We take care of colored hair

  • Mar 12, 2018

If you are constantly changing, like your hair to become the light, the dark, or even red, in this case, we must not forget that caring for colored hair - it's the first thing you need to remember.

And not only to keep your leashes healthy and beautiful, but also for the sake of color preservation.

For whatever quality you do not use dyes, colored strands still exposed to harmful environmental factors begin to fade over time, and do not look as bright as in the first days after painting.

If you still do not believe that a discolouration can severely damage the condition of the hair, then recall that any coloration is a chemical reaction of the ingredients in the paint.

Every time you put a mixture on your hair, they experience a lot of stress.

Dyed hair

Afterwards, you notice how the curls, recently full of vital energy, become dry and lifeless, the process of stratification on the tips begins, and the creation of a hairstyle turns into a real test.

And if the color change can be made more

or less by the gentle method that is now offered in many beauty salons, then clarification, especially at home, remains the most dangerous for the health of the head of hearing procedure.

In addition, for blond hair requires even more careful care, since lightening very much dries the string.

The safest way to change your image is to make your hair red. This can be achieved with the help of natural henna.

Thus, you not only change the color, but also deliver to your locks all the necessary nutrients.

But red hair does not want to be everything, and there are so many shades that, whatever one may say, we still obey our desires and run to the salon to purchase an unusual hair color.

So, if you are the owner of colored or clarified curls, then learn how to take care of your own hair.

Otherwise you will soon need professional services to restore the former beauty.


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specialists Proper hair care after

staining In order to understand how to properly care for colored hair, you must first talk about the tools that you use every dayFor washing and styling.

Choose shampoos, balms and conditioners with the marks of producers "For colored hair".In the first days or even a few weeks after staining, wash your hair with shampoo, neutralizing the alkali, which is left in strands and on the skin.

Such shampoos imply a higher price, and they can often be bought only in salons. However, the result will not keep you waiting - the new color will finally fix on your hair, and the scalp will breathe a sigh of relief.

Please note that all hair type shampoos are no longer your option. Now the hair has become dyed, and inappropriate means will spoil all your efforts.

Professional tools

In addition, because of these funds, the paint will wash faster, so you will either need to go to the salon again for painting, or be satisfied with the tarnished strands.

It's best if you find a shampoo to tone your staining. In this case, the color will last longer, the curls will remain shiny, and you - content with yourself.

It is desirable that detergents and moisturizers are from the same manufacturer, only so they will successfully interact.

Ideal option is the use of shampoo and conditioner of the same brand as the paint to change the color of the hair.

For additional moistening of the tips of hair, which are especially strongly affected by harmful factors, it is necessary to use indelible conditioners.

They will reliably protect curls from frost, wind and the harmful effects of exhaust gases.

The main secret in the care of colored hair is their constant moisturizing. To do this, you need to purchase special masks, a variety of which can now be found in any store.

But do not seek to buy a cheap product. A good mask will effectively affect the condition of the scalp and hair, which will result in a lot of positive results.

Try not to dry your head with hot air. Switch the hair dryer to a cool mode or do not use it at all.

Painted strands have already experienced stress, so now the main thing is not to deprive them of moisture. This tip is also applicable to hair prone to dryness.

Do not rush to visit the pool immediately after staining in the cabin or at home. Water in such establishments is usually purified by chlorine, and this chemical component clearly does not benefit your locks.

But if refusal of swimming is unacceptable in your life, immediately after classes in the pool, wash your head with plain water, after moistening with balm or conditioner hair.


We care for the painted hair of the house

What does it involve care for colored hair at home?

Professional shampoo and balm, of course, can give the colored curls protection and care. But we do not always have the opportunity to use expensive means.

In this situation, masks prepared from products that can be found in the refrigerator will come to the rescue.

Take, for example, a chicken egg. Its protein contains many nutrients that are necessary not only for your body, but for your hair.

The easiest way to use this product is to pour 2-3 eggs on wet strands, to rub them thoroughly into the scalp and hair along the entire length.

After you wash the egg mixture, apply separately the yolk and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

If you beat the eggs with warm water into the foam, you will get an excellent stimulating mask. Blend the mixture over the scalp.

With strongly weakened hair, this procedure should be repeated three times. If the mixture is added a little citrus juice, then the effectiveness of the mask will increase.

Colored ringlets will be useful rinsing infusions of herbs, which are readily available in each pharmacy.

Simply brew the leaves of chamomile, celandine, yarrow and sage in boiling water and let it brew. With this infusion, do not forget to rinse your hair after washing.


The pharmacies also sell various therapeutic shampoos and balms, which contain soy proteins, oils, special vitamins and other moisturizers.

Take the time, read the reviews, consult with professionals. Thus, you will choose exactly the means that will help to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Do not forget about the intake of special vitamins, which are often not enough for the body. After all, problems with hair are often hidden in weakened immunity.

Therefore, do not neglect all possible ways to eradicate this deficiency. To make the hair healthy, they need vitamins A, E, soy lecithin, ginkgo biloba, polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and other useful biologically active substances.

Useful advice from specialists

So, we learned how to take care of colored hair at home. Now let's listen to the experts and try to follow their advice.

You are going to become the owner of a head of hear with dark, light or red hair - it does not matter.

If you decide to paint, then you just need to follow certain rules to enjoy the bright color and health of your ringlets longer than usual:

  • It is advisable to trim the tips monthly for a couple of centimeters. So you get rid of the dry tips and bring the overall look of the hair in order;
  • For the care of colored hair, purchase funds only with the appropriate marking;
  • Stop using the hair dryer;
  • Do not rub your wet hair with a towel with all your might;
  • Use quality combs;
  • Avoid using thermal tools for styling;
  • Direct sunlight adversely affects the color of your hair. Try to cover your head in the summer;
  • Try to dye your hair no more than twice a year.
Haircut tips

Changing habits for the sake of health and beauty of hair is not difficult, especially if you like to constantly change the image with the help of staining.

Let curls become light, red, dark, blue, red - your task remains only full-fledged care and nutrition.

Only then you will not be upset that for some reason an expensive procedure of dyeing was enough for only a month.

Take a little time, read useful tips and feedback, ask for help from a specialist. In this case, beauty does not require sacrifice, it simply asks for understanding and care.