How does an American shoe size translate into a Russian size for women. How to take measurements

  • Jun 02, 2018

Modern women have in their wardrobe one or several pairs of American shoes or sneakers, since anyone can make a purchase in another country directly sitting at the computer. But in order for shoes to be exactly the right size, you need to know exactly how to translate the American size into Russian.


4 How to translate the American shoe size on the Russian
  • 5 ratio of US and Russian shoe size for women. Table
  • 6 How to choose the shoes, not to be mistaken with the size
  • What is the difference between the American and Russian

    shoe size still buy shoes over the Internet is not so popular in comparison with other categories of goods. This trend persists, as many women are frightened by the difference in the markings of shoes between Russian and American sizes.

    How does an American shoe size translate into a Russian size for women. How to take measurements American shoe size to women Russian( table size ratio - later in this article) different units of measurement

    This happened because Russia and America use completely different criteria for measuring the shoe:

    • Russia - in centimeters;
    • America - in inches.

    In order not to be mistaken with the choice, you must have a table of correspondence shoe sizes of both countries, then this tip will greatly facilitate the task.

    When buying a US-made shoe for a woman, it is necessary to clearly understand its difference with the Russian dimensions, and to what completeness of the foot it is intended.

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  • What you need to know to determine the American size

    The correct choice of shoes according to the American system of sizes, primarily depends on the length of the foot , which must be measured in advance, and also the completeness of the foot is taken into account, which is always indicated on the import labelProducts.

    There are such basic designations of the female foot, presented in the table.

    foot completeness Marking American shoe size fullness translated into Russian to women
    4A much fine stop
    3A fine stop
    2A already medium completeness
    B average density foot
    C broad completeness foot
    D wider with fullness
    E too wide stop

    Thanks to the additional marking of the fullness of the foot, you can choose shoes for both an adult woman and a young girl, taking into account the individual characteristics of the commensurally old age category. It is measured by the protruding parts of the foot of the toe portion.

    When translating the American shoe size into Russian for women, you should also consider the presence of the lining or insulation available in the selected model.

    How to take your measurements, to determine the shoe size

    most optimal method for precise determination of its size, is a simple measurement of the foot. This requires a sheet of white paper and a pencil or pen.

    The leg is placed on a blank sheet and with a pencil mark the extreme point of the heel and the most protruding part of the fingers. Then it remains to measure this length with a ruler or a centimeter of a tailor.

    How does an American shoe size translate into a Russian size for women. How to take measurements

    Based on the result, you can determine the required size of American shoes with maximum accuracy, comparing it with the corresponding tables.

    In the case where the length varies between two marks, based on the data in the table, then your choice should be made to the big side, because in the end it may turn out that one stop is bigger than the other. Having given preference to a larger size, this will serve as a guarantee that, in the end, you will not have to torture your feet with close shoes.

    Experts insist that to measure the foot is best in the evening, due to the fact that during the day a little leg trampled.

    How to translate the American shoe size on the Russian

    American shoe size for women in the Russian can be translated using a special conversion table , and also bearing in mind that 1 inch equals 2.54 cm for the metric system of measurement.

    Proceeding from this, it is not so difficult to translate the size of shoes from the American metric system to Russian and back, but there is some feature that must be taken into account in the calculations. It consists in the fact that in America the zero size is the length of the foot of the newborn baby, which is 3.67 inches.

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    Therefore, in order, to convert shoe size from inches to centimeters, you must initially deducted 3.67, then multiply by 3 and rounded receivedNumber up to 0.5 cm.

    As a result, the resulting size will correspond to the Russian metric system. American female sizes are marked on a scale from 4 to 12.

    Thanks to such mathematical actions, it is possible to translate the American shoe size to Russian as accurately as possible, and vice versa.

    Purchasing American-made shoes, it is necessary to take into account that the marking on the same size may differ depending on the category of purchase: male, female or child.

    The ratio of American and Russian size shoes for women. Table

    For the convenience of customers, taking into account the fact that every year a growing online sales, many manufacturers abroad immediately indicate the ratio of Russian and American sizes in special tables, which are often placed in tab HELP .

    If this information is not provided, then you can use the table below, which will serve as a cheat sheet every time you need to buy American shoes.

    foot length in cm 21,5 22 22,5 23 23,5 24 24,5 25 25,5 26
    Russian size 34 34,5 35 35,5 36 36,5 37 37,5 38 38,5
    Americansize 5 5,5 6 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5

    How to choose the right footwear in order not to make a mistake with the size of

    Buying American shoes for yourself, a woman should take into account all the nuances of differences in the sizes of Russian and American, and also know the criteria on which to focus:

    • onthe material from which made shoes, as leather is spread over time, a little, in contrast to synthetic materials, except sports and winter shoes, experts recommend to take half a size or a size larger;
    • when a woman has a half size, this difference can be removed by applying polustelki that are placed in a sock and thereby reduce the length of the shoe and unnecessary fullness;
    How does an American shoe size translate into a Russian size for women. How to take measurements With high lift and wide stops, choose shoes with
    • lacing, if there is a high volume, it is better to give preference to shoe-laced shoes, especially for owners of a wide foot and having a problem leg bones;
    • does not prevent before buying read reviews left by previous buyers of this model, if any.

    In fact, it is easy to correctly calculate the necessary shoe size in accordance with the American system, for this you can perform mathematical calculations or use tables, and then buying shoes through the Internet will become a common thing for any woman.

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    American shoe size in Russian for women( table of sizes) - in this video:

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