What if the hemorrhoids burst, how to stop the blood?

  • Apr 24, 2018

What to do if the hemorrhoids burst If the hemorrhoids node has burst, then it is necessary to contact the proctologist as soon as possible. Without doing it on time, there is a risk of serious complications. The problem is that the bursting hemorrhoids is located in an accessible place for the development of infections. To avoid suppuration, it is important to carry out the wound treatment.

In a rare case, you have to resort to surgery.

So, if you have a burst of hemorrhoids, what should you do? How dangerous is this? Why did it burst? How to behave in the future, so that it does not happen again? Read about this in our article.

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  • 1 Causes that may cause hemorrhoids to burst
  • 2 What if I can not consult a doctor?
  • 3 Is it possible not to notice?
  • 4 Folk methods of treatment
  • 5 What to do, so that the knot does not burst again?

Causes due to which the hemorrhoids

  1. can burst. Because of frequent constipation, during the act of defecation the person is heavily stiff. As a conseque
    nce, the influx of blood increases, intra-abdominal pressure rises, so the cones are filled with blood and burst.
  2. Constant positioning also leads to this problem. Because of the arising stagnation, the nodes are heavily filled with blood, and then burst.
  3. Because of anal sex, the hemorrhoidal nodes are injured and subsequently begin to burst.
  4. Because of lifting weights and heavy physical exertion the knot can burst. Pregnant women for the same reason can happen the same thing.

It is possible to list the reasons for a long time, but it all comes down to mechanical damage or to an increased filling of the unit with blood.

What if I can not consult a doctor?

It happens that the hemorrhoids burst and blood goes, and a person can not visit the proctologist. In this case, it is necessary to take emergency measures to stop bleeding, and it can be profuse. Do not panic, there are ways to solve the problem.

  1. Cold can help in the fight against bleeding. Ice compress should be applied to the place of the burst hemorrhoids and hold for 15 minutes. It is important not to supercool the prianal zone, otherwise without the help of physicians will definitely not do.
  1. Chamomile flowers You can use baths with cool water( always boiled to prevent infection).Stop bleeding, remove the inflammatory process, remove the itching and ease the pain of the bath of tincture on medicinal herbs. To make such a medicine, you need to add 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of hot water:
  • chamomile;
  • yarrow;
  • calendula;
  • nettle.

Insist 15 minutes and refrigerate. To quickly cool the broth, you can close the lid with a lid and put it under cold water. Then you can proceed to the procedure. A bath should be done no more than 20 minutes. Repeat every 3 hours for 10 days.

  1. There is another good decoction that will help stop bleeding and help healing the wound. But it should be used with little bleeding. For the preparation of the following herbs( each 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water):
  • sage;
  • chamomile;
  • oak bark;
  • extract of valerian( you can use the root of valerian).

Stop bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids Add the herbs to the boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, then cool. With this broth, you can make compresses: moisten a cotton swab and apply to a sore spot. Hold for up to 30 minutes. Baths also help, they should be done no more than 15 minutes. In addition, that the broth stops bleeding, it also very well heals a bursting lump.

Necessarily after the bath, compress or cold lotion, you need to treat the wound with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. This will help to disinfect the site and avoid infection. Do not need a sore spot with iodine or greenery.

  1. If within an hour and a half after the manipulations the bleeding does not stop, then you need to apply a candle. In their composition must necessarily include two components: thrombin and adrenaline. Insert rectally. Such drugs stop bleeding due to vasoconstrictor properties, and additionally have an anesthetic effect.

Is it possible not to notice?

Can a hemorrhoids burst unnoticed? Such a question interests every patient. Do not notice this is difficult! The fact is that besides bleeding, the problem will be accompanied by very severe pain, which can not be tolerated. Therefore, the next step is anesthesia. The following preparations are used:

  • "Phenobarbital";
  • "Solpadein";
  • "Nurofen".

If the pain does not stop, then you can apply a stronger drug - "Nurofen plus."

What ointments should I use if I have hemorrhoids?

As soon as the bleeding stops, you will treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide, you need to apply the ointment to lubricate the bursting node. The following anti-inflammatory drugs are best:

  1. Levomekol with hemorrhoids "Levomekol";
  2. "Tetracycline ointment";
  3. "Heparin Ointment";
  4. "Ointment of Vishnevsky".

These drugs will perfectly remove the inflammation and will serve as a good addition to herbal therapy. Lubricate the affected area 3-5 times a day. Before each use of the drug, it is necessary to rinse the bleeding hemorrhoids with cool water and herbal decoction.

What can not be done?

In no case can not lift the gravity, it is necessary to exclude all physical activities. You can not sit, the best position is lying on your back or stomach. If you neglect the rules, then there is the risk of resumption of bleeding.

Folk methods of treatment

Traditional medicine is not a panacea, but some methods can serve as an excellent complement to treatment. There are means that can be taken inwards, they will not harm.

  1. Potato juice in freshly squeezed form is useful, it promotes healing of wounds and removes toxins. You need to drink it before meals half a cup, 3 times a day.
  2. Juice from carrots, lettuce and spinach will help to remove inflammation( useful for internal hemorrhoids).Drink ¾ cup 3 times daily before meals.
  3. Stratified cabbage kvasshennoy - take should be 1 glass 3 times a day, will help with bleeding.

When bleeding is stopped and all emergency measures are taken, you can use this method.

  1. In a liter of cold water add a few crystals of potassium permanganate. The time of the procedure is from 3 to 5 minutes. You can make baths in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Take the bark of oak - 5 teaspoons, horsetail field( grass) - 3 teaspoons;Field stalk( root) - 2 teaspoons, mix everything. Two tablespoons of herbal mixture add in a half-liter of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes. Cool to room temperature. You can make a bath for 10 minutes.
  3. Add a decoction of ayr root to a liter of water( 30 grams of aire for half a liter of water).The procedure should be carried out for 5-8 minutes.
  4. Mix 5 spoons of oak bark, 3 spoons of horse chestnut( seeds), chamomile( flowers), sage. Half a cup of collection pour 3 cups of boiling water. Infuse for 2 hours, then strain and dilute with water to a quantity of 2 liters.15 minutes to take a bath.
  5. 50 grams of dry bark of horse chestnut branches pour a liter of boiling water, infusing for 1 hour. Baths such are done within 10 minutes.
  6. Well remove the inflammation of this infusion: birch leaves( 100 grams) pour two liters of boiling water. To insist half an hour. Time of procedure - 15 minutes.

Baths with hemorrhoids To this therapy, doctors are very positive, since the baths do have useful properties: astringent, spasmolytic, spasmodic, antimicrobial, general anti-inflammatory. It is advisable to choose 1-2 prescriptions for the baths and carry out the procedure 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks.

What should I do if I have pus?

If the external hemorrhoids burst and pus appear, then it is necessary to visit the proctologist urgently. No independent action will not help. Pus is the exact sign of fistula or paraproctitis. These complications occur when infection occurs and infection. At home, the patient will not be able to identify the pathogen and prescribe the right antibiotic.

Therefore, visiting a doctor is the only way to get rid of the problem. With these complications, surgical intervention is possible to remove the fistula. Then you need to be very careful about defecation.

Paraproctitis in acute form is characterized by high fever, acute pain, severe deterioration of general condition. In this case, only the opening of the abscess in a hospital environment can help. You do not have to endure and lead to more serious worsening.

Do I need surgery?

I blew a hemorrhoids, how to stop the blood Rarely, but it happens that a bursting bump requires surgery. In addition to infection, this measure may be due to the severe form of hemorrhoids. This means that, in addition to the bursting cone, there are nodes that are also about to burst. In this case, it is better to agree to an operation and get rid of hemorrhoids at all. But first you need to cure the bloated knot.

It also happens that when a hemorrhoidal node ruptures, a hemorrhoids form with thrombi or clots. Because of this, the patient can experience very severe pain. Usually, the doctor makes a small incision and removes the thrombus, which results in pain reduction. But there is a time interval - only up to 5 days after the formation of the thrombus it is possible to make an incision, and after - it is already impossible.

If the patient has no improvements from conservative treatment, then surgery is also necessary. In the case of unceasing bleeding, the surgeon cuts out a tissue that contains blood vessels. The next day after the operation, you can go to an outpatient treatment. But it is important to comply with all the recommendations and conditions, since there is a risk that the cone of hemorrhoids will burst again.

How dangerous is it when a lump bursts?

It all depends on the behavior of the patient himself - if he is on time to be treated and does everything correctly, then there is no danger. The main thing in this matter is not to start a disease and make procedures on time, take drugs, use candles.

The issue of hygiene and treatment is also important. It is often necessary to wash and treat the wound. With correct actions, the patient will quickly recover.

What should I do if the node does not burst again?

To avoid such a nuisance, new episodes should be prevented.

  1. In order to quickly heal the tissues, it is necessary to use Candles and Proctozan ointments, Ourobin Ointment, Methyluracil and candles with sea buckthorn oil after the main therapy.
  1. To relieve tension in the nodes, reduce inflammation, reduce blood congestion - it is necessary to continue using "Troxevasin ointment", suppositories "Gepatrombin G" and "Nigepan".The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  1. In addition to drug prevention, it is necessary to strengthen the venous walls. This will help venenotics. These drugs favorably affect the venous walls and vessels - increase the tone, reduce the extensibility and stagnation of blood. If you apply the right drugs, then the site will not burst, but more than that - it will start to decrease.

The latest generation of venotonicks is Fleobodia 600 and Detralex. They need to be taken continuously for 2-3 months. If the cone still bursts, the course of admission is increased to three.

  1. But only the help of medicines is not enough. It is necessary to follow a diet. We must give up spicy, spicy food and alcohol. It is necessary to eat a lot of fiber - vegetables, fruits and cereals. And you should exclude everything that causes constipation.

Flebodia It is important to understand that even treatment with the best medicines and methods will help for a short while, if not to prevent the disease. A burst lump is always a risk of infection and infection, so all the doctor's recommendations must be followed.

Reviews for the treatment of burst hemorrhoids

Review No. 1

Hemorrhoids burst right on vacation. In this situation no one would be willing to be. The pain is severe, there was even a bleeding. Fortunately, not far home village - went there. Grandmother said that the best treatment is folk remedies. Said to sit in cold water with potassium permanganate for 2 minutes - to stop the blood flow.

Has mixed herbs: chamomile, valerian, propolis. I made a tincture and said to take a bath in this tincture. Baths took 10 minutes 2 times a day. I also constantly treated peroxide. With me, I always have an anesthetic - "Nurofen," and that's why they took off the pain. Just in case, knowing about his problem, always "Relief" and "Ointment Vishnevsky."Candles began to be inserted only after 10 days, and immediately used ointment several times a day. After 2 weeks, it all passed.

Egor, 37 years old - Krasnodar

Review No.2

Hemorrhoids burst( cone) - blood goes: what to do, how to stop Hemorrhoids began to bother after childbirth. I did not know what to save. And here he also burst! I did not know that it was possible. The pain is terrible. I went to the doctor. He said that you can treat outpatient.

Designated: cold compress with bleeding;"Phenobarbetal" in pain;Treatment 5-8 times a day with powder "Baniyotsin";"Tetracycline ointment" after each washing. The course of treatment is 10 days. To cease to cease somewhere in an hour. And the pain subsided from the second day. In general, a week later, I was already sick!

Яна, 28 years - Moscow