Signs of schizophrenia in women

  • Mar 28, 2018
Signs of schizophrenia in women

Stressful situations sometimes cause an inadequate human response. Prolonged depression, neurosis is often difficult to differentiate from the manifestations of mental illness. Signs of schizophrenia in women have a complex symptomatology. It is impossible to make a correct diagnosis without the qualified help of a psychiatrist, comprehensive examination, special tests. What is schizophrenia and what are the signs of its manifestation?

The first symptoms of schizophrenia in women

The disdainful attitude towards mental disorders in modern society is a negative factor. Demanding to isolate such people, we forget that diseases of the psyche are often hereditary, due to a simple set of genes. Social adaptation, early treatment are able to level out the manifestations of the disorder as much as possible. Support of relatives and relatives for women is especially important.

Schizophrenia is an incurable disease that causes disturbances in the logical processes of thinking, oppression of emotional

functions. Most of the inhabitants often associate it with a "split personality", which is absolutely wrong. Clinical studies of DNA revealed a group of "damaged" genes, which cause the probability of the disease. According to the data, every hundredth person of the planet suffers from it. How to identify schizophrenia and what are its symptoms?

The difference in the course of this mental disorder in women is in the late period of manifestation of the initial symptoms. If in adult men the disease begins to progress to 18 years, then the early signs of the girls make themselves felt to 23-25 ​​years. There are fewer cases of childhood schizophrenia, senile dementia. In women, early signs are classified into:

  1. Positive. Accompanied by sharp mood swings, visions or delirium, anxious, obsessive thoughts. Women become nervous, can cry without reason or laugh.
  2. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Problems communicating with society, nagging apathy to the events, the reluctance to care for themselves, loss of interest in work, hobbies - the distinctive features of the initial stage of the disease in women.

The main symptoms of schizophrenia

Teenage girls schizophrenia manifests aggression flashes reticence or lack of perception of the fans as the "end of the world."Some scientists call colored dreams a prerequisite for mental disorders, noting that people with mental disorders tend to "view" images. How is schizophrenia manifested in women at different stages of the disease? Doctors distinguish 7 signs of schizophrenia in women:

  1. Delirious thoughts and other people's voices.
  2. Constant repetition of words, often meaningless.
  3. Feeling of intervention from outside.
  4. Lack of interest in success and career growth.
  5. Closed, untidy appearance.
  6. Cognitive signs - violation of the associative series, "breakdown" of the cause-effect chain, the complexity of the perception of incoming new information.
  7. Mood swings, depression, suicidal tendencies.


signs of mental disorders in women, flowing in a latent form, characterized by a lack of aggressive state and security for others. Often latent schizophrenia does not flow into heavier and more dangerous forms. Characterized by inadequate behavior of the paroxysmal form: unreasonable jealousy, decreased interest in domestic issues, loss of relationships with children.


Persecution mania is a frequent "guest" in mental disorders. Recognize the syndrome of paranoid schizophrenia in women will help such signs:

  1. Denial of reality, comfortable feeling inside the "own" world.
  2. Constant visions, images created by your own imagination.
  3. Voices that the sick hear.
  4. Easy speech dysfunction, confusion of words, illogical utterances.

The age-old

has its own characteristics. In old age, the signs of schizophrenia, manifested by unusual, bizarre behavior, are considered to be:

  1. Partial dips in memory.
  2. Forgetfulness of current events against the background of magnificent memory of a long time ago.
  3. Insomnia.
  4. Delusional events that do not occur in reality: petty theft, causing bodily harm from relatives.
  5. Decreased intelligence, violation of cause-effect functions.


Sudden outbursts of violent activity and their alternation with periods of fatigue - an excuse to be on the alert. For manic disorder of mental health of women are inherent:

  • Sharp mood swings.
  • The world is seen either in pink or black colors.
  • Gustiness of action, a sudden "insight" idea.
  • Fear of persecution and the mania of universal conspiracies.
  • A fixation on certain actions or rituals.


In women, the constant intake of alcoholic beverages rapidly causes a dependence that can eventually lead to alcoholic schizophrenia. Its signs are:

  1. Alarming state. Tactile implausible sensations.
  2. Visions, called in common parlance "squirrel".
  3. Aggression.
  4. Elevated body temperature.


This type of disease has the best predictions of mental health recovery. Signs that are easily leveled by the right treatment are:

  1. Discontent with its appearance, taking the form of ugliness.
  2. Obsessive fears, a sense of loneliness.
  3. Aggressive or closed state.
  4. Hysterics with the game "to the public," artsy receptions and theatricality.

Reasons for

Schizophrenia is transmitted through the female line with a probability of inheritance of up to 14%.Being a carrier of the "wrong" gene, a woman can not suffer from a disease, passing it on to future generations. Modern medicine, psychiatry is not in a position to accurately indicate the factors that lead to the disorder of the psyche. Cumulative reasons are:

  1. Heredity. A woman who has received a "gift" as a damaged gene can become a schizophrenic as a child or at a later age. Childhood schizophrenia often leads to the degradation and arrest of development.
  2. Infectious or viral diseases carried by the mother during pregnancy. They cause functional disorders in the baby's brain.
  3. Violations of the functions of neurotransmitters responsible for the interaction of the brain and various human systems. To begin to appear in adolescents with hormonal reconstruction.
  4. Education. Abandoned, useless children or babies growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from mental disorders, sometimes find themselves showing signs of schizophrenia.
  5. Prolonged stressful situations, neuroses. Loneliness, constant pressure at work, a lack of understanding on the part of relatives lead a woman to obsessive thoughts.
  6. Bad habits. Any narcotic substances, alcohol destroy the neurons of the brain. As a result, women develop signs of acquired schizophrenia.

Video: how schizophrenia manifests

Classic signs of the manifestation of schizophrenia in women are often accompanied by neurotic seizures, an explosion of emotion or aggression. Maniacal persecution, desire for litigation, apathy for life, emotional poverty in relations with loved ones "pull out" women from the usual social circle. The earlier you start to treat schizophrenia, the greater the chances of long periods of remission. Find out what are the women's external signs of schizophrenia by watching the video.

Signs of schizophrenia in women