Step aerobics

  • Apr 24, 2018

If you want to bring your health back to normal in a short period of time, and the figure is in perfect order, then you should choose step-aerobics. What is the advantage of step aerobics before other types of fitness?

Everything is simple simple.

  • First, in one step of aerobics step, you can burn about 400 kcal( which is very inspiring).
  • Secondly, step-aerobics perfectly copes with fatty deposits on the hips and buttocks, since the main load is on them.
  • Thirdly, step aerobics gives a good cardio load, that is, you can make a good gift to your body, strengthening the cardiovascular system. And it also relieves stress, develops coordination of movement, is a good prevention of osteoporosis, normalizes arterial pressure, etc. But what is necessary for practicing step aerobics? Without wasting time, we proceed to the next chapter.

Step aerobics: the necessary attributes of

If you are going to attend a sports hall, then you will need only a sport form. Many skeptics will say that this

is a convention. But trust the experience, you need shortened trousers( long trousers can be hooked on the platform, and this is fraught with injury), you need a well-supporting chest bra( understandably why) and comfortable sneakers with foot support.

If you are going to do step-aerobics at home, you will have to acquire a special step-platform. The usual height of the step-platform is 15-30 centimeters, the width is 40-60 centimeters, the length varies from one meter to one and a half. They are sold in all sports stores, and are not very expensive. Homemade platforms are usually of poor quality and quite traumatic. Let's not save on our own health. You will also need a dumbbell( weighing no more than 2 kilograms) and a wide rubber band.

And lastly, for practicing step aerobics, you need rhythmic music. Not very fast, otherwise you will not have time to climb and descend from the platform, but not too slow.

Step aerobics for beginners

Step aerobics classes begin with a routine warm-up, end with slow stretches and breathing exercises( stretching exercises can be used).Beginners are recommended to practice step aerobics with minimal load, otherwise leg joints may suffer. Therefore, 30 minutes of training step aerobics for a start is quite enough.

Step aerobics exercises are not at all complicated, they include various variants of steps, lunges and jumps on the step-platform in combination with various dance movements and power load( sometimes with dumbbells).There are about 200 options for climbing and how to descend from the steppe. To increase the load step-platform rises, but beginners should choose only the lowest position of the platform. Time to overcome the "heights" comes only after a couple of months of constant training.

Basic steps of step-aerobics

The basic position in aerobics classes is a flat back, the head is high, the shoulders are straightened, the stomach and buttocks are retracted. Now you can start training step-aerobics.

  • We start with steps on the spot. After we walk already with the use of a step-platform. At the expense of the right foot on the platform, at the expense of two - left, at three - we lower the right foot to the floor, to the left four. This exercise is called the basic step. We do 4-8 times, repeat, starting with the left foot.
  • V-step. We put the feet of the foot on the step-platform widely( that is, we walk with the right foot to the right-most corner of the platform, the left one to the very left), we fall to the floor, starting with the right foot, the left one is placed side by side. Run, starting with the left foot.
  • We get on the step-platform with the right foot, we put the left foot on it, we go down to the floor starting from the left, then we put the right one. Repeat the exercises on the other leg.
  • We put on the step-platform slightly bent right leg, the left leg( also bent at the knee) pulls to the chest, lower the left to the floor, attach to it the right one. Do not forget to repeat the exercise on the other leg.
  • Variations of the same exercise can be such: the right foot on the step-platform, the left we make a swing back to the limit, after the left foot put on the floor and attach to it the right one.
  • Using the basic version of the steps, but the legs are flipped aside.
  • Step-touch. We stand left side to the step-platform. We put the left foot on the platform, the right one is raised only up to the touch with the step-platform, we lower the right foot to the floor, we put the left one to it. We repeat to the other side.

It remains only to add movements by hand, and between the steps to come up with simple bundles and we can assume that the initial course of step aerobics we have already mastered.