Review of simple and beautiful hairstyles for the birthday

  • Mar 09, 2018

Birthday hairstyles for girls should help a birthday girl to become a real princess for one day, but at the same time be simple to perform, so that they can be made with her own hands without spending a lot of time.

There are a lot of holiday hairstyles, so you have a difficult task - on the eve of your birthday, choose the very one that will allow you to surprise everyone around you.


  • General tips for

    General tips for

    • General tips for
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      • Hearts
      • Rose with tail
      • Spit twist
      • French braid
      • Careless bundle

    General tips for

    The hair for a girl on her birthday allows you to use especially bright hairpins and accessories, More than on weekdays. Of course, the hairstyle will depend on the length of the hair of the young lady.

    The smallest women of fashion, as a rule, are trimmed "under the boy", and therefore there are not so many options for a beautiful hairdo for a birthday on short hair - gather a tail by fa

    stening it with a gorgeous rubber band or hairpin, or put on a bezel-ribbon, andYour baby is ready to accept congratulations.


    Older girls, for the most part, wear medium-length hair, which significantly increases the number of hairstyle options for their birthday.

    Tails, bunches, pigtails, a variety of weaves will help create an appropriate image.

    Some models of hairstyles a girl can do by her own hands, others can be built only with the help of a mom or an older sister, having spent a sufficient amount of time.

    But what you do not sacrifice for the sake of shining happy eyes of the child?

    At the same time, hairstyles for the birthday should not be too pretentious and serious. A little girl with an "adult" hairstyle will look ridiculous and ridiculous.

    For girls, it would be appropriate to have funny bows or small bunches of hair decorated with an appropriate hair clip.


    The hairdo for the birthday should keep its shape longer, because the children will not be sitting at the table all evening.

    Therefore, for hair styling, we may need:

    • plaque or tongs;
    • is something of a styling aid( at least a hair spray);
    • combs of several kinds;
    • rubber bands, hair clips, ribbons, invisible and studs.


    You need to do your hair on clean hair, after washing your head you need to apply conditioner - this will soften them, make them more docile and convenient for work.

    This rule is important, even if you have short hair.

    When laying your hair( especially when braiding), lightly moisten them with water or a special children's conditioner to avoid tangling and excessive fluffiness.


    Hairstyles for girls should not be too tight, as this does not benefit either the scalp or hair.

    In general, any laying should exist on the head for no more than twelve hours, after this time, the curls need to be dissolved and carefully combed carefully, ensuring this micromassage to restore normal blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin.

    In childhood, the time to wear hair is better to reduce the hours to 6-8.

    Examples of hairstyles

    As with adults, the hairstyles for girls should be combined with their attire, so pay special attention to the selection of accessories.

    Below we will tell you in stages about several styling that can be done at home.


    This hairstyle for a birthday is created in 10 minutes and looks very nice( see photo).

    Hearts from tails

    We divide the hair into two halves, while the parting can be made for your choice - straight or zigzag. Each part is collected in a high tail on the side.

    Now on both sides we make a reverse turned tail, that is, we pass the strands through the hole above the elastic band in the direction from the bottom up.

    Divide the tail once again in half and twist each part into a tight bundle, directing the torsion in opposite directions.

    We lay harnesses on the head, giving them the shape of hearts, fixing them with invisible ones, and fastening the ends of the hair with elastic bands or a hair clip.


    Rose with a tail

    A very beautiful hairdo for a birthday for girls can be done on the basis of a conventional horse tail( see photo).

    You will spend a minimum of time, but get a real "masterpiece", which is quite appropriate to look at the birthday.

    Rose from the tail

    Collect all the hair in the ponytail. The location of the tail is absolutely unimportant and depends only on your desire.

    Separate the top strand in the tail and braid it with a classic braid spike, fix the weaving with an elastic band.

    We twist the scythe clockwise around its base, covering the elastic band fixing the tail.

    We adjust the locks so as to give the spit the appearance of the rose flower. The very tip of the braid is hidden under the bottom and fixed with hairpins and invisible.



    Simple, but at the same time beautiful and stylish plait for the birthday can be made from long hair and without weaving. Armed with several thin elastic bands( see photo).

    Put the hair on one side, slightly lifting the top of the head, and fix the first elastic band at the shoulder level.

    Ponytail twist

    We divide the hair over the elastic band in half and throw a tail through the hole, as for an inverted beam.

    Slightly pull the hair down, and straighten the curls formed above the gizzard.

    After retreating some distance down, fix the second elastic band and form the second curl. We repeat this again, if the length of the hair allows.


    French braid

    Girls are very fond of a haircut French braid. It is quite relevant both on weekdays and on the day of birth. And this weaving is so unique that it allows you to put even fairly short hair in the braid.

    Take a part of the hair on the vertex, divide it into three strands and begin the weaving, sinking down the back of the head.

    We move each lateral part from above above the central one so that the former side is in the middle.

    Beginning with the second circle, at each step in the side working strand pick up equal strands of free hair.

    Curls below the base of the neck can also continue to braid, or slightly curl them with a curling rod and leave loose.


    Unusual version of the French spit is obtained if you divide your hair into two equal parts and spin two braids at the same time, moving in the direction from the temples to the back of the head.

    Having reached the parting, we combine the braids and form the tail, or you can lay the braids in the form of roses.

    For weaving short strands, use a hair gel, and then fix the hair with a varnish. To make the braids look a little bigger, lightly pull the strands with your hands in different directions.

    Careless bundle

    Collect wavy hair in a careless bunch. This simple hairstyle for a birthday is done in 5 minutes.

    First we form the tail at the back of the head. It is advisable to use a thin elastic band so that it does not stand out on the hair. From loose strands we construct a magnificent bundle, leading the ends under the base of the tail.

    Fix a bunch of invisible and varnished hair, and a few short strands in the face leave free.

    If you have straight hair, then you can also do this hairstyle, having previously wound your hair with a curling iron or tongs.

    Below you can see one more video with several variants of maiden hairstyles for the birthday.


    We hope that our tips will help you create an image of a birthday girl for a little lady and create an appropriate mood.

    Detailed schemes and video tutorials will help you master even the most complex models of hairstyles, or, with a little imagination, come up with something of your own, with a "twist".