Tips for choosing a shampoo for dry and brittle hair

  • Mar 29, 2018

Shampoo for dry and brittle hair is very important to choose correctly, because the hair and so damaged, and an unsuitable shampoo can make the situation only worse.

Any product should purify the hair and scalp, but for damaged hair, you should not buy those containing aggressive chemical ingredients, They will make the hair even more dry.

In the article you will get recommendations how to choose the shampoo suitable for dry and fragile hair, get a list of the products that received the highest reviews, and also find out what makes your hair spoiled and can avoid them.

Hair under a microscope


  • Why does the hair become dry and brittle?
  • Shampoo Composition
  • Which tool to choose?

Why does the hair become dry and brittle?

Most often, the problem of dry curls is associated with improper care of them.

Incorrect care includes many factors: from improperly chosen hair dyes to excessive use of aggressive styling products.

Choose the paint should be, listening to the advice

of hairdressers, and not the advertising slogans of the producers.

Yes, and hair coloring is best in the salon, where the master will be able to choose a professional tool that is most suitable for the type of hair.

In addition, paints intended for home use, have a lot of aggressive chemicals in the composition - in terms of coloring it is convenient, becauseThe paint is easy to lay down and is easy to apply, but with constant use the product destroys the structure of the hair, which leads to their dryness and brittleness.

The same can be said about the styling products: varnishes, foams, gels, as well as special tools, such as ironing, will help you make a beautiful hairstyle, but are not intended for daily use.

If you use such devices constantly, the lipid layer of the skin will suffer, which will cause dry hair.

If you can not refuse such a means, then you need to use a specialized shampoo for dry hair, helping to preserve the health of your hair.

Many people notice that the appearance of dry and split ends occurs mainly in the winter season.

There is a similar pattern, and there is a simple explanation: the effect of cold adversely affects the structure of the hair, they lose moisture and therefore become dry and brittle.

Many do not know, but the appearance of dry, split and brittle hair is also promoted by high temperature, namely, direct sunlight: moisture starts to leave the hair very quickly, which immediately affects their condition.


In addition, under the sun, the pigment from the hair goes away faster, therefore, they have to be painted more often, which again leads to the appearance of dry and split tresses.

Finally, in some people the dryness of hair is a hereditary sign, despite the fact that they do not abuse the means for styling and protect them from cold and heat.

The type of hair and skin is usually inherited. In this case, dryness of hair and skin can be noticed in childhood: such people from time to time may appear dry dandruff, a feeling of tight skin, and curls split.

Of course, the type of hair can not be changed, however, you can choose the right shampoo that will moisturize the scalp and relieve you of dry and split tresses and other problems associated with dry skin.

Composition of Shampoo

To choose a shampoo, you need to focus not on the brand of the drug, and not on the testimonials and advice of friends, but, first of all, on the components that make up its composition.

For dry and split ends, you need certain components, without which the problem can not be defeated. First, the shampoo for dry strands should contain oils.

They are good against split hair because they have an enveloping effect: after applying this remedy, the curls are in a thin film that protects them from external influences.

In addition, oils contain many nutrients useful for the hair follicle and skin.

Cocoa butter, avocado, almond, coconut oil or argan oil can be present in the shampoo - they are all effective for dry hair.

Another important component is silicones. They help to retain moisture in the hair, so that they become more elastic and elastic.

It is much easier to take care of such locks, which will reduce the use of additional tools for styling and protect the strands from their negative impact.

Biocon Shampoo

Therefore, when choosing a shampoo, be sure to make sure that this component is in the composition. Glycine, panthenol and other components for moisturizing are also very important when it comes to caring for dry hair.

In addition to cleansing and soothing effects on the hair, they also help moisturize the scalp.

To restore the structure of dry and damaged ringlets, shampoo, which includes lecithin and lanolin, is required.

These components help to restore their structure, and are very effective at split tresses.

Everyone knows the people's advice on caring for hair, they always talk about using natural ingredients that give the hair the power and contribute to its recovery.

Therefore it will be very good if your shampoo will also contain extracts of healthy herbs and herbs: chamomile, aloe, burdock, avocado, etc.

Which tool to choose?

Today a number of products are known that have proved their effectiveness and collected positive feedback from both doctors and hairdressers and consumers.

However, when choosing a shampoo, you need to orient yourself, first of all, on your own feelings, not tips: you may have to change a few shampoos before you find the optimal.

MoltoBene air conditioning

One of the most popular and effective remedies for combating dry curls is Moltobene shampoo: it contains betaine, as well as a damask rose extract - they contribute not only to the restoration and protection of hair, but also give them volume.

The product has positive reviews, but its price is quite high - about 1500 rubles, so it is not superfluous to read tips on how to use the tool more economically.

More budget, but also effective shampoo - KeraSys Salon Care. In its composition, in addition to natural ingredients, contains keratin, which is effective for the restoration of split tresses.

Consumer advice suggests that you can pick up and more affordable means: shampoo Repair Therapy Dove.

It is not a professional curative shampoo, however, it moisturizes and nourishes the scalp very well, and, if you believe the reviews, it reduces the loss of strands, makes them softer and more docile. The price for this product does not exceed 200 rubles.

If you take into account advice on choosing the composition of the product, then, for sure, you want to purchase a shampoo containing a maximum of natural components.

In this case, you should pay attention to Korres: it contains almond oil and flaxseeds, the amount of chemical components in this shampoo does not exceed 25%.


At the same time it is inexpensive, about 700 rubles. Another shampoo is a means of Ma Provence. It includes red clay, and, in addition to caring for the hair, it also helps to stop the loss of strands.

It is often used for split tresses.