Create a light hairstyle to yourself in 5 minutes

  • Mar 16, 2018

schoolgirls, female students and women of modern times a bit, so they like to make easy hairstyles themselves for 5 minutes.

Such hairstyles are not limited to tails. In a fairly short period of time, you can create both braids and beams.


  • Unusual elegant tails and greased back hair
  • Graceful beams
  • simple weaving

Unusual elegant tails and greased back hair

fashionistas interested in inside-tail, the creation of which takes no more than three minutes. It is suitable for every day and for special occasions. But, preparing for the holiday, the strands of this tail are specially curled.

First the girl should properly comb her hair, and then collect the strands in the tail at the bottom of the head. It must be slightly weakened. Then

of gum should be done between the strands of the hole and pull the tail through her hair. The final touch is the decoration of the turned tail with a bright barrette.


Quick hairstyles with tails

With the creation of the tail, the exec

ution of another hairstyle begins. It is considered very fashionable and luxurious.

The first thing you need to comb your hair and slightly moisten the strands.

Then all the hair is taken to the tail and divided into three parts. Each part of hair is divided into two, which are twisted into one bundle.

The result is three dense bundles. They need to be assembled together and tightened with an elastic band. Girls can decorate the tail with a bow.

Both schoolgirls and grown-up girls will be approached by a tail of bubbles. To make it, you need to stock up with a lot of gum and have only five minutes left.

First, the hair is collected in the tail at the bottom of the head, tighten it with an elastic band. For five centimeters below again put on an elastic band. Thus, the tail will be decorated with 5-7 elastic bands, depending on the length of the curls.


While putting on each rubber band, you need to make bubbles. For this, the hair in the gaps between the elastic bands is slightly stretched to the sides.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the tail, it is very stylish hairstyle for every day. This is a very beautiful hairstyle for fashion girls and girls.

And thanks to this hairstyle as a fleece, a head of hair, you can make a good amount of even the next day after washing hair. Therefore, the popularity of fleece does not diminish.

To scratch your hair, a varnish, a few invisible and scallops are useful. First of all, the head of hear needs to be treated with foam that creates volume. Then

should seize the strands on his head and comb their comb at the roots, moving them up and down. Now the combed strands can be lowered and covered with hair from above.


The prepared roller must be carefully combed. At the bottom of the roller must be fixed by invisible. Strip is better to comb on the side.

Together with the fleece, you can create a fluffy beam. The first thing to do is to separate the hair from the head with a lock of hair.

Temporarily tighten it with an elastic band. The free part of the hair on the nape should be raised by comb and combed.

Strand at the forehead, fixed with elastic, it's time to release. It must be divided into two parts and taken away from the ears.

Hair pulled back, you need to smooth and turn into a bundle. The finished bundle must be fixed with invisible devices and a pair of pins.


Graceful bundles of

You can easily and easily make simple and beautiful bundles. The main principle of their creation is to wrap strands inside.

To quickly put the head of hair, collect a standard tail, fixed by a small rubber band. It should be invisible.

The tail has to be slightly weakened. Then, through the middle of the weakened base of the tail, loose strands must be passed.

Then all the hair is twisted like a coil. To make this easier, the strands can be wound on the finger.


The result is an elegant beam. For its good fixation, use the studs.

A bit more complicated in the performance of a woven bundle. But if the girl is trained, then she will spend only five minutes creating it.

This bundle is universal, so you can confidently do it for any event and every weekday.

First of all, the hair is removed in the tail at the back of the head. Then all the strands are twisted into one tight tourniquet, which is wrapped around the base of the tail. Due to the bundle, the beam looks bulky.

To create another light beautiful hairstyle from the beam, you will need a chignon. With its help you can quickly prepare for a date or for work.

You just need to put a rubber band on the top of the chignon and form a bundle, fixing the ends of the hair with invisible objects.


Now many girls collect hair in the form of a bow. If a woman does it, she will look like a young mischievous girl.

Every girl can do a bang of hair herself. First you need to collect the tail at the top of the head.

But tightening the hair with a rubber band for the last time, you need to create a big loop. From it, and will form a "bow".

The loop is divided into two small loops, between which the tip of the tail is placed. Then this end is wound around the base of the "bow".The last step - fixing the "bow" invisible.

From time to time, a girl can make a styling, like a Greek. Here you will not need a special bandage or a hoop. Styling is performed on the hair, which is shorter than the shoulder blades.


The shag should be washed and thoroughly dried with a hairdryer, creating a radical volume. Some strands can be curled with a cylindrical comb.

Then you need to separate from each temple according to the string and make them harnesses. They should be bandaged together with an elastic band in the middle of the head. The elastic should match the tone of the hair.

Then through the connected bundles it will be necessary to gradually pass all the hair, taking one thin string. The created beam must be varnished.

Simple weaving

The variant with weaving will be more pleasant for teenagers who try to stand out from the crowd. This beautiful hairstyle is created on the basis of a simple tail, so it is perfect for every day.

From the top of the tail you need to take one knot and begin to weave a thin braid out of it. Finished pigtail is necessary to wrap the elastic band, the tip is to hide and grab invisible.

After that, take another strand and weave the braid again. But in the process of its weaving it is necessary to grab free hair from the tail.

Simple and elegant weaving

This pigtail should be weave, moving diagonally( from right to left).As soon as the weaving reaches the wrong side of the tail, it will be possible to weave a standard braid.

Woven braids wrap around loose hair so that it is located below the first.

Then weave new braids, also weaving free strands in them. As a result, the tail to the tips will be decorated with an interesting weaving.

Only 5 minutes will weave a romantic loose braid with fleece. To make it three-dimensional, the hair should be clean.

It is preliminary necessary to separate the hair from the forehead from the hair.

All other locks must be combed at the roots with a comb with frequent teeth. The resultant roller should be carefully smoothed, but not pressed to the head.


Then the harnesses of the front strips must be put back in their place and made from them and other hair by a scythe.

To make it look lush, it is recommended that it be slightly trimmed, pulling the loops to the sides. If the girl has a bang, it is also worth combing. The top of the head is desirable to cover with varnish.

Another option for every day with weaving is a braid, which begins to weave from the top of the head. But it is not located directly, but diagonally.

The first thing to do is to remove all the interfering strands from the forehead, catching them on the top of the head with a pair of invisible ones.

In doing so, you need to create a small elevation. On the one hand, it is necessary to take three small strands for braiding the French braid.

After you have a French pigtail ready, you can curl your hair or put it in the tail.

With the help of such hairstyles for everyday you can get rid of the braces, which constantly fall on the face and stick around the ears.

The result, which took no more than five minutes, it is desirable to decorate the barrette with a flower or large invisible.