Special care for curly hair

  • Mar 13, 2018

Who, if not the owners of merry curls, knows that caring for curly hair requires a certain approach.

It would seem that it can happen to them? They themselves curl, they do not need to be stacked: the hairstyle is formed by itself without any effort. Curls can be cut less often, they do not see split ends.

To continue to talk about the benefits of curly locks can be long. But these are just guesses of those who do not have the luxury of curls.

In fact, any hair requires some effort to look beautiful and healthy every day.

Curly hair

What are the difficulties often encountered by the owners of curly hair? Yes, basically, with the same problems as girls with straight hair: brittle, dry at the ends, curls look lifeless.

But here it is still worth noting that wavy curls are often either soft and airy, or dry and very stiff.

In the first case, without laying, they look neglected, so, whatever one may say, they require the use of styling tools.

In the second case, it's still more difficult: ha

ve you ever tried to lay tight, naughty hair? You can not even try to do it without help.

In addition, curly locks are more predisposed to dryness, they need to be constantly moistened.

They are not as close to the head as straight hair, and accordingly, their contact with the fat layer is limited.

Curls react more strongly to various environmental factors.

Pay attention to the fact that throughout your life curls can change: straighten or begin to curl even more.

This can happen during hormonal changes with any woman. So do not worry if you suddenly notice that the curls are getting smaller. Everything will return to normal in the course of time.

And while you have a wonderful opportunity to give them a full-fledged care at home, and enjoy the beautiful strands.

How to care for curly hair?

Owners of straight hair, often with envy looking at curly beauties, think that caring for curly hair is much easier.

But to keep the curls so beautiful and healthy, you need to understand that this takes a lot of effort and time.

Therefore, let's figure out what is necessary to ensure that your hair is more often than you were pleased and did not give reasons for fantasies about straight hair.

To get started, get rid of all the shampoos that give volume. This is absolutely not the case, since curly hair is originally magnificent and certainly does not need additional volume.

Silicone in the composition of these products will significantly worsen the condition of the hair, making them brittle and brittle.


Get yourself a professional shampoo for curly hair. After the first application, you will feel the difference and notice how the strands come to life.

The same applies to the moisturizing balm: use the one that is designed for your hair type. Do not forget that additional moisturizing with curls is necessary just as the body water.

In modern stores you can find a huge number of complexes for the care of curls. If you are confused - contact a specialist, let him recommend you this or that brand.

Given its advice and feedback from consumers, you can safely buy yourself professional tools for full-fledged care at home.

The composition of professional products includes a large number of useful oils that can strengthen and maintain the texture of the hair.

Professional care

It is worth preparing for the fact that the cost of such funds will be much higher than those sold in the department of household chemicals. But for quality, you always need to overpay.

Do not forget to take care of your curls while they are wet. Do not rub the strands very much with a towel, just wrap their head and get a little wet.

Combing the strands follows a comb with sparse denticles, because all brushes with many bristles only tear and spoil the hair.

In addition, after combing with such a tool, the hair will not look bulky enough.

To ensure nutrition and moisturizing of curls, contact masks, use serums and emulsions. As for masks, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive brand of this remedy.

The variety of folk recipes from natural products is impressive, so that almost any nourishing mask you can cook yourself at home, it is enough to have the necessary ingredients at hand.

We offer you the most popular recipes for masks, which deserved positive feedback due to their effectiveness.

Banana mask. Soften the banana to a mushy condition, add a tablespoon of olive oil and sour cream. Spread evenly over the hair. After 20 minutes, wash the head with shampoo.

This recipe will help make the stitching obedient, improve their elasticity.

Mask from avocado. If you take 50 grams of vegetable oils( suitable olive, almond, sesame) and mixed with the pulp of avocado, you get a very nutritious and moisturizing mask.

Wear it on your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse with a shampoo.

Chocolate mask. Such a mask will definitely appeal to chocolate lovers. You need a tablespoon of jojoba oil, cocoa butter and a teaspoon of cognac.

Mix all the ingredients well and distribute them over a dry curl. Put a shower cap on your head and wait 15 minutes. After rinse off all with warm water.

Hair will be significantly moistened and will become more elastic.


Carrot mask. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to carrot juice, brew mint and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Apply the mask to clean strands.

This mask should be kept for 20 minutes.

Expert Advice After we learned how to care for curly hair, let's listen to expert reviews about what should or should not be done to create beautiful hairstyles and keep curls beautiful and healthy.

Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer, or make the airflow cold, in modern hair dryers there is such a function. Hot air dries very much the strands. And this applies not only to curly hair.

The use of straightening irons at home should only be carried out using a special thermal protection agent.

Get your hair on only in the proven salons, because of the cheap hairdresser you risk going out like a poodle.

To create a fashionable careless haircut, apply a little mousse on the dry curls and wrap the thick strands of the hairpins.

For a few minutes, warm the wound hair with a hairdryer, not bringing it too close to the hair. Let cool the curls and remove the papillot, hands giving the desired shape.

To curl less confused, immediately after washing comb them against hair growth.

If you are going to a party a-la 80's, then lay your curls with a spray for styling. To do this, apply spray, comb hair and fix with clamps.

Dry hair with a hair dryer, then gently remove the hairpins. Enthusiastic responses are assured to you!

By sticking to these tips and giving your curls the necessary care at home, you will forever lose the desire to have straight hair.

Understand, finally, that curls are a gift of fate, with such hair you will always be noticeable in the crowd.

They make you unlike everyone else, but is not it the most priceless? Just start to look after them properly, and success will not keep you waiting.