Thinness of haircut and hairdressing "cap"

  • Mar 13, 2018

The hair cap was at the peak of its popularity in the middle of the last century, but today the interest in this interesting haircut comes back again.

It received its name because of its characteristic shape visually reminiscent of the headdress. It is possible to make such a hairstyle on medium or long hair, or on short hair.


  • Features and fineness of execution
  • Variants and types of folding
  • Technique for performing

Features and fineness of the execution of

For every woman, her appearance plays an important role, and therefore the majority of the fair half of humanity are very fit for choosing a hairstyle.

Styling in the style of a cap is great for slender girls who have sophisticated faces.

This female hairdress came to us from the middle of the last century, but the modern version of its performance has some characteristic differences.

At the present time the cap has quite interesting geometric shapes, it is executed with asymmetry and different

cutting angles.

In addition, many women perform non-standard painting of this hairstyle, which allows them to appear before others in the original form.

Perhaps the main advantage of the cap is that it can be performed on medium and long hair, as well as on short hair.

This original female hairstyle is suitable for those girls who know their own worth and prefer to always stay in the spotlight.


Hairstyle Options

Currently, various variations of the cap are based on two basic types of this hairstyle, namely: strict classics and asymmetry.

Due to its rather interesting shape, this styling allows hair to look more volume.

The cap helps to make many physiological imperfections in the face form invisible, and, on the contrary, to emphasize more clearly the advantages.

To entrust its performance to the best professional masters who can intelligently choose the shape of the hairstyle.

It should be noted that the cap requires regular adjustments. In addition, the owner of this hairstyle will have to spend time every day to lay it.

Women's hairstyle in the style of a hat, in addition to its original and stylish appearance, also has a number of advantages.

First of all, it should be noted its high versatility. Hairstyle is easy to perform as for medium and long hair, and for short, but in each case it looks completely new.

Regardless of the type and structure of the curls, the hairstyle gives the hair an incredible volume, visually slightly increasing their density.

With daily laying, there is no need to produce or curl strands, which greatly simplifies the process itself.


Grooming the cap opens up unlimited possibilities for experiments. The same hairstyle can be laid in a variety of forms.

It is good for long and medium hair, it allows you to radically change your appearance. The best hat is done on thin strands.

In this case, the haircut looks as neat and attractive as possible. Stacking is well combined with various stylish accessories and ribbons, for example, a red bandage.

In any case, the hat is suitable for everyday wear, and for festive celebrations.

Variants and types of packing

For hairstyles in the style of a cap there are a lot of different variations of its execution.

Most often, women perform a classic version of the haircut, in which there are absolutely straight edges and filing.

In addition, due to the fact that today asymmetry has entered the fashion, the cap on medium, long, as well as rather short strands can be made in an unusual creative style, thus adjusting the shape and shape of the face.

This versatile hairstyle with different lengths of strands is enough stylish and interesting, and also a haircut made with uneven geometry( see photo)

Рваная "шапочка"

Effectively and truly stylish in a hat, different shades of hair are combined. In this case, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity prefer red paint.

Hair, painted with red paint and trimmed under the cap, is ideal for those girls who want to always stay in the spotlight.

With red paint, you can combine other bold shades, creating, thus, a fairly creative hairstyle.

The so-called double cap, which looks especially good on short strands, is especially popular recently.

In this case, in addition to the different lengths of the curls, two contrasting hues are used. In addition, the cap looks great, using bright colors( see photo).

Modern and stylish look a combination of light and dark tones. For a one-color painting, it is better to use red paint or chestnut overflow.

Hairstyle in the style of a cap is good because due to the game at different lengths of hair, you can effectively hide the physiological flaws of the exterior and, conversely, it is advantageous to allocate dignity.

In order for the hairstyle to always look neat and beautiful, you need to regularly visit the hair salon to adjust it.

Unusual cap coloring

The hairstyle is simple enough to fit into the home. In this case, it is enough to have at hand only a hair dryer and a comb of a necessarily round shape.

Most often, when laying, visually increase the volume of directly short curls, in turn, longer strands placed below are left straight.

In order to make the hat perfectly smooth, you should use ironing.

In this case, it will appear visually that the hair over the entire area of ​​the head is of exactly the same length.

A hairstyle in the style of a hat should always be complemented with a neatly laid bangs. For this hairstyle, the bangs can be laid in any style, depending on personal preferences.

Technique of performing

It is recommended to perform a fashionable and truly modern haircut in this style on medium, long, and short strands from professional masters.

Meanwhile, if you want and the right approach to the business, this haircut can be done on your own.

For its independent performance in the home at hand, there must necessarily be not only direct, but also special scissors designed for filing, as well as a comfortable comb.

Immediately before proceeding to the actual haircut, the curls should be lightly moistened and combed well from the top of the crown in the lower direction.

After that, the hair is divided into several separate parts using vertical and horizontal rotors.


Then the most extreme strands are gently combed in the ear, and an oblique cut is performed, thereby forming the temporal area.

All other locks are cut directly under the already trimmed. When performing the haircut, you should use the method of carving, while moving should be round-right.

At the final stage, carefully trimmed strands and carefully check the edging. If necessary, all identified shortcomings should be eliminated.

In the event that there is a desire to perform a cap in the creative version of execution, it is best to contact a professional master for help.

A large number of hair style variations in the style of the cap allows you to easily choose the right option for almost every woman.

This versatile hair style is suitable for both everyday wear and festive parties.


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