Conspiracy to a husband, a loved one asked for forgiveness. How to make the repentant repent and ask for forgiveness: a conspiracy

  • Mar 09, 2018

How to build relationships with those people who offended you? Magic and conspiracies help you in this. The article offers several effective conspiracies.

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Conspiracy, so that the husband or lover asked for forgiveness

Different situations can occur in a person's life: quarrels with relatives, conflicts at work and with loved ones. Solve the situation by yourself or with other-world help. Since scandals most often occur with the closest, quarrels and grievances occur at most between spouses.

Surprisingly, men are in fact in most cases unable to understand the cause of the incident and sympathize with the woman. That's why there is a misunderstanding in the family, hatred a

ppears, couples break up. You can try to correct the situation with the help of conspiracies.

What can conspiracies do? They can influence the person to find the strength to suppress pride and ask for forgiveness of , which will lead to reconciliation. If the husband first asks forgiveness, then the woman necessarily takes his words and the marriage moves away from decay.


Conspiracy for the husband of the abuser

Plots for the beloved husband to ask for forgiveness, will be able to save a couple of negatives, bring together a man and a woman. In addition, having learned to speak, a woman necessarily acquires strength and faith in her abilities. So she literally protects her family from disintegration.

Conspiracies can be different. Most often, water is spoken, whispering to her "magic" words. After this miracle water must necessarily drink a man, so that in time magic could act on him. Just take a glass of water, go to a room where you can make a conspiracy in silence and alone.

IMPORTANT: The water should be consecrated not only in peace and good spirits, but also with a church candle. It is fire that gives your words strength.


For husband to reconcile

Another way to make a conspiracy - read it before the icon. For this you need more than one image, but three faces of the Saints. Three icons are placed on a table covered with a clean white tablecloth. In addition, it is necessary to light three church candles and read the plot.


For the husband to ask for forgiveness

It is believed that the best thing is to read the words of the plot at night , looking in the open window so that your words gain strength in the light of the stars and the moon. While reading the plot, light the candle and with one hand, always hold onto the wall, as a symbol of the fact that you "tie" a man to your house and to yourself.


Conspiracy for reconciliation for the husband

Conspiracy to ask forgiveness for a friend

Quarrels between women and best friends happen quite often. They happen on different grounds: envy, jealousy, misunderstanding, inability to devote enough time to each other. The can be solved with the help of the conspiracy so that the situation, as they say, was "at your fingertips."

Such prayers and conspiracy necessarily will allow you to "proudly hold your head" while the girlfriend will ask for forgiveness .You should use such magic when you really feel yourself not guilty of the situation, but only a victim.

Any plot is best read in the dark, so that words gain strength and power. In addition, a lighted candle, clean water will surely help you perform the ritual as correctly as possible. So that the conspiracy is realized as soon as possible and without negative consequences.

Before reading the plot, you should definitely pray before the image of the chosen Saint. Try to "let go" of all your negative emotions that have accumulated in your heart. Recall all your pleasant and lived together moments, so that the plot helps you to return them. During a conspiracy, light only the white candles and avoid the black ones, so as not to turn the situation into a "reverse side".


Conspiracy to forgive a friend's forgiveness

IMPORTANT: This plot will literally "erase" from your memory all negative emotions and memories. In addition, you will know for sure that your pride will not be touched in any way, and the girlfriend will find in herself the strength and courage to ask you for sincere forgiveness.


Conspiracy to ask a friend for forgiveness

When reading a conspiracy, it's nice to have a photo of your girlfriend and a ball of red woolen threads. While reading the words, you need to unwind the thread and at the end tie the photo. Tear off the thread. In your own words, ask your friend for a picture of forgiveness. Put the photo under the pillow for the night and wait for the desired.


A conspiracy to ask your friend for forgiveness for the offense

Conspiracy to ask the former to forgive

The relationship of a woman with a former lover is often too tense. People never part with friends and that is why they do not find peace in a new relationship. Every "former" dreams of being the best for his "past" man and that is why he can not forget him.

Changing the situation will help conspiracy. They will be able to turn the situation in such a way that the former has repented of the wrongs, insults, treason caused. Such recognition will give the woman confidence in herself and in her choice.


Conspiracy for the former


Conspiracy for the former to apologize

How to force to ask forgiveness of the enemy, the offender: the

conspiracy To offend a person is very easy, but to ask for forgiveness, and even sincerely, is quite difficult. That's why conspiracies are needed. They will wrap the situation completely in the opposite direction so that your enemy or offender can ask for forgiveness on their own, thereby saving you from suffering and suffering.

IMPORTANT: Read the plots with faith in every word. In order for your words to gain strength and miracle magic, you should read them with lighted candles. Another way is to write all the "sore" together with a plot on paper and burn it, scattering the ashes to the wind.


Plots for the offender


Conspiracy for the offender to apologize


Conspiracy for the offender to repent

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