Some tricks in creating a "ponytail" hairstyle

  • Mar 11, 2018

The ponytail hairstyle is quite comfortable, simple and beloved.

A few simple tricks and you can go to any place you want: for a walk, jogging, work, for an evening of rest.

The ponytail is easy to make from long or short hair, and they, in turn, can be straight or wavy.

Several decades ago, it was problematic to make a magnificent ponytail from thin hair, but now hair is being introduced or grown into fine hair, the curls chosen in color, strands are given a volume in bulk and the desired result is obtained.

Of course, the owners of thick and lush hair is much easier, but there are no hopeless positions. In fashion, even the male style in the style of the tail.


  • Women prefer the ponytail
  • For the celebration - with the elegant ponytail
  • Long ponytails are also the male hairstyles of

Women prefer the pony tail

The ponytail is very popular, laid on any side. Treat the strands with any gel for styling, use forceps to create large waves, can be made wit

h a curling platter or on a thermobooth, then secure it in the occipital part and move it slightly to either side and fasten with an elastic band.

From the strands of the hair bundle, you can select a curl and tie the bottom of the beam to them, invisibly clamping the tip.

Locks on the top of the head, then increase the volume, and you can separate the parting to the nape and comb the occipital part, it will look good in any case.


Jessica Alba with tail

Very stylish look has a pony tail, located in the occipital area, in the rock style.

For this style, curl all the curls, pre-treat with a hair spray and take the curls in the forehead, lift off at the roots with a nap, smooth the comb with a comb, lift it in the tail, fasten it with an elastic band and work with varnish. If there is a bang, it should be combed and laid straight or on one side.

A beautiful pony tail can be made on the hair of a small length. On the wet roots of hair, apply the product, giving volume, dry with a hair dryer and slightly twist them.

Locks are gathered in a bundle between the neck and the back of the head and tied with an elastic band. Strands from the sides are fastened with hairpins.

Now in a fashion careless laying. In this style, the tail is done in 5 minutes. Suitable means to make the volume processed and dried, lifting the curls with your fingers.

Then, tilting the head alternately in different directions( you need to do them as though disheveled), designate the parting( better zigzag) and tie a low beam, not particularly tightening the elastic band so that it is free.


Tails on the side

Our grandmothers also made beams. Separating from the bundle of hair, weaving a braid and tying it around the bottom of the beam, fixing the tip under the braid.

Now women of fashion have diversified their hair, taking all the best from all over the world. To increase the volume on the crown of the head began to do so-called "reverse plait."

Locks are taken from the forehead, weave a braid, weaving strands not upward, but downwards, along the way, gripping individual strands from the frontal part. Such weaving gives volume and the image is attached by femininity.

The same pigtails are also made from two sides, it will be like a bezel, which is decorated with accessories.

Fix the tips of the braid to prevent them from being seen, hide it in the raised bundle, wrapping the string, and if the pigtail is long, then the pigtail.

Locks of ponytail can be made wavy, twisted into a bundle, make a bun, wrapped with ribbons, beads.


For the celebration - with the elegant ponytail

For coming out into the light for an open evening gorgeous dress with an open neckline fit very highly tied ponytail( see photo).

For its creation, it is necessary to comb the hair well, from which the hair is stretched, the roots at the back of the head should be combed and collected the entire mass of hair in the ponytail.

It remains to be treated with a shine. If possible, the ears should be regular in shape, not stand out. At the very bottom of the beam on the elastic band, attach a high barrette.

Variant of a tail with a fleece

"Princess" hair style will not take much time either. Locks curl with a curling plait, starting from the ears, pick up the upper strands in a bun, tie it carefully with an elastic band, and a hair clip.

Raise the tail of the bundle, comb, create a volume nap by the roots, as if constructing a "crown".

Very elegant from the side looks a smooth hairstyle with an elegant bunch tied at the very bottom of the head. All the hair must be treated with a remedy to give them a smoothness.

Frontal locks to lower forward, locks from the sides smoothly comb and tie, having secured invisible. The frontal strand scratch and, giving it a smoothness from above, cover the strands tied at the temples.

Then, at the bottom of the head, combine all the resulting strands into a bundle, and tie the tail of the tail with a string, the very tip of it being pressed with invisibility. This hairstyle gives the wearer a serious and intelligent look.

Smoothly combed locks, pretreated with means for smoothness, gather in a high on the crown of the ponytail and tighten with an elastic band.

As an ornament used beautiful fashion hair clips, bandages, ribbons. This hairstyle can often be done for secular parties, this is the style of Kim Kardashian( see photo).

Kim Kardashian

A slightly hairless hair-style on the basis of the tail-spike. On lightly moisturized hair, a remedy should be applied that will give them volume and dry so that the strands become fluffy.

Spread the strings on a straight even part( preferably, the forehead is not very high) and reinforce the tail behind the elastic band, just above the neck.

Then, at regular intervals, tie with ribbons or hairpins, stretch them slightly or give it a bulk, making artificial negligence.


At ceremonial events - graduation at school, wedding, anniversary - you can often see a woven from the forehead of a French beauty braid braided to the crown, or a Greek braid on one side.

The hair is raised in a dense ponytail and the strands of the bundle either curl into steep curls, or do braids of ordinary braids or fish tail braids and tie around the head in the shape of a crown.

And sometimes weave a thin, withered pigtail in the pony tail, and looks very elegant on the background of the strands of the beam.


In the last year, the corrugation in the curls came into vogue. Hair strands in the frontal part of the head are wound with a curl with a corrugated head and, curling, curls are raised in a pony tail, strands of it can also be twisted like corrugated, but with larger curls.

A hairstyle with an inverted tail is done quickly and beautifully. In the occipital part there is a non-small bundle, behind the elastic band is a hole in the strands and through it all the curls are stretched.

And if you make several such turns, until the length of the ringlets ends, you will get a very beautiful hairstyle. It must be carefully spread and varnished.


Long ponytails are also male hairdos

More and more you can see male horse tails. Men care about them and believe that they give them a share of romance. Men do not like to loose their hair and tie it in a ponytail.

Some nationalities make it their custom to make horse tails on their heads and to weave simple male braids, but now you can often see the unusual fishtail spit.

In fashion, now among the young men is the hairstyle "Mr. Boone".

In the area of ​​the crown of the head, the volume is set up and the tail is very tightly tied, and the wax is smoothly combed or shaved on the sides.

Against the background of a light "unshaven", such men's hairstyles are popular with women.

The "Undercut" hairstyle in avant-garde style, in which the focus is on the tail on the crown, is gaining its noteworthy attention.


Men with Tails

Musicians, many teenage hippies now wear dreadlocks - this is the style of rappers, mostly such men's hairstyles used to do in the US.

In the style of "grunge" young people wear a haircut "Iroquois", cutting a thin tail on the back of the head.

The ponytail is a multifunctional hairstyle, it will suit everyone due to its simplicity and with certain variations is suitable for home, street, and social events.