The choice of curling irons

  • Mar 09, 2018

Curling irons give a woman something that nature has not given her - feminine, exciting curls.

With the help of a simple tool you can completely change at home in just a few minutes.


  • How to choose the best hair curler?
    • Plaiters differ in form
    • Hair tongs differ in diameter
  • What is the difference between professional hair curlers and household models?
  • Additional functions of

forceps Ways of curling hair

For thousands of years women have been searching for the best method of curling hair, making a lot of efforts for short-lived curls.

In 1897 in France there were the first grip tongs. They have made many women happy and have gilded their inventor.

In the seventies of the last century in the world there was a boom of chemical wave, and the last decades of the XX century were held under the motto "constantly change!".

Curling tongs

In the 21st century, trends have changed, a new motto has emerged: "closer to nature".Fashion for all natural dicta

tes its rules.

But the desire of women has not gone away, to discover something new, to surprise.

Fortunately, naturalness does not require abandoning change. But the changes must fit organically into the image and do not produce the impression that the hairstyle cost a great deal of effort.

Pleyers have gained immense popularity, because they allow you to create luxurious curls that look natural.

Hair forceps have many advantages:

  • simplicity - with their help you quickly turn into curls even very thick hair;
  • naturalness - skillful use of curling tongs allows you to build a hairstyle that does not look as if their owner "tried too hard";
  • variability - different types of plaques allow you to experiment with styling. Using different nozzles, you can have large curls today, and a week later be irresistible with
  • hair from small curls;
  • availability - even professional curler can afford most women;
  • relative safety. In contrast to a permanent wave, the forceps can control the degree of damage to the hair. Feedback and technical information will help you choose the forceps, which do not cause damage to the hair;
  • wide choice. Modern manufacturers every year produce new models of curling irons. They differ in materials, form, additional functions, price. On the Internet, it is easy to find a rating, and not one, and choose with it the very "your" ployka.
Curling with a curling rod

How to choose the best hair iron?

Among the modern variety is not easy to choose the product that you really need.

So, what are the best fuses?

Plaiters differ in the shape of

Conical forceps allow you to curl ringlets of different sizes without using additional nozzles. Large curls are obtained by winding strands at the base of the cone, small ones at the top.

Triple or three-barreled forceps - a tool for creating waves. This hairstyle is better for short hair.

On long strands with the help of such a curling it is possible to create small curls. The same principle applies to double( double-barreled) forceps.

Round forceps allow you to create even curls. This fuse is suitable for all types of hair of different lengths.

Triangular and square forceps are designed for "special effects" - elastic, broken ringlets.


Spiral curvatures allow winding strands with "springs".The longer the hair, the more effective the hairdo will be. For haircuts above the shoulders of such forceps do not fit.

Focusing on the material, you can choose from the following types of plates.

Traditional steel bracelets are the cheapest, but on this list of their advantages ends. When heated, the metal releases positive ions that lift the scales of the keratin layer of hair.

As a result, the natural fat and moisture evaporate, the hair becomes dry, brittle, and ends tip.

The first thing you need to do after discovering problems with your hair, decisively throw out a metal curl, even if it's dear to you as a memory.

Hair curler with working surface made of teflon is the same steel, but with a protective layer, which prevents the impact on the hair of positively charged ions.

Teflon is inert, strands on it do not slip and heat evenly. But over time the material wears off, which is not always noticeable to the naked eye.

You can continue to use the cooler without even suspecting that it has already turned into an ordinary metal with all its drawbacks.

Ceramic forceps are almost safe for hair. First, the material distributes heat evenly, without overheating the strands.

Secondly, it releases under heating negative ions that close the scales of the outer layer of hair and keep the fat and moisture inside.

One-piece ceramic tongs last longer than plaques with ceramic coating. Numerous good reviews indicate the popularity of this type of plate.

Tongs coated with tiny crystals of semiprecious turmaline stone give locks softness and silky shine.

When tourmaline is heated, it also generates negative ions, and also creates a low-frequency magnetic field and infrared flow, which enhances the activity of skin cells.

Tourmaline coating is much more durable than ceramic or Teflon. Such curling irons are not cheap, but they will last several times longer.

Durability and radiation of negative ions characterizes forceps with a titanium coating.

Curling Hair

Glass ceramic ceramics have a perfectly flat surface, with which curly locks slip easily. They do not overdry the hair.

Glass ceramics are usually made of professional curling irons.

Tongs coated with tiny silver particles have an antibacterial effect on the hair.

Manufacturers combine various materials in an effort to make the tool as safe and convenient as possible.

As a result, titanium-ceramic, titanium-tourmaline and other varieties of planks appear.

Hair forceps differ in diameter

Plaiters with a diameter of 4.5-5 cm form large waves, a similar effect is obtained when drying with a comb-brushing.

This diameter is suitable for owners of long hair, haircuts and crochet. Plaiters with a diameter of 3.8 and 3.2 cm will create large curls or medium-sized curls, respectively.

To properly choose a curling iron, you need to follow a simple rule: the diameter should be slightly less than the size of the curls that you need.

Size 2.5 and 1.9 cm is designed for hairstyles with soft waves in retro style. Diameter 1.6 creates small curls, very similar to natural.

The thinnest ployka has a diameter of 1 cm and is designed to tame the frizzy, fluffy and unruly hair.


How does professional hair curlers differ from household models?

In advertising articles you can often find the phrase "professional ployka."It is understood that they are better than household appliances. Is it really?

Professional hair curlers have two purposes.

First: the convenience of the master when working in the salon. Second: universality, that is, the same tool should be suitable for serving different clients with different types and lengths of hair.

Professional hair iron has such functions:

  • short warm-up time;
  • presence of a temperature regulator;
  • the wire is not shorter than two meters;
  • up to 30 temperature modes - this allows you to use one tool for curling different types of hair;
  • professional fuses are usually automatic, that is, they shut themselves down to avoid overheating due to continuous operation.

Professional hair curlers are no better and no worse than household, they are simply designed for other purposes. Their only significant advantage is the quality of the material.

Professional ployka

Professional curling irons, as a rule, have an anodized or tourmaline coating, can include silver particles or be made of glass ceramics.

However, each trustworthy manufacturer will offer its customers a choice of household appliances from expensive material.

Probably, it is not necessary to pursue the "professionalism" of the curling iron, it is better to choose the tongs that are ideal for your hairstyle and the structure of the curls.

Additional functions of forceps

So, you were able to choose the material and shape of the fuse, maybe even decided not to pay more for "professionalism".

But the forceps are still too much to know exactly which of them will suit you better.

When choosing, do not rely entirely on reviews, because two different people may not be approached by the same ployka, and any rating reflects the preferences of the person who made it.

How to choose among a huge variety, so as not to regret it in a month?

Note the additional functions.

Plaice and nozzles

Nozzles. Tongs with attachments are more expensive, and this is natural, because in fact you get several instruments instead of one.

If the hair length changes, you may find it more convenient to use a nozzle with a larger or smaller diameter. In addition, forceps with nozzles create space for experiments.

On the other hand, having bought the whole set, in time you may find that it is convenient for you to use one or two nozzles, and the rest simply take up space.

Tongs with a clamp can be used with one hand, but the curls are the same width, which does not look too natural. Curls, curled on a curl without clamping look natural due to narrowing downwards.

For safety, forceps without clamping are equipped with a special glove or protective cap, but they will have to be adapted.

Cord. A plait with a fixed base of the cord is inconvenient to use. Also, when buying, think about where you will wind curls, because a long wire takes up a lot of space, and a short one can not reach the outlet from the place where you will use the forceps.

Thermoregulation is necessary in order not to overdry the hair. A digital scoreboard will tell you if you have exceeded the optimum temperature for your hair type.

Anti-slip coating is very convenient, especially for conical-type forceps and can easily replace the clamp.

On the other hand, the finished strand, too, will not just slip off - it will have to be untwisted.

The choice of curling tongs can be very difficult.

However, it's worth spending some time and understanding the variety of modern tools to enjoy using the acquisition for many years.