cope with the constant desire of love adventures, ask for help from a psychologist. Try to bring into the relationship with the ex-wife exactly the moment of adventurism that attracts you on the side.


    • Some psychologists say that jealousy is a disease. And no matter how hard it is for you, if you want to return your wife, you'll have to fight with jealousy. Almost in all cases, men can not cope with this feeling on their own - an adjustment of the psychologist is necessary. Do not hesitate to go to the specialists for help, because the return of the wife for you should be the most important. You need to learn to trust again your beloved person, otherwise you will not succeed. Keep yourself in hand and work on the ability to control emotions and your imagination.
    • To return the wife who left because of your love for alcohol, you will also have to turn to specialists. With a serious dependence without them can not cope. If you have not become a slave to alcohol, you can break your worldview and lifestyle. Sign in to the gym or find yourself some hobby. You need new emotions that will fill the void. If old friends are pulling you back, then look for others - active, interesting, optimistic people. After a while you will notice that you no longer need to look for comfort in a glass, because life has become brighter and more exciting.

    To your ex-wife knew that you are working on yourself for her, tell her about your successes. Offer your loved one to support in this difficult matter. So, having passed together by overcoming, you will have a chance to revive the old feelings. You should know that only success in working on yourself will help you get your wife back.

    How to return a wife by changing attitudes in sex?

    If you and your wife lived a soul in the soul and the only reason for parting were problems in the intimate life, then the situation is fixable. Of course, it would be better if you noticed earlier that the wife has cooled to you and in time managed to take action. This suggests that the couple should always pay attention to one another, be interested in how much the partner is comfortable with you. Those who do not want to give up and are ready to fight for the love of the wife in an intimate life, the advice of a sexologist will help:

    • You can not treat sex as a technical task. This is a creative process that constantly requires renewal. Read more and learn new about yourself about sex. Do not be afraid to experiment, listening to the wishes of women.
    • Even if you are very tired or have lots of problems and worries, you need to be able to relax and find time for intimacy with your wife. Learn to postpone everything for at least an hour and dedicate this time to your beloved woman. She always needs to know what is desired.
    • Remember your wife not only in the bedroom. During the day you can send sms with gentle words or send a bouquet of flowers for no reason. The woman will look forward to your return home.
    • Learn to talk about sex frankly. If you have not done this before, it can be difficult at once, but then you can solve a lot of problems.
    • It should be understood that a woman who is in the cares all day in cares like a squirrel in a wheel, is unlikely to find strength for an intimate in the evening. Take care to facilitate the life of the spouse. Take some of the worries on your shoulders or create comfort in the house. A woman should feel caring for herself and then she will be grateful to you.


    • Do not forget about the fact that women are much more emotional than men and sometimes they just find it hard to disconnect from the experience of the day. Prepare for your favorite bath with essential oils, put candles in the bedroom, turn on the pleasant music. You can change the situation and go on a weekend out of town. All this will help both of you to forget the routine and immerse yourself in new impressions.
    • Learn and discover your ex-wife again. In most cases, men who have lived with their spouses for several years, do not know what she likes most in bed, what erogenous zones she is more sensitive. Correct your mistakes and learn to feel a woman in bed, and not just chasing your own satisfaction.

    How to return a wife with a child?

    A wife's departure with a child is a double loss for a man. If the husband was a good father, then to return the location of his child will not be so difficult. If the man is not engaged in a child, then to return the native people will have to exert twice as much effort:

    • First of all, try to explain the situation to the child. Do not go into details, do not blame the mother, do not complain about life. The best explanation is: "You see, sometimes adults need time to sort themselves out. My mother and I are now in this situation, but we still love you very much. And we will try our best to make you happy. "Do not promise the golden mountains to your child, but make it clear that you are always there and continue to take care of it with your mother.
    • Find time to communicate with your child. Coming home for this, do not waste your time trying to find out the relationship with your wife. It is better to do it so that the child does not hear you. He should see your courteous attitude to his mother and understand that you are still responsible for the family.
    • Maximally help your wife in raising a child. Go to meetings in school, buy clothes together, take care of your health. A wife should see - despite parting, you continue to be a reliable and strong father and husband.
    • Talk to your wife calmly, trying to figure out the reason for leaving. Be honest with each other. Do not blame her, but just take note of the reproaches and try to correct your mistakes. A woman should see that you are ready to work on yourself to get it back.
    • Continue to be interested in the life of the former spouse. Show interest to her, making compliments and inviting to date. Do so that she will remember about what qualities you fell in love with.
    • Have patience. Perhaps it will take you a long time to get your family back. Wife and child should always feel your support and attention, knowing that you are the best father and husband.


    How to return a wife to the family according to Orthodox laws?

    In Orthodoxy, the split of the family is not approved. Especially, if the couple got married. It is believed that both husband and wife should do their best to preserve the union they have concluded. Priests are advised to turn to the Bible when disagreements and disputes arise. If the husband and wife still did not have the wisdom to stay together, then any restoration of their relationship is welcomed by the church. God is always on the side of the family. If your wife left you and you think how to get her back, then you need to do this:

    1. A husband who wants to return his wife to his family first must go to church and repent of his sins.
    2. Conversation with my father will help calm down and understand the situation. Such communication also gives strength to go the way of the return of the wife.
    3. In Orthodoxy, there are prayers for the return of the wife to the family, the preservation of the family. Read them with sincerity and faith in the heart.
    4. Read the Bible, because in it everyone finds the answers for their situation.
    5. Wish the wife who is gone, only good and health.
    6. Look for in Orthodoxy to forgive and forget grievances, and to open the heart for the rebirth of love. Only then you can return your wife.


    How to get your wife back with magic?

    Trying to get his wife back, men are ready for a lot. Some refer to the ancient magical grandfather's methods. After all, in Russia, too, wives left their husbands. As far as such methods are effective, it is difficult to say. But there are always those who decide to try and such ways of returning the spouse. Here is one of them:

    At midnight you need to sit in front of a mirror, take three church candles, a key with a lock and a photograph of the wife. Before you should put a photo, and behind it to place burning candles. In the left hand there should be a lock, and in the right hand there is a key. After the preparations, it is necessary to insert the key into the lock with the words: "As this key in the lock turns, so my beloved home will return. How this castle can not be opened, so our love can not be ruined. Amen!".In the morning, the lock with the key must be hidden.


    Perhaps with the help of magic, you will return your wife, but you must know that she will not come of her own free will. So, it is not known how long your relationship will last. All the same it is better, when the woman comes back to the husband, sincerely understanding, that itself wants it.

    How to get your wife back.