Choosing a shampoo for greasy hair

  • Mar 10, 2018

Shampoo for oily hair is a great invention that helps to prolong the freshness of the hair.

The greasy shine, which appears on the hair after a short time after washing, is a real aesthetic problem, only qualitative means can cope with it.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate the appearance of a greasy shine, however, it is quite possible to pull it off with modern deep-cleansing hair shampoos.

In order to choose the best shampoo for oily hair, which will suit your locks, it is worth reading this article.

It contains a rating of such shampoos and a few useful tips to help improve the condition of the hair.

Shampoos, which solve the problem of oily hair, have compositions enriched with zinc, tar or alcohol.

Choice of means

Please note: if your hair is greasy on the roots and dry on the tips, then it is not recommended to apply a remedy for the entire length of the hair. It can further dry the strands.

Fat shine at the roots - the enemy of beautiful styling. In order to start

the fight with the problem, you should find the reason for its appearance.

Increased secretion of skin secretion can be caused not only by hereditary predisposition and the type of skin with which a person was born, but also by improper diet or lifestyle.

To find out what exactly causes the fatness of hair roots in your case, it is worth going to a trichologist. He will conduct a series of tests and find out the causes of the problem.

In addition, the doctor can prescribe a special diet and prescribe therapeutic shampoos. They are sold in a pharmacy, have a beneficial effect on sore hair.


  • Six shampoos that fight fatty hair
  • Professional tools
  • Home remedies against hairiness of hair
    • Recipes of other home care products and products for the care of oily scalp
  • Dry shampoo

Six shampoos that fight with fatty hair

Below is the rating of availableShampoos, able to rid the locks of excess skin secretions. The comments that women leave about these remedies speak for themselves.

Natura Siberica. A non-sulphate shampoo enriched with artic raspberry juice and vitamin C.

Cleans well the hair roots from sebum, it does not contain any coloring agents that can irritate the scalp, and gives a good amount of curls.

This shampoo can be used to wash fine hair.


Desert Essence. Another shampoo, which contains organic ingredients. Extract of lemon and green tea dries the scalp, and aloe moisturizes the length of the hair.

Rating of good shampoos is unthinkable without a remedy with these active additives in the composition. Such care is great for thin and weak hair.

Any shampoo, which contains burdock oil, effectively cares for the scalp, stimulating the regeneration of skin cells. Suitable for fine hair.

Shauma 7 herbs. A remedy that will help to consolidate the effect achieved after applying strong cleansing shampoos.

Has a gentle composition, does not dry curls, suitable for fine hair, it is inexpensive.

Clean line. Shampoo with a marigold extract from a well-known company that supplies the packaging of its products with the label "phyto".

Unfortunately, in addition to natural ingredients, it contains a lot of chemistry. Therefore, it can not be called organic.

Harm does not bring it, because brand shampoos have been tested repeatedly before selling, and reviews of them are full of gratitude from girls who managed to overcome the problem of fatty shine.

Rating of shampoos is unthinkable and without one more useful ingredient - tar soap. It is a favorite tool of our great-grandmothers.

Tar soap

The only negative of this shampoo is a rather strong aroma of tar. The composition of the drug fights with a skin secret, which accumulates at the roots of the hair.

Sante. Unlike the previous remedy, the deeply cleansing shampoo of this brand has a pleasant aroma, it is inexpensive, and most importantly - gently cleanses the scalp from excessive secretion.

The main active ingredient of this shampoo is D-Panthenol, which is indicated for thin and dry tips.

Let's be honest: strands, fat at the roots, often end with them.

Green Mama. Shampoo with broths of currant and nettle has a pronounced soothing and regulating effect.

If you are the owner of thin and damaged hair, then you can choose a shampoo of this brand. It helps to fight the fatty shine of the head, enriched with yarrow extract and rose hips.

Shampoo has a pleasant aroma, does not dry the tips, but gently cleanses the scalp.


This rating was submitted in descriptive format. Girls who leave their feedback on the network, most often mention these means.

Which shampoo is right for you - it is not known, you should try different options and choose the most effective ones from them.

If you have found the ideal shampoo for oily hair, relying on this rating, it means that this article was published not in vain.

Professional tools

Do you want to find the complete set of products belonging to one brand for yourself? Address to the hairdresser or barber.

Masters who work in salons, know all about professional care, and will readily select for you suitable hair type.

Professional care is a great option for busy girls who do not have time for long procedures.

Shampoos, balms and serums, purchased from hairdressers, give a powerful cosmetic effect, which will immediately be noticeable even on severely damaged hair.

Russian salons use products of various brands, but the most famous products represented in them are shampoos, balms and styling products of Estel.

Cosmetic product

It is famous among the hairdressers of excellent quality and relatively low price.

Brand Estelle produces several shampoos for oily hair with zinc. Choose the best option among them you can both test the way, and after consulting with a hairdresser.

Master will make a comprehensive care, which will help get rid of excess sebum, once and for all to solve the problem of oily hair.

Home remedies against the fat content of hair

At home, you can make not only different masks, but also good cleansing shampoos for oily hair.

Recipes of such tools are simple in execution. The products and assets that you will use to make shampoos at home should be fresh and environmentally friendly.

We can not deny the fact that the usual mixes of products that can be bought in markets or in supermarkets work great against greasy shine, because they were used by more than one generation of women to solve this problem.


Universal shampoo, which can be prepared at home, consists of a base and active additives directed against certain drawbacks.

To create a base, you need a pair of glasses of mineral water without gas and half a glass of child hypoallergenic shampoo( such shampoos do not contain harmful substances).

Active ingredients save from excessive fat content of the roots and help to solve the problem of fine hair.

Among them:

  • juice and lemon peel;
  • dry pharmacy herbs( mint, lavender, parsley);
  • essential oils of cedar, tea tree and sage.

Cooking process: add a mixture of herbs to boiling water( four large spoons).The container with decoction should be removed from the fire and insisted for about half an hour.

Strain the broth, add 25 drops of essential oils, mix with shampoo.

Recipes for other home and oily scalp care products

The problem of thin and oily hair is familiar to many girls. Adjust the increased secretion of sebum and nourish strands of useful elements will help the usual yolk.

Before use, it must be beaten, the resulting foam applied to the roots and curls. Leave for 10 minutes, shaking his head with a towel.

Deep cleansing home shampoo for a very oily scalp can be prepared from a mixture of 100 grams of chopped baby soap that was filled with boiling water and completely dissolved in it, and 25 grams of medical alcohol or cologne.

Important! This shampoo can not be applied to the length of the hair, it is intended only for the purification of the roots.

A scrub based on rye bread not only cleanses the hair, but also nourishes them.

Recipes, for which it is prepared, diverge only in the addition of additional ingredients, the base has remained unchanged for more than one century.

A large piece of black bread should be soaked in warm water before the formation of gruel and applied to the roots of hair.

A little bit of salt can be added to the mixture to enhance the exfoliating effect of the product, or a few drops of essential oil suitable for oily hair.

To make the effect of this scrub more effective, it should be kept on the head for five minutes, while gently massaging the skin with your fingertips.


The easiest recipe, which removes the fat content of the roots: mix a tablespoon of mustard and a liter of boiling water. Decoction to cool, apply on roots, massage, rinse.

Another method that helps at home cleaning the scalp is not only from excess secretions, but also from the styling tools to create hairstyles: in a normal shampoo from the store you need to add two spoons of baking soda.

If you enrich this mixture with zinc in powder form from the pharmacy, the effect will be much more expressive. With the mixture obtained, massage the roots without dividing them by the length of the hair.

To make a rating of means which can be prepared at home is not entirely correct. They are not universal, but they fit a lot of people.

In any case, such shampoos will not harm the hair and scalp. The main thing - to prepare them, relying on recipes.

And remember: home shampoo can not be stored for long, because it is made without the use of preservatives.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo for oily hair - an ideal assistant in emergency situations.

For example, you have half an hour to collect, and your hair looks stale. Of course, you can wash and style your hair using the strongest mode of your hair dryer, but it surely will over-dry all the curls.

And you can use a wonderful tool - dry shampoo, which will make your hairstyle visually cleaner.


It is important to understand that this tool is not used for washing hair. Dry shampoo consists of the smallest particles that absorb excess skin secretions.

In order to refresh your hair, you should apply a small amount of the product to the roots, evenly distributing its quantity throughout the surface of hair growth.

Within a minute, beat the roots with your fingertips, and then carefully comb the remains of shampoo from the curls.

Rating of dry shampoos is not the first year headed by the American company Batist. The company produces hair products for several colors that suit both blondes and brunettes.

In the classical formula of a dry remedy there is no color pigment, because its surplus is so beautifully combed out of the hair.

Color separation was created only to expand the range of the company. The most popular format, in which such powders are produced - a spray bottle, the consumption of shampoo depends on the volume of the package and the density of the hair of the wearer.

Dry shampoos are real helpers for fine hair in all marching conditions. Another plus that this remedy possesses is the volume of hair after its use.

It appears due to the fact that the smallest particles of dry powder envelop the roots of thin hair, making them stronger and thicker.

The main active substance of a dry remedy is a single ingredient that is able to absorb the entire superfluous skin secret.

Often it is talc, but some luxury brands of dry shampoos add to their funds rice powder.

If you did not have a dry shampoo at hand, and you want to quickly refresh your hair, then use the usual baby powder from the pharmacy.


with skin secret curls on the roots of it copes no worse than expensive cosmetics, except that it is more difficult to distribute evenly through the hair.

In order to facilitate this exercise, you need to take a big fluffy powder brush, collect on it a little powder and light strokes gradually transferred to the roots and scalp.

Recipes for such hair products are not limited to talc alone.

For example, there is another version of the mixture with zinc and clay, which perfectly absorbs an extra secret from oily hair. It is prepared easily.

main thing - stick to the right balance of ingredients: two tablespoons of blue clay powder, a spoonful of ground zinc( sold in tablets, you can buy in a drugstore) and baking soda.

A good effect is produced by ordinary cereal flour, the main thing is to carefully comb it out of the hair.

All the usual and professional shampoos, as well as recipes of products that can be cooked at home, have positive reviews of many girls who successfully fight against the fatty shine of their hair.

Shampoo for such ringlets is really an effective tool that helps to get rid of the stated problems, the main thing is to use it according to the instructions and do not zealous with applying the composition to the length of the strands.

Choose what means to use, it's easier now, because you know everything about shampoo for oily hair.