How to say compliments

  • Mar 29, 2018

Everyone wants to have a good relationship with the people around him. In particular, it concerns his relatives, friends, and also the other halves. Therefore, the need for systematic compliments to each other is so important. And today we will consider the questions of why compliments are so important and how to properly do them.


What are compliments

Man telling a secret

It's worth starting, perhaps, with what is actually a compliment. These are such pleasant words spoken in the direction of the interlocutor, a note of flattering character or a p

ositive response that in itself bears kindness or praise.

is difficult to find a person who does not like compliments, which is why they are considered one of the best and easiest ways to get acquainted, to please a man and place his attention, kindness and respect. Correctly selected compliment is always capable of:

  • to improve the mood;
  • raise self-esteem;
  • to place to itself the interlocutor;
  • to build relationships;
  • make a new acquaintance;
  • to give pleasant emotions.

As a compliment: what better way to start

standard question about how to get better is to start. To begin with, of course, you need to learn a number of different, most popular and not only phrases that will surely please any companion.

But try to remember that such phrases pour the right and left - it's pretty silly, because the warm words, do not really mean anything, no one needs. Apply words only to those people who are really dear to you and which you want to place to yourself. And try to create a habit of saying nice compliments.

habit of paying compliments

very useful and practical quality is the habit of always saying nice things to people. After all, to make a compliment is not difficult, and having done it, you will only improve the attitude of other people to yourself.

And in order to teach yourself this habit, you need to spend only a week or two. Perform the following actions:

  1. Pay attention to the changes that could occur in your interlocutor, highlight them and mark in warm words.
  2. Talk about what you like about the appearance of people.
  3. At work, pay attention to the business qualities of employees.
  4. Admire all that you really like, do not be afraid and do not be shy.

Believe me, after a few days you will notice that began to speak kind words to people completely at ease, and they, in turn, will better relate to you.

02 The rejected compliment

What to do if the compliment was rejected

Sometimes it happens that saying pleasant words to the person, we did not hear anything from him in response. Yes, it is not necessary, but often people prefer to respond to a compliment, and not having received counter words, many become stupor, or take it personally.

There can be two different problems:

  1. Your words were not entirely appropriate or successful.
  2. The person in the direction of which your feedback has been sent, at the moment there are some problems.

Not all people prefer compliments or knowingly view them as excessive flattery, they suspect that the interlocutor wants to get some benefit. That's why your words can be taken coldly.

In this case, with the pleasures you need to be more careful, you need to do them covertly or accidentally.

For example, this may be your interest in the work, mood or hobbies of the interlocutor, which he will gladly tell about. So he will feel that you are interested in dialogue with him, and also you have common interests. This is a hidden compliment.

If you are communicating with a new person, the acquaintance of which happened literally just now, try to periodically mention his name. Most people will pay attention to the fact that you remember their name, and this can already be called the first hidden compliment.

The best compliments for different people

It is absolutely clear that for people of different sex, age, social status, it is necessary to have in the stock absolutely different kind words and techniques that will be somewhere similar, and somewhere - significantly different. Therefore, you need to parse them separately.

How to say compliments to the girl


It's no secret that it is with the help of correctly chosen phrases that any girl can be pleased, make her feel confident, beautiful.

The very first compliment to the girl is recommended to speak at the meeting, as it will give her a positive attitude for all the coming time that you will spend together. And of course, it can be not just pleasant words, but a bouquet of flowers or a small nice gift.

When you make a compliment to a girl, you need to follow these rules:

  1. See her exactly in the eyes.
  2. A little smile.
  3. Be frank.

If we talk about adjectival compliments that can be used, then their list can be limited to several hundreds, but here are the most popular and suitable ones:

  • stunning;
  • beautiful;
  • is good;
  • interesting;
  • is unmatched;
  • inspired;
  • wondrous;
  • is the only one.

Also the list of compliments must include words about beauty, good appearance or physical condition. If you are visiting a girl, and she cooked dinner, pleasant words about her culinary achievements are a must.

If a woman has changed her hair, started using a new lipstick, or bought new clothes and accessories, you should definitely notice this with original and flattering reviews.

The main thing to remember is the rule:

  • be sincere;Do not overdo
  • ;
  • do not be too intrusive.

There are some tips on when it's better not to say pleasant words. If suddenly you do not know how to praise a girl, what's flattering to say at this time, it's better to keep silent than to invent something inappropriate or knowingly false. After all, you seriously risk becoming a liar, and in that case all your preliminary efforts will go wrong.

In addition, do not try to talk, so-called, "deferred" compliments that will touch something that was before. If you remember that a week ago the girl was wearing a beautiful dress, you do not need to repeat this again, because nice words should be timely.

How to say compliments to a woman

Young loving couple

Someone, but a woman can be amazed only by beautiful compliments that will be matched correctly and accurately.

Any woman definitely wants to hear compliments about beauty, but speaking about them, you need to know some very important points, non-observance of which can make the desired effect completely inverse. Speaking to a woman about beauty, you need to monitor the following points:

  • Do not assume such missteps, saying something like: "You look great for your age."Such words, like and say about the good appearance of the lady, but she will notice here, like any other woman, it is the phrase said about her age.
  • It is not allowed to use phrases, like: "I admire your desire for an attractive appearance."Such a compliment can also be perceived in two ways, because women do not want people around them to admire their aspirations. They want everyone to admire their attractiveness.
  • Do not confuse flattery with compliments, because flattery is an obvious exaggeration of a woman's advantages, and she can often be recognized and accepted "with bayonets."

How to say compliments to a friend

Laughing Woman Holding up Hands

The pledge of a strong and long friendship between two girls or women is also compliments. Here you do not need to save on them, but it's important to remember that they do not become blatant flattery. After all, friendship can only be harmed.

Pleasant words directed towards the girlfriend can touch the following topics:

  1. Taste in clothes.
  2. Appearance.
  3. Makeup.
  4. The taste of the guys.
  5. Qualities of the present mistress of the house.

As always, the main thing here is not to overdo it, because a good friendship is not based on only pleasant reviews, it's just necessary to periodically feed it with words of compliments.

Believe me, if you are sensitive and attentive to your friends, they will surely answer you with the same reciprocity, that will make friendship only stronger.

Saying compliments to your favorite

06 Compliments of Beloved

Saying pleasant words to your beloved girl is something that should not be some kind of forced measure for a truly loving man. This is exactly what must come from the heart and be completely sincere.

Here, of course, the phrases should be extremely original and romantic. It is often worth mentioning to ladies about what you love them for, why you are happy spending every day with them.

Thus, you simultaneously emphasize their advantages, and let us know how lucky you are with them.

Of course, you need to remember and always notice all the changes related to:

  • appearance;
  • cosmetics;
  • hair style;
  • work;
  • with the mood.

When you see any changes with this or that item, you definitely need to talk about it. By the way, it is absolutely not necessary to praise a new hairstyle or lipstick color, even if the awareness of the fact that you are attentive to your second half, that you really notice even the small little things that have changed in it, will be the best compliment to the girl.

And most importantly, that, praising and emphasizing the advantages of your half, you yourself will notice how you will feel better and how much stronger your connection with it.

How to say compliments to your favorite

To say compliments to men

Once we have paid attention to your favorite ladies, you need to talk about what words are more suitable for the second half of the male.

Despite the fact that most men are not so whimsical as girls, there are certain rules that must be followed. And here they are:

  1. Sincerity. It is this first rule, as most men feel when they are not spoken openly, and when they are lied.
  2. Do not say pleasant words for nothing, only on business, for some events and actions.
  3. Try to pay attention to those factors that emphasize the masculine qualities of your loved one, especially they love it when your common, or his friends are around.
  4. Do not forget to say the name of your loved one when you are going to praise him something or reward him with a portion of flattering reviews.
  5. Look strictly in the eyes or on the face of a loved one.
  6. Finally, do not forget about the smile. True, a smile should be sincere, not comic.

And here is a small list of compliments to a guy who might be helpful:

  • neat;
  • is unmatched;
  • is gallant;
  • kind;
  • single;
  • incendiary;
  • is remarkable;
  • ideal;
  • is amazing;
  • sincere;
  • affectionate;
  • is the best;
  • cute;
  • courageous;
  • current;
  • is resourceful;
  • is incomparable;
  • is an educated;
  • witty;
  • the brave;
  • Otpad;
  • understanding;
  • is a romantic;
  • is the most-most;
  • strong;
  • is fabulous;
  • is sweet;
  • is sharp;
  • is perfect;
  • is smart;
  • smart;
  • is breathtaking;
  • is unique;
  • honest;
  • is elegant;
  • is an erotic;
  • is a humorous one.

This stock is surely enough for a long time.

How to say compliments to a man

08 Compliments to the man

Now it's time to discuss such kind words that will be pleasing to the absolute majority of men.

After all, it's possible to establish relations with employees, colleagues, neighbors, just acquaintances and even make new and pleasant friends.

As well as to the liked guys, men also need to do compliments accurately. This may be a question about what kind of gym he goes to, for example. After all, it is such a question, you will undoubtedly emphasize that you paid attention to its sporty appearance and excellent physical condition.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to admire men's perfume, shoes or any male accessory, such as a belt or watch.

A very interesting kind of compliments for men is a kind of instruction or words of support. They may sound like this: "I'm convinced that you can do it", or so: "You're probably smart enough to do what you want."It is these phrases that inspire confidence in men and in their abilities, which is sometimes valued more than any compliment.

Saying a compliment to a friend

09 Compliments to friends

Speaking of friends, it's safe to say that it is they who are not very important compliments said beautifully. Similarly, the frequency of such pleasant words is not so important. The main thing is that they are completely honest and wholeheartedly.

If a person is your best or just a very good friend, you should never hide it or somehow feel shy, tell him about it. This is for sure the most pleasant word he would like to hear.

In addition, for a real friend, cool compliments will always be pleasant, and, incidentally, they should be noted:

  • Any friend will be pleased to hear a compliment, like: "Your shortcomings can not be detected, I was able to notice only the chic special effects."
  • If your friend is the soul of the company, you can say this: "If I was a doctor prescribing antidepressants, I would all recommend communication with you."
  • And for those friends who constantly help to fix something, they are well versed in the technique, the phrase "your hands grow from the right place" is not superfluous.

Such compliments will always be appropriate and certainly will raise a friend not only self-esteem, but also the mood.

How to say compliments to my mother

Finally, we have postponed advice on how to say pleasant things to the most important and precious person in life - my mother.

This is the only person that makes us who we are. Therefore, no compliments can not describe what Mother made for each of us. But, nevertheless, you need to systematically try to do it.

Naturally, there should be banal words:

  • about the appearance;
  • about culinary success;
  • on pedagogical inclinations.

But besides this, you should always note that without a mother, you would not be so happy. In each of their successes, after each promotion at work or a sporting achievement, celebrate the mother, because she really deserves it.

But the main compliment that we can make to our mother is attention, it's actions, not empty words. Therefore, try to be more sensitive to mothers, do not forget about them and communicate more often.

In case your mother does not often see you, SMS is an excellent option, which is not so difficult to do, but you can enjoy them almost every day.

Here are the appropriate options:

  • being a real mother is a difficult calling, but you cope with it;
  • , I fully understand that there is no one more dear to me than you, and this is mutual;
  • I do not have enough of all the words that have ever been said to express how I love you and how grateful for everything.

Naturally, the list does not end with the proposed options, and if you want, you can find a huge number of other compliments, or you can come up with them yourself - what will be better.

Compliments in verse will also be liked by absolutely any mother, and they are ideal for most holidays or even without the slightest excuse. We offer you some good poems.

11 Compliments in verse


At the end of our conversation, I would like to mention a remarkable video about how much power compliments have and what can be achieved by correctly selecting them.