Beautiful hair curling at home

  • Mar 28, 2018

If you know how to beautifully curl your hair, then problems with the hair will disappear by itself. Because curly hair is the ideal solution for creating an attractive image.

Beautifully laid curls - this is the basis of most hairstyles. And given the possible varieties of curls, - large curls, spirals, waves, etc.- then there is room for imagination.

Curling with a curling rod

There are many ways to get cherished curls. And not necessarily salon.

In the arsenal of modern beauties, there are a lot of adaptations to easily beautifully curl hair at home.

This can be done with the help of curlers, and curling iron, and ironing.

And you can use the traditional folk waving methods used by our grandmothers who did not have the opportunity to use thermal treatments.


  • Rules effective and safe waving
  • Simple ways to secure
  • perm curlers - a way out of time
  • principles applying curlers
    • How to Use the curler to make a beautiful perm?
  • Thermal ways home perm
    • Using curling
    • Curling using ironing

Rules effective and safe waving

Regardless of the method, get beautiful curled hair is impossible without observing certain rules:
First of all, it should be remembered that the curl can only clean and dry hair.

Dirty strands after the procedure will look sloppy and not aesthetically pleasing, and wet hair so prone to damage, that as long as they do not dry out, they are not recommended, not only to curl, and even combing.

It's better to start the perming from the top of the head. This is necessary for the fact that it was convenient to handle the strands on the sides and at the back of the head. In addition, it is easier to save and not to spoil the ready-made curls.

To make the finished curls last longer, they are treated with special styling products.

For this, the tool is applied to the combed strand along its entire length, except for the roots.

Instead of ready-made products you can use folk, for example, lemon juice, diluted with water.

The strand must be wound at a right angle to the head, but not tight, as the hair roots can be damaged.

Before curls take the desired form, it should take some time. This process is individual and depends on the type and condition of the hairline.


After finishing the waving process, it is not recommended to comb the resulting curls, as this can spoil the whole result.

It is best to lightly fluff the strands with your hands and give them a designed form.

Simple ways to secure curling

The easiest way to make wavy hair at home - a braid or braids.

braided for the night spit provides a large wave in the morning throughout the length of hair, whereas after braids are more frequent and smaller waves.

Naturally, this method is suitable only for long hair.

If short hair, you can do curls, winding them on a finger and securing each received a curl near the roots with the help of the invisible.

A similar way of creating curly locks on hair of medium length - flagella. To do this, each strand is twisted into a tourniquet and again fixed with an invisible or a hair clip.

Another simple, affordable and safe method of curling at home involves the use of a special bagel, which, if not, can be replaced with a conventional sock.

Hairstyle with a bagel

To do this, the sock is cut off the lower end, and the sock itself is folded into a large rubber band. With the help of this eraser, you can easily form a beautiful hairstyle in the form of a donut.

It is enough to make an ordinary tail, and its ends tucked under an elastic band. So you can go all day, but if the evening to dissolve the hair, they will turn into chic locks.

Hair curlers - out of time method

Despite the rich possibilities for waving at home, modern women often resort to a tool tested in decades.

Curlers - this is the most effective and gentle way to beautifully curl your hair and create from them a miracle hairstyle without harmful consequences for the very head of hair.

This method of waving is actively used by our mothers and grandmothers, and it remains relevant until now.


True, we must pay tribute to the modern industry has done everything to diversify the possible results of the curler application, one could only dream of such modifications that were available today:

  • Curler boomers provide curls on ringlets of any length. The diameter of the curls depends on the diameter of the curler itself.
  • Hedgehogs - curlers with a barbed surface, capable of turning short curls into soft waves. Ideal for creating large-scale hairstyles.
  • Foam - soft curlers for night curling. The only negative - to guess what shape the locks will take in the morning, is almost impossible.
  • Velvet curlers with velor coating - a tool of professionals, available at home. There are different diameters and lengths. Allow to do any hairstyle.
  • Bobbins - used to create small curls, for example, in African style.
    Thermobooths made of plastic. An extremely useful thing for people who do not have enough time.
  • Allow to curl short hair in just 10 minutes, and long for 20. However, for frequent use are not recommended.

Principles of using the curler

Regardless of which type of curler is used, before you start manipulating, the hair must be washed and dried naturally.

Then in the middle of the head they make a parting and divide the head of hair into strands, the width of which does not exceed the length of the curler.

Next, the highlighted strand is raised upward, it is sprayed with water or a styling aid and gradually, starting from the tip, is wound in the direction of the head.


The strand should be slightly supported at the sides, so that all the hairs are twisted. Otherwise, the hairdo can be spoiled by protruding hairs.

If the hair is long, it is better to make thin strands, but if short, the thickness of the braces does not matter.

After the curls completely curl, the strands are spread with your fingers and the volume is fixed with a spray.

As a rule, short or medium length curls dry up in a few hours, whereas long hair to dry, it will take at least 8 hours.

To keep the curled curls longer you can with the help of improvised tools. For example, before winding a strand can be drizzled with beer.

Given that beer is a product rich in Group B vitamins and trace elements, curls will receive useful substances and will last longer to keep the shape.

Also a good result of simultaneous feeding and fixing yields a gelatin solution. To do this, it is enough to dissolve a teaspoon of instant gelatin powder in a glass of warm water.

And after it has swollen, strain and use to process every twisted strand.

Another very ancient way of fixing ringlets is wetting with sugar water. To prepare the solution in a single glass of water, dissolve 3 teaspoons of sugar.

How to make a beautiful curl with the curlers?

In order to get three-dimensional curls on a medium-length head of hair, Velcro hedge curlers are used.

Velcro is wound on wet, impregnated with a means or mortar for styling, strands and fixed with an invisible.

To get large volume curls at home, large-diameter curler boomers are used.


Thermobigi - a transitional option between the conventional and thermal method, beautifully curl the hair. Suitable for strands of large or medium length.

Applies only to dry hair with mandatory use of thermal protection. The rigidity of the curls obtained depends on the duration of their exposure to thermal stress.

Thermal Ways at Domestic Wave

Despite all the safety of gentle methods, it takes a lot of time for their realization at home, which modern women do not have enough.

Therefore it is necessary to use less harmless, but more effective means - curling iron and forceps, called in the people irons.

Using an

curler To curl your hair, it takes a minimum of time and effort. Provided that all the rules for using the device are met.

And this means that during the exposure to the curl, the curls will be clean, dry and without any tools used for styling.

This point is very important, because the thermal effect of the device can change the chemical properties of such products, so the result of contact with them for the hair can be unpredictable.

At best, they will stick to the plait, at worst, you can partially stay without hair.

Therefore, the optimal means for impregnating strands before laying with a plait is a means for thermo-laying, that is, a preparation that neutralizes the harm of thermal exposure.

Winding strands with a curling brush is done only on clean dry curls. As for any procedure, the hair is divided into strands, in this case, no more than the thickness of the little finger.

Otherwise, the treatment with a curled rod will not give the proper result.


The tip of each strand is grasped with a plait, and then quickly and precisely tightened. To get a firm lock, enough to withstand 20 seconds.

This, as a rule, depends on the thickness of the strand.

Curling with ironing

It's common knowledge that iron can completely straighten curly locks. But not everyone knows that irons can easily curl the hair.

This is like a paradox, but, nevertheless, the hair straightener can be successfully used as a curling aid.

The iron can only be applied to clean and dry curls treated with thermal protection.

To twist the hair, their tips are grasped with iron, and then gradually wound in the direction of the roots. In this case, you should not put much pressure on the tongs, as the traces of the clamp may remain on the locks.


Thus, straightening iron from the lock forms a curl, which must be fixed with the help of special tools.

This method is best for medium length hair. But this treatment is not recommended for ironing thin or weak hair.