Yoga for weight loss

  • May 23, 2018

Yoga for weight loss is one of the surest ways to become slimmer, which also has many beneficial "side effects".Engaging in yoga gymnastics, you can quickly lose weight, gain harmony and flexibility.

Yoga for weight loss: how it works

Yoga for weight loss solves three main problems, because of which excess weight can arise: it improves the metabolism, gives the body necessary to our body the physical load on all muscle groups without exception, helps to refuse fast food andOther harmful food.

The metabolism is improved as follows. Yoga for weight loss includes cleaning exercises( shatkarms), which are lower, and also improves metabolism due to motor activity and due to deeper oxygen saturation of blood. Breathing exercises teach you how to use the entire volume of the lungs, over time, a person gets used to breathe deeply and does this not only in training, but also in everyday life.

Yoga for weight loss includes a set of gymnastic exercises that force different muscle groups to work, remov

ing fat and flabbiness from them. Yoga for weight loss makes the buttocks noticeably more elastic in just a few months of training. The complex of exercises can be selected individually - depending on what parts of the body need more study. In the first six months of regular training, weight is guaranteed to decrease, although some practitioners are starting to gain muscle mass fast enough. In this case, the weight does not decrease or even slightly increases, but the external appearance is still changing to the cardinally better side: problem areas lose weight, and the body looks stronger and dexterous. The ability to build muscle is also modeled: if you do not want to gain weight, your weight loss yoga should contain less strength exercises and more stretching exercises.

As for proper nutrition, yoga for weight loss stimulates practitioners to abandon harmful food simply in a fantastic way. None of the beginning yogis can explain how this happens, but yesterday we still wanted a cheeseburger and fried chicken wings, and today it already draws for lean fish and lettuce leaves. Really hard to believe, because yoga for weight loss - this is what you need to check for yourself.

Yoga for weight loss: useful gymnastics

Yoga for weight loss - it's almost any yoga gym complex that works exactly with your problem points. At the same time, any yoga exercise can be considered yoga for weight loss, since motor activity inevitably leads to the disappearance of extra pounds at the waist and other strategic parts of the body. Yoga is very different - there are many directions, schools, and even within the same school there are many sets of exercises. You should know a few points before choosing your version:

  • the harder the workout, the faster you lose weight and the sooner you enter a good sport form;
  • for people with weak health is not suitable hard yoga for weight loss, you should look for exercises that can be done half-heartedly;
  • if yoga for weight loss includes power elements( handholds, stops, etc.), the practitioner not only loses weight, but also gaining muscle mass. Yoga does not make you a bodybuilder, but it can increase biceps and triceps by a few centimeters, which frightens many women who seek leanness;
  • yoga for weight loss, based on stretch marks, will not lead to increased muscle mass, although it will help to lose weight and make the body more elastic;
  • if after training something hurts( krepature is not considered, as it is quite natural reaction of the body to unusual loads, the hot bath helps a lot) - some elements have been performed incorrectly.

Ideally, yoga for weight loss should begin with group or individual sessions with a certified trainer. At home, it is impossible to perform all the asanas( poses) correctly, even if you repeat after the instructor on the video. The deflection of your waist, chest, angles between different parts of your body and much more you can not see from the side, accordingly, you will not have the opportunity to compare your actions with the instructor's actions on the video. If the coach is present with you in the hall, he will be able to help perform all the asanas correctly, correct your mistakes and prevent injuries. Yoga for weight loss can have very serious health consequences if you systematically perform the exercises incorrectly. Therefore, do not experiment with the asanas and videos read on the Internet. Train at home can only those who have already received the basics of yoga for weight loss in training with a coach.

Therefore, in this text we will not list asanas of yoga for weight loss, except for one - very important. During breathing exercises, which will certainly be given before or after gymnastics, imagine your body the way you want it to be. Visualization also promotes weight loss, this is one of the many secrets that carries yoga for weight loss.