What to do with brittle hair?

  • Mar 15, 2018

Anyone who follows his appearance and wants to be always in shape is often asked at the appearance of the section, hair loss, brittle hair - what to do and who to contact for help?

Hair in many ways characterizes a person and fully reflects the general state of his health.

Most people, especially representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, start their day with hair care.

If they are healthy and well-groomed, then this everyday ritual takes a minimum of time and does not take a lot of effort.

How to break the hair

However, if the hair for any reason began to crack in all directions, it looks completely colorless and painful, moreover, besides it falls out, it's time to take urgent measures.

Unfortunately, dry brittle hair, which also has split ends, is the problem of many representatives of the beautiful half of mankind, to cope with which is not so simple.

What to do in the event that the hair has become disobedient, weak, and even drops out strongly, only the specialized doctor can accurately


In most cases, dry brittle hair with split ends is a sign that a person has health problems that need to be addressed urgently.

In some cases, it is possible to heal the split ends of the hair at home, but in any case, this problem should be treated responsibly.


  • The main causes of
  • Diagnostic order
  • Therapeutic therapy
  • Folk recipes

The main causes of

For many women the split ends of their hair is the problem they regularly encounter throughout their life.

The fact is that the main reason that the hair becomes dry and brittle is the wrong care.


Hair coloring, thermal styling, all kinds of stylings and varnishes very often lead to damage to the hair.

This happens, primarily because the thin hair rods are very dehydrated, dry and brittle.

However, if the hair is properly and properly maintained, but the tips are still cut off, and the hair is still falling out, there is an occasion to seriously think about and seek the help of specialized specialists.

The pathology, in which the hair becomes dry and brittle and has split ends, is called trichoclasis in specialists.

In order for a doctor to figure out what to do in each case, the patient must undergo a full medical examination, which will provide an opportunity to identify the main cause of the disease.

In fact, if the hair is properly maintained and is not affected by any damaging factors, there may be several causes of dryness and brittleness, and all of them are related to a decrease in the production of sebum in one way or another.

It is known that sebaceous glands are responsible for the production of sebum, and a decrease in the activity of their work can occur for various reasons.

Very often this is due to iron deficiency anemia, which develops due to poor and unbalanced nutrition.

Most of all, those people who are addicted to a variety of diets and do not eat meat are most affected.

Also lead to disruptions in the sebaceous glands can stomach or intestinal diseases, because in this case the body begins to poorly absorb all kinds of trace elements that enter into it with food.


Very often the cause is some parasitic diseases, as well as the newly discovered foci of chronic infections, for example, dental caries.

Failures in the work of the sebaceous glands occur due to various kidney diseases, as well as a disease such as tuberculosis.

Blame for everything can become fungal diseases of the skin, in which the microcirculation of cells in the root system is disturbed.

Diagnostic procedure

The appearance of brittle hair can be explained by smoking and alcohol abuse.

Friability may appear as a result of a long stay in direct sunlight without a headdress, and after bathing in sea water without a special cap.

Broken damaged tips of the hair cover are observed in those who do not wear a hat in winter, as well as in people who are constantly in a stressed state and experience overwork.

To find out the exact cause of hair problems, as a result of which they become dry and brittle, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialized specialist who will prescribe the appropriate medical examination.

In the event that the diagnosis of trichoclasia is confirmed, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist-trichologist.

This specialist will, if necessary, refer to the spectral analysis of the hairline.

This diagnostic study makes it possible to very accurately determine what exactly the body lacks.

In order to do a spectral analysis, the doctor shaves off from the patient's head several problem ringlets from different areas of the hairline.

Then the hair is carefully examined using a special spectrometer, after which the final diagnosis is made.

In this study, a specialist can clearly see how the mineral metabolism in the hair structure is carried out, which micronutrients are missing and which, on the contrary, are present in a very high concentration.

The results of this study enable the treating physician to identify the main cause of the appearance of brittleness and choose the appropriate treatment.


If at the same time as brittle hair falls out strongly, then most likely, it will be necessary to make additional tests.

Often the cause of brittle hair becomes external factors, and in this case, you can cure thin and dry hair at home using both special cosmetic products and some folk recipes.

In this case, with the right approach to the healing process, the hairline will become stronger, and the split ends will disappear.

Treatment Therapy

If the problem of brittle hair is severe enough, then the appropriate therapy should be conducted under the supervision of a specialized specialist.

The doctor after careful examination of all relevant studies and on the basis of an external examination is a complex of therapeutic measures that will help cope with dry and brittle hair.

In most cases, a person whose hair has become brittle and drop out, prescribes a special vitamin therapy, and adjusts a certain diet and selects nutritional medical cosmetics.


If hair falls out strongly enough and their increased fragility is observed, then some groups of vitamins, as well as iron-containing preparations can be injected intramuscularly.

Very useful with a strong brittle hair coat diet, which is based on vegetables, fresh herbs, as well as protein products.

It is impossible to adhere to any hard diets in the treatment of severe brittle hair, especially those that are aimed mainly at losing weight.

During this period, you can not do those actions that can cause some harm to health.

So, it is recommended to completely abandon the use of coffee and alcoholic beverages, as well as from smoking.

Dry hair and split ends should be treated with a plentiful intake of various mineral waters, in addition, it is undesirable to stay in dry spaces for a long time.

Most trichologists during the treatment period recommend a little shave the thin ends of brittle hair, especially if they fall out strongly.

Also experts advise in this period to carefully choose cosmetics for hair care.

It is necessary to use only those cosmetics, which include only natural ingredients.

Cosmetics against dry and brittle hair should include keratin, which restores fine hair and is very useful for their internal structure.

It is also desirable to use cosmetics in which, in certain amounts, trisaccharides of seaweed are contained.


This element very effectively prevents the spread of brittleness and dryness.

Shampoos and lotions should be rich in vitamin content and other nutritional components that will help solve the underlying problem.

Also, if the hair is brittle and dry, it is recommended to do a special head massage.

Folk recipes

Thin, dry and brittle hair, the tips of which are severely cut, can be cured at home using some recipes.

In this case, it is recommended to regularly make oil masks, which very well nourish brittle and weakened hair.

If you constantly make such nourishing masks, then the hair quickly gets rid of dryness and acquires a healthy appearance.

Special attention should be paid to such natural oils as burdock, castor, olive, and also argan oil.

These healing oils should be applied after each head wash until hair is not brittle.

It is also extremely useful to make a mask made from dry rye bread, kefir and egg yolk with brittle hair.


These ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and applied to brittle hair instead of shampoo.

In the treatment of brittle hair, it is extremely useful to use a variety of clay masks with the addition of dry yeast.

If the hair has lost its natural appeal, and the hair has become brittle and dry, appropriate treatment should be started immediately.

To cope with this problem with the right approach to business it is possible and at home. The main thing is to strictly observe all the recommendations of the attending physician.