We remove excess fat with Alanin shampoo for oily hair

  • Mar 13, 2018

Few people know that the excessive fatness of the head can be removed with the help of shampoo Aleran for oily hair.

But many people realize that beautiful healthy hair today is a luxury.

And they achieve it in various ways: from visiting expensive procedures to treatment with folk recipes at home.

In any case, hair care is a useful work, because, like the rest of the body, our locks need properly selected makeup, which will work wonders, and not produce exactly the opposite effect.

The most terrible consequence of excessive fatty hair often becomes their abundant prolapse. This can affect both women and men.

Greasy hair

And the explanation is simple: the hair follicles can not get enough oxygen, because the scalp, through which all useful substances come in, is too greasy.

The same excess fat greatly affects the condition of the hair: it thins it and makes it very weak.

In addition, heavy oily hair is quite a serious load for the roots.

Most often this problem occurs in adolescents wh

o are in the transition phase, but these same situations often happen to people at any age.

The right decision is to visit a doctor who will prescribe you a treatment for hair and scalp with really effective means.

But most often this moment is postponed for later.

After all, in modern cosmetology for a long time there are funds that quickly cope with a particular problem related to the health and appearance of the hair, they are sold in all stores.

While reading positive reviews about this or that cosmetic means, the girls bravely decide to fix all the shortcomings of their hair on their own.

In many cases, you should not do this, which can not be said about the use of Alanin shampoo for oily hair, which will suit every owner of fatty or combination hair that has encountered this problem.

What is the secret of this shampoo?

Properties of Alaran shampoo

Here it is worth telling about the most important substance in the shampoo of Aleran, which works for the beauty and health of your hair - pinacidil.

First and foremost, it is responsible for improving microcirculation, which promotes activation of hair follicle growth.

That is, in simple words, this shampoo causes your hair to become thicker by stopping abundant hair loss.

You will notice the first results within 2-3 weeks after the beginning of the course of treatment and will enjoy them for several more months.

Cosmetic product

After the hair treatment with this shampoo, the growth is significantly reduced, but the health of the scalp and hair as a whole will be significantly different from the initial one.

It is recommended to repeat the course of treatment two, sometimes three times a year.

The shampoo also includes useful vitamins and ingredients that have a soothing effect, give the locks a healthy shine, eliminate greasy and simultaneously moisturize the skin.

Horse chestnut, wormwood and sage, poppy extract, vitamin B5 - without all this shampoo action would not have been so effective, but the creators tried to include the maximum amount of medicinal ingredients in the composition.

Each of the components performs a specific task, which together gives the maximum effect in the treatment of the fatiness of the scalp:

  • Vitamin B5 moisturizes and restores damaged hairs;
  • Poppy seed extract will provide strength and shine to locks;
  • Sage and wormwood produce a soothing effect on the scalp;
  • Horse chestnut helps to accelerate growth;
  • Lecithin nourishes the hair;
  • Tea tree oil is a prophylaxis against dandruff;
  • Strengthening effect is achieved with the help of extracts of nettle and burdock.

It is best to consult an expert before starting the course of healing with Alanin shampoo.

The effect of the remedy will not be effective if the problems are related to improper diet, excessive use of improperly selected cosmetics, or as a result of side effects from taking potent medicines.

Shampoo composition

How to use Alaran shampoo correctly?

Studying the responses of people who used shampoo to treat hair and scalp, it can be noted that its daily use is possible.

This is especially true for those whose hair becomes greasy within a few hours of washing.

Shampoo is sold in 200 ml vials. Shake well before use.

Apply shampoo to damp hair and massage into the scalp until foam appears( 1-3 minutes is enough).Then rinse the head with water.


Especially effective effect is noticed when using the full complex of Aleran for oily hair, for example combined of "shampoo + balm" or "shampoo + spray."

The most correct solution is to start using Alaran shampoo already at the first signs of excessive fatty scalp.

Then you have all the chances to keep your strands, rid them of fat, and therefore, stop baldness in the early stages.

Among the benefits of this tool are the following: a democratic price, a pleasant smell, the effectiveness of the drug and, as mentioned earlier, the possibility of daily use.

In cases of intolerance to individual components, treatment with this shampoo should be ruled out. Side effects can be allergic reactions of a different nature.

Aleran shampoo is part of a series of grooming products for oily hair prone to fallout.

Therefore, you should not abandon the use of additional ways to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Manufacturers promise the most positive result when using the whole complex, following their recommendations.

Thanks to the right approach and the choice of a quality product, you will forever forget about the fat, thinning strands, getting in return beautiful, lively, shiny curls.

Carefully study all the recommendations and advice before taking them seriously.


Do not forget that the first step to successfully treating the problem of hair loss is a visit to a qualified specialist. Only he will be able to identify the real cause and prescribe an effective treatment for you.

Nevertheless, Aleran shampoo can be used at any age and at any intensity of loss as a preventive tool not only for fatty, but also combined hair.