Cut the ends of long hair with an angle. Instruction and practical advice

  • Jun 02, 2018

Many believe that it is not necessary to cut long hair at all, they can be beautiful in themselves. This opinion is erroneous.

resort to professional help is recommended, not only in the event that you need to make a haircut or hairstyle evening, but for sostriganiya split ends. In this case, you can use not only a smooth cut, but also an angle.

You can trim the ends of long hair with an angle both in the cabin and on your own. To do this, you will need a set of special tools and detailed instructions.

1 Basic rules of haircut at home

  • 2 Set of haircutting tools
  • 3 How to cut hair angle: step by step guide
  • 4 How to make a haircut "fox tail "at home
  • 5 Haircut angle using termonozhnits: instruction
  • 6 How to care for hair cut angle
  • 7 professional advice: As a ruleLong hair cut
  • 8 Useful videos for long hair cuts
  • Basic rules for hair cutting at home

    Not every haircut requires a visit to the hairdresser. Self-haircut hair tips will help renew the curls between trips t

    o the beauty salon. In addition, you can significantly save money.

    However, we should not forget that in the event of unsuccessful results have to correct uneven haircut at the barber. Therefore, it is recommended to start with a short length.

    Cut the ends of long hair with an angle. Instruction and practical advice

    How to trim the ends of long hair angle to achieve a good result, it needs to follow a few rules:

    1. should be available only for special cutting scissors. If you use ordinary scissors, they will only spoil the tips, and will soon lead to a section. You can make a similar purchase in a specialized store.
    2. You need to cut the hair strictly perpendicular. Since you can not cut the ends of long hair in exactly the same way. Such tips will be stronger than those that are cut diagonally.
    3. You need to cut the hair a little higher than the cross-section. So you can achieve an absolutely healthy kind of hair. It is enough to retreat only 0.5-1 cm.
    4. Blond hair is best cut on a dark background, and vice versa.

    set of tools for cutting hair

    As it turns out, to cut the ends of even the longest hair angle, require a minimum set of tools. Of course, you can not do without a mirror, clamps and pins.

    Name Description
    1. Scissors only need professional sharp device, which is not tearing your hair, and cuts themsmoothly and safely
    2. Bottle spray As you know, cut the ends of short and long hair angle is much easier when they are wet. Bottle spray will need to moisturize the hair ends
    3. Hair conditioner means necessary for easier combing and shearing
    4. Comb is advisable to choose a comb with fineWith teeth

    It is much easier and more pleasant to work with unblocked and damp hair. It is best to keep the bottle-sprayer close to you, if hair dries up during the haircut, they need to be moistened.

    How to cut hair by angle: step by step guide

    It's not likely to cut hair exactly on its own, so it's best to cut a corner. In most cases, experts recommend performing a multi-layered haircut, because just aligning the ends with an angle is not ideal.

    So, a step-by-step instruction on how to trim the ends of long hair with an angle:

    • First you need to prepare the basic tools.
    • It is worth determining what kind of haircut is planned: wet or dry.
    • Wet hair is best washed with shampoo, apply balm, wash off and wrap the hair with a towel.
    Cut the ends of long hair with an angle. Instruction and practical advice How to trim the ends of long hair with an angle: step by step instruction
    • You should try to cut a little less than planned to avoid unpleasant consequences.
    • Preliminary hair combs, it is desirable to align them with ironing.
    • Need to collect the curls in the tail, choose the thickest and longest strands and cut off 1-2 cm, it is for this strand that you need to be equaled further.
    • Clear borders can be removed with the help of thinning scissors.
    • The tail dissolves, is cleaned of small hairs and well combed.

    Some experts are convinced that it is much easier to cut the ends of long hair, without moistening them, because then the final result is noticeable at once, and wet hair after drying will become much shorter. Not having a certain experience, you can cut more than necessary.

    The technique of leveling the ends of the hair with an angle can be performed in two versions:

    1. In the first case, the cascade is performed only at the tips. The length of the hair does not change, the hair simply needs to be trimmed in the form of the letter V. The shortest hair remains on the sides.
    2. In the second case, the calibration must be carried out along the entire length. Such a cut is considered to be the most smooth, it looks multistage.

    Regardless of which option to prefer, this haircut will resemble a pointed fox tail.

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    How to make a haircut "Fox's tail" at home

    Haircut is named because of its visual similarity to a real fox tail. In this case, the tips of the hair are aligned with the letter V. The more magnificent and obedient the hair, the better the haircut will be.

    Many people think that this type of haircut is suitable only for girls with long hair to the waist, but the haircut angle looks great and hair of medium length.

    Such a haircut can be performed as follows:

    Cut the ends of long hair with an angle. Instruction and practical advice

    1. First, prepare the hair, wash and comb.
    2. Hair is thrown forward so that they can be seen.
    3. Professional scissors need to begin shaping the future tail smoothly along the arc first from one side, then the other. At the same time, the scissors are held vertically.
    4. The longest strands should be centered, but short at the sides.
    5. Missed hairs are cut at the end of the haircut.
    6. Then they toss the hair back and work out the short curls that have turned out on the face. They can be made more pronounced or shortened.

    Owners of curly hair need to be especially careful, after drying curls curl will look much shorter, so it is recommended to cut a short length.

    Hair cutting with angle using thermodrills: instruction

    Hair cutting( both long and shorter) with hot scissors can be carried out both in the cabin and at home, the main thing is to purchase a professional tool. To carry out the haircut, all previously mentioned devices will be needed.

    Haircut is performed as follows:

    1. Hair should be washed, apply indelible balm.
    2. Use a comb with small teeth to comb the damp hair well.
    3. Haircut is performed in the same way as with conventional scissors( the main steps are described above).
    4. It is worthwhile to closely monitor your hair, you need to work scissors quickly, as they heat up to a high temperature.
    5. After cutting, the hair is combed, dried with a hair dryer.
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    Such a haircut does not hurt the hair. When cutting, each hair is melted, thanks to this the tip of the curls is sealed, and the structure remains untouched. Hair instantly melt and then cool down.

    How to care for hair, cut-off angle

    Care for hair cut at home, no different from the usual hair care. In order for the curls to be healthy, shiny, and silky, several conditions must be observed:

    1. It is important to choose the right shampoo for the hair, and every time after its use, apply a nourishing balm.
    2. It is necessary to try to avoid new damages, for example, it is better to dry hair naturally, without using a hair dryer. Various dressings and ironing are rarely used, for example, to create an evening hairstyle.
    3. For damp hair, you must regularly apply indelible balm, spray or special medical oil.
    4. It is desirable 1-2 times a week to use a nutritious regenerating mask. It should be kept on the hair for about an hour.
    5. Hair should be carefully combed without making sudden movements.

    Cut the ends of long hair with an angle. Instruction and practical advice

    The installation of such a haircut is practically the same as laying the hair with an even cut line. You can use the classic version with a round comb and hair dryer.

    To begin with, apply gel or mousse for styling, evenly spreading them along the length of the hair. With the help of a comb you need to lift the hair at the roots and dry, giving volume. It is important to completely dry your hair.

    It is not necessary to twist the ends of hair, otherwise the haircut angle will look less spectacular , and all the highlight of the hair will come. The result should be fixed with a varnish.

    With the haircut "Fox's tail," you can safely experiment, for example, braid the braid, make a tall tail or bun. With the help of dyeing, you can achieve a delightful result by selecting the ends of the hair in a different color. In this case it is necessary to apply the technology of ombre.

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    Professional advice: how to properly cut long hair

    Experienced professionals are always happy to share some useful tips that make the task much easier:

    • Before you cut your hair ends, you can do with just a few swift scissors. This is necessary in order to feel your hair type.
    • First you need to cut a little less than planned. If the tips of the hair look smooth and neat, you can repeat the procedure.
    • Before cutting, make sure that the room has good lighting, otherwise the risk of making mistakes is high enough.
    Cut the ends of long hair with an angle. Instruction and practical advice Select the haircut method with regard to the type of hair
    • Before cutting hair, you need to choose a method of haircut based on the type of hair. For example, curly hair is more suitable for cutting ends with the help of twisting, but for straight hair it is possible to trim the tips in the tail or following from the back of the head to the face.
    • It's better not to change the type of haircuts yourself, because the end result can be sad.

    To trim the tips of the hair at home is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If there is no certainty that the procedure will be successful, it is best to seek the help of a specialist. If there is no such possibility, you need to stock up on everything you need, and for the first time you will have a haircut in the presence of an assistant.

    Useful videos on long hair cutting

    How to cut the ends of long hair with an angle - see the video:

    Haircut fox tail to long hair: