Correctly take care of long hair

  • Mar 29, 2018

Daily care for long hair is the foundation, without which the curls can not be healthy and beautiful.

Even regular medical masks at home will not allow you to achieve a good result if you do not care for ringlets, especially thin, correctly.

Very often, long locks combine two problems. The first is the splitting of the tips, the so-called cross sections.

To eliminate them, you need to cut your hair every month even for a centimeter. Thus, the "sick" ends will be eliminated. Removing the tips of the tips allows you to maintain the health of the main length.

Long hair

The fact is that the split ends require an increased number of nutrients to restore, leaving the main length of the curls without the necessary amount of "food".

At the moment, the beauty industry offers a huge range of procedures that allow you to deal with this problem.

For example, singing or chopping curls with hot scissors. Positive feedback on these procedures are presented in large numbers.

The second problem often fac

ed by owners of long hair is a combined type.

Most often, long hair is fattled in the basal area, but the tips remain dry.

This happens with thin curls, this combination is easy to explain. The fact is that fat, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands, nourishes the hair, keeping moisture inside.

Even the most active glands are not able to fatten the entire length of the curls. That's why long locks require enhanced nutrition.

Providing additional hair nutrition is best by quality care products, for example, balms, masks and creams with a restoring effect.

You can preliminarily read reviews about the effectiveness of a particular remedy. Many masks can be prepared at home without spending money on the store.


  • How to properly comb and wash your hair?
  • Drying and laying
  • Food - a pledge of beautiful hair

How to comb and wash your hair?

Proper care of long hair means proper execution of such routine routines as combing and washing.

If combing is performed correctly, the head receives additional stimulation of blood circulation, due to which the ringlets get more nutrition.

In case of improper execution, you can become the owner of split ends or even provoke hair loss.

Long hair is recommended to be combed twice a day, beforehand, it should be divided into two parts.


The combing of the curls starts with the tips, from which gradually the movement goes up. When you get to the roots, you can massage the scalp with a comb.

After the hair is completely combed, walk the massage brush along the entire length several times.

By the way, before you start washing, it is recommended to comb your hair. Thus, you will protect them from additional tangling during washing, and head massage comb will increase the blood circulation of the scalp, which will increase the effectiveness of care products.

For washing long, and especially thin hair, you can not use ordinary running water. It is necessary to use filtered or bottled.

For the softening of water, baking soda or ammonia can be used.

The temperature of the water should be warm, but not hot, as this will lead to increased activity of the strong glands, and accordingly, the hair will become dirty faster. This is especially important when working with thin curls.

Before applying the shampoo, it is necessary to wet your head and let it soak with water.

So you protect the skin from harmful substances that contain some care products. In this shampoo should be selected according to the type of hair.

It is advisable to give preference to professional brands that are oriented towards home care or organic shampoos.


Read the reviews in advance to roughly represent the effectiveness of the tool. Ideally, you can prepare the shampoo yourself, then it will be completely natural.

You can lather your hair up to two times. In this case, all the care products can be matched by a pair of drops of ether( rosemary or tea tree ether will do).Add it to the remedy before washing.

When using a balm rinse aid, do not apply it to the basal areas. Such means make the hair heavier, contaminating them faster.

If you retreat 10 centimeters from the roots, then the hair will last longer. The balm lasts up to five minutes, after which it is washed off.

Such products can also be prepared at home.

In rinsing hair, there are a number of small nuances. If you rinse them with cool water, the hair scales will close, and the hair will get extra shine.

At the same time, water can be slightly acidified with lemon juice - this option is recommended for blondes, brunettes better to use apple cider vinegar.

It is even better to rinse with a decoction of medicinal herbs or dental preparations. Comments of the girls who have made a choice in favor of broths, contain the information on improvement of appearance after transition to such rinsing.

Dry and lay

Do not forget to change towels frequently, they quickly accumulate bacteria. At the same time they do not need to rub the hair: just get wet and leave for a couple of minutes on the head.

Ideally, hair drying should be done naturally, only completely dry hair can be combed.

In case there is no time, or you want to do the styling, use the hair dryer in the minimum temperature mode, in addition there should be thermal protection.

With the help of a hair dryer, you can make a styling even on long hair, adding a volume to them. With thin hair it is often absent.


For voluminous laying, the curls are divided into small strands, preferably one size. The strands are raised by a small brush, and warm air is directed to the basal regions.

A slight twist of the strands will make the styling easy. Depending on your type of face, you can turn curls inward or outward.

Remember that you can not handle the same area for a long time, it can burn your hair. Each dried and laid strand is laid aside.

By approximately the same scheme, you can create the effect of small waves on the hair. This requires a fixer and a round brush made of natural bristles.

To begin with, locks are spread over the locks, after which they are gently screwed onto the brush and dried.

When drying, you need to gradually untwist the comb, while pulling or pulling is not necessary, otherwise you can greatly confuse the hair. As a result, you should get light ringlets.

Nutrition - the pledge of beautiful hair

Care for long hair can not do without proper nutrition. To quickly grow or maintain the desired length, you need to balance your diet.

First of all, you need to forget about a variety of fast food and it is desirable to reduce the intake of spicy, fatty and fried foods, as well as sweet soda.

It is more useful to bring vegetable or fruit salads. In the season it is recommended to consume as much greens as possible.

In order to nourish the hair follicles, products with a lot of calcium, zinc, magnesium and other trace elements are required.


During the year, you can arrange preventative courses with beer yeast. They are a source of protein and B vitamins, essential amino acids. Especially useful are yeasts in caring for thin long hair.

Do not forget to undergo annual examinations with specialists to exclude possible diseases of internal organs, as often the poor appearance of the hair is associated with internal problems of the body.

In general, caring for long hair is not so difficult. It is enough to perform routine procedures correctly, bringing them to automaticity.

As a result, you get a smart head of hair, which will please you for a long time.