Come up with a beautiful hairstyle for the New Year

  • Mar 15, 2018

To ensure that your image on a festive night looked finished and attracted admiring glances, you should definitely consider the options for a beautiful hairstyle for the New Year 2015-2016 and choose the one that will adequately emphasize you and your outfit.

Despite how long your hair is: short, long or medium, you will always be able to choose a beautiful hairstyle that you do not need to do in the salon.

With the detailed instructions in this article, you will perfectly cope with the task at home. And you can create unique images with your own hands, guided by photos and video materials.


  • Hairstyles for long hair
  • Hairstyles for medium hair
  • Hair styling for short hair

Hairstyles for long hair

The most fascinating New Year's hairstyles are made for long curls that you can simply turn on curlers and already get a full image of the "New Year's Princess".

However, if you put a little effort, imagination and fashion accessories, even the simplest ways of

laying at home can turn into truly evening hairstyles.


Ornaments for hairstyles

Let's start with a direct parting. It would seem that it can be elegant in such a style for the New Year? In principle, nothing.

Just a minute you can make yourself a direct parting, fixing it with any styling means.

Next come beautiful hair clips and ribbons, which will become a decoration of your New Year's hair.

Decorate your hair with beads, flowers, shining diadem( see photo above).Then even the most simple laying on the New Year will look quite different.

A beautiful hairstyle can also be made on the basis of an ordinary horse tail.


Despite the fact that this hairstyle is quite ordinary and is an everyday option for most girls, the ponytail can perfectly fit into your chosen image for the New Year and be an excellent addition to your evening gown.

There are quite a lot of variations of creating a tail. Take at least the one where the base of the tail is wrapped in its own hair.

And if the ends curl with a curling iron or iron, fix everything with varnish and sprinkle with sequins, then your hairstyle for the celebration of the New 2016 will be ready in just a few minutes!


Decoration of the tail

If you do not want to do your hair for yourself with the New Year, then contact the beauty salon where a qualified specialist will make a festive hairstyle.

However, keep in mind that you need to sign up to a stylist long before the New Year.

If you did not manage to do this, then your attention is offered video lessons, which detail how to make here or another hairstyle on long hair at home.


Hairstyles for medium hair

On medium hair, you can also make simple styling and New Year's hairstyles with your own hands.

For this, you just need to prepare in advance: get a curling iron or iron, hair spray, as well as additional accessories, which will be the final touch when creating a holiday hairstyle for the New Year.

The simplest thing you can do with medium-length hair is to curl them with large hair curlers or a curling iron with a wide nozzle to make the curls large and bulky.

For this, you can go to bed with wet hair, curled on curlers, or after washing your head before the triumph yourself, twist them and fix with a hair spray.


Among fashionistas, we should note the laying of curly ringlets on the side.

This hairstyle does not require stylist skills for exercising at home, but it looks very stylish and perfectly matches with the evening toilet chosen for the New Year.

Another holiday version of the New Year's hair can be a scythe in any of its manifestations.

To date, there are so many weaves that it's impossible to enumerate everything.

The following lessons will teach you to braid beautiful pigtails with your own hands, and you will only have to decorate them with shiny accessories that are ideal for celebrating the New Year 2016.


Another popular hairdo for medium hair, which will be an excellent addition to your holiday image for the New Year is the chignon.

This laying comes from France and implies the collected hair on the back of the head.

To quickly make such a hairstyle, you need to perform only a few steps:

  • Divide all the locks into two equal parts;
  • Each strand is gathered in a ponytail on the back of the head and fixed with an invisible rubber band;
  • Next, take each tail in turn and twist into a bundle;
  • We fix in such a way that the tail base is not visible. We use for this purpose invisibles or hairpins;
  • Try to twist the tails so that the bunches are located close to each other, and the hair looked like a single whole;
  • You can release a few strands from the front of the head to face the face. The bangs can be twisted or, conversely, straightened with an iron;
  • Decorate your hair with a diadem or stylish hairpins with beads and flowers. Your image of the Snow Queen is ready!


Styling for short hair

Christmas hairstyles 2015-2016 can also be made for short hair. So do not worry if you can not braid yourself with romantic braids or make a beautiful fluffy tail.

On short haircuts well get styling in the style of the 20s, as well as feminine smooth hairstyles.


Beautifully look simple laying with a rim or diadem. To do this, you just need to pick up a beautiful bezel with shiny stones and beads.

Anyway, New Year's hair on short hair is easy to make. After all, the haircut itself is already, what no, and hair, especially if it is properly laid and shaped.


Ornaments on short hair

Modern stylists and hairdressers know a lot about this business, so if you contact professionals, you will undoubtedly get an unsurpassed result.

Remember that in one motion, stacking can turn you into a cocky girl or, conversely, feminine person.

Everything depends only on your desires and festive attire, in which you will shine at the celebration of the New 2016.


Festive hairstyles

To make a beautiful styling on short hair you will be helped by a hair dryer, a hairbrush, styling products and a bit of dexterity:

  • Wet your hair with a round brush at the roots and blow dry until completely dry;
  • To fix the volume obtained, pre-treat the strands with mousse or foam;
  • After all the hair has dried, take the hair wax and treat it with the tips of the hair;
  • Try not to capture a large area, and limit yourself to only a couple of centimeters from the end;
  • Place the hair with your hands as you wish, and fix the entire hair style with hairspray. For the New Year's party, a varnish with sparkles is suitable;
  • This hairstyle is done quickly and simply, but looks always festive and neat.


In addition to that, it is possible to create creative Christmas decorations on short hair, they can also be given beautiful shades, make highlights or completely change the hair color for a festive night.

After all, short hair will always grow back faster than long curls, and, therefore, such sacrifices for the sake of a beautiful New Year's hair can quickly be remedied by a new short haircut.

But this approach is likely to suit bold girls who are not afraid of change and are ready for various experiments.

New-year styling can be chosen for hair of any length. You only need to decide on the outfit and choose the appropriate make-up.

And you can make a hairdress in just a few minutes, in which you will be helped by numerous videos and expert advice.