How to care for porous hair?

  • Mar 13, 2018

Complex of measures for the care of porous hair, consists of the correct organization of the diet, limiting the thermal effects of the styling products, gentle washing process, the use of restoring lotions, serums and masks.

The most effective and curative in the care of porous hair are cosmetics made at home. Because their composition includes only natural products containing a large number of substances that promote the normalization of metabolic processes and which feed vitamins, proteins, proteins, carbohydrates and other essential elements.

Type of porous hair


  • Causes of porosity and care of damaged hair
  • Natural therapeutic masks
  • Recommendations for care

Causes of porosity and care of damaged hair

Porosity occurs when the cuticle - the top layer of hair is damaged.

In a normal state, the keratin scales forming the top layer are sufficiently closely adjacent to each other.

Under the influence of unfavorable factors from the outside, the scales disconnect, for

ming voids-pores.

Among the main reasons that stimulate the appearance of porosity, the following are distinguished:

  • incorrect and frequent staining;
  • regular use of funds for stowage with intensive thermal effects: hair dryers, plaques, tongs, ironing and others;
  • use of cosmetics with an abundance of aggressive components, for example, strong fixation varnishes;
  • use of metal combs and brushes;
  • combing wet strands;
  • irregular care;
  • long exposure to direct sunlight;
  • wash in hard water;
  • perm.

Care for damaged porous hair pursues the main goal - to reduce pores or fill them with natural ingredients.

A good aesthetic effect can be achieved if silicone, silk or keratin is present in the care products.

After using such a tool visually, the hair will look well-groomed, but the cause of the porosity will not be eliminated.

Proper care involves, first of all, systemic treatment, and after a health course - regular preventive measures.

Porosity of hair

The optimal and most effective solution is the use of masks manufactured at home.

Experts are sure that hair is a mirror of the state of the body.

Therefore, it is recommended to take care of health in general, from a balanced diet and ending with the use of medical products for hair.

The use of natural products in cosmetics is the shortest way to create an attractive appearance.

Wash the head is the key procedure included in the comprehensive care.

Reviews of women indicate that most of them carry out washing and styling almost daily, regardless of whether they have dry, fatty or normal hair.

Trichologists believe that it is not advisable to change the usual regime, however, it is necessary to analyze the composition of the used shampoos and balms.

Dry and damaged hair should not be handled with professional products containing aggressive ingredients.

After using shampoos, it is desirable to rinse with herbal decoction.

Natural therapeutic masks

Supporters of folk ways, recommend to remember the natural "shampoos" - eggs and kefir.

A well-mixed pair of eggs must be applied to the hair and kept until it dries completely.

Wash off without applying additional cosmetics and rinse with acetic solution( 1 tablespoon fruit vinegar per 1 liter of water).


Very effective for dry or porous hair and yogurt, however you should pay attention to its naturalness.

It is recommended that sour-milk products used in cosmetics be purchased on the market or manufactured independently.

In order that the sour smell does not appear after washing, it is necessary to rinse hair with herbal decoctions.

Reviews of women say that caring for your hair with eggs and kefir is not difficult, but the result exceeds all expectations.

Kefir and egg are products that are most useful for porous and dry curls. Therefore, they often enter into the composition of masks.

For example, the most popular recipe, which includes one yolk, 2 tbsp. L.Kefir and 1 tbsp. L.olive oil.


Reviews of women also say that burdock or coconut oil in the composition is effective.

For porous hair, almost all types of oil-based masks are perfectly suitable.

Hair can be dry, thin, curly, prone to brittleness, so the additional components depend on the aesthetic and therapeutic purpose, along with the restoration of the surface layer of hair.

Dry porous hair is subject to recovery and using a mask that includes linseed oil and glycerin. The proportion of components should be 3: 5, respectively.

The composition is rubbed into the roots and held for several hours, usually the mask is applied overnight. It is recommended to spend the treatment within two months.

This mask is not only curative, it instantly improves the appearance of the hairstyle.


Porous dry hair can be not only brittle, but also grow poorly.

To activate growth, various components are included in the mask, which improve blood circulation and stimulate the access of nutrients to the follicles.

The most popular cognac, vodka, honey, lemon juice. For example, a recipe for growth is very common, including vodka, burdock oil and lemon juice. The proportions should be equal.

Oil can be used any, or a mixture of different types. And vodka was replaced with cognac. A special role in the treatment is played by lemon: the abundance of vitamins in the fetus contributes to an accelerated recovery.

Care instructions

Recovery does not occur instantaneously. To carry out hair care, you need to apply moisturizing and nourishing masks for two to three months, this is the minimum course of treatment.

Subsequently, it is necessary to not forget about preventive measures and to develop a system for hair care, including the regular use of masks and other supportive means.

During the treatment period, it is desirable to avoid hair dyeing and intensive application of styling products.

In addition, it is not recommended to visit the bath, long exposure to sunlight.


Apply the mask to pre-moistened hair, preferably clean. Keep masks containing oils, you can for several hours.

Compositions with the inclusion of alcohol-containing substances must be washed off after 15-20 minutes or if there are signs of discomfort.

For a more effective exposure to the mask, the head must be covered with polyethylene film or a special headdress made of polymer materials.

Masks, including oils and honey, can be heated with a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes.

In this case, the head must be wrapped over the film with a towel or a wool hat.

Compositions containing eggs and fermented milk products do not accept high temperature conditions.

Proper care for porous types involves mandatory rinsing.

The most effective herbal decoctions or infusions, as well as acidified solutions, including fruit vinegar or lemon juice.

After washing, the hair should be only slightly soaked with a towel and allow them to dry naturally. Twisting, push-up is unacceptable actions.

Combing should be exceptionally gentle. It is necessary to choose soft combs, preferably brushes made of natural materials.

Do not touch the hair in a wet state, the process of creating a hairstyle should start at low humidity.

Care during treatment involves limiting the use of a hair dryer. If nevertheless such a necessity exists, then it is recommended to use cool modes.

Porous hair is subject to recovery and treatment, proper and regular care is a real way to health and beauty.