How to make beautiful eye makeup( by eye color)

  • Mar 10, 2018

Abstract of the article:

  1. Preparation for make-up. How to start eye makeup?
  2. Basis for eyelids - what is it for?
  3. We remove the dark circles under the eyes
  4. Choose the eye shadow according to the eye color
    • Beautiful green eye makeup
    • Beautiful blue eye makeup
    • Makeup lessons for the brown eyes
    • Beautiful gray eye makeup
    • Makeup for the blue eyes
  5. How to draw your eyes with the pencil
  6. How to apply mascara

Eyes are the main weapon of a woman who is able to conquer or, on the contrary, alienate any man. How to use the natural beauty of your eyes to always be irresistible and to attract the admired looks of the stronger sex, we will tell you in this article.

Preparation for make-up. Where to begin?


To make the velvety skin around the eyes always look healthy and attractive, you need to follow some rules of applying makeup and care for the delicate skin of the eyelids. The section of the skin around the eyes in its thickness and structure i

s markedly different from the rest of the skin, therefore it is strictly not recommended to apply cosmetic and caring products intended for the skin of the entire face to the eyelids. This can lead to premature wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Before proceeding to the immediate preparation of the skin around the eyes for applying make-up, it is necessary to prepare the entire surface of the face. For this, be sure to remove the remnants of the previous application of cosmetics, using a special lotion, gel, foam, emulsion or milk. Apply the product to a cotton pad or napkin and wipe the skin thoroughly.

If it is not necessary in a make-up remover, simply refresh the skin by washing with cold water, if necessary, use a soft scrub. Then, if desired, apply a tonic. After that, rub a small amount of day cream into the skin, wait until it absorbs, and remove the excess with a cotton swab or napkin. A moisturizing or nutritious remedy is needed just enough to remove the feeling of tightness of the skin, as an overabundance of cream can cause your makeup to simply "float".So, the face is prepared, now you can go to the preparation of the skin of the eyelids to apply cosmetics.

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If the skin of the eyelids is dry, it is necessary to apply a special moisturizing cream or gel for the skin around the eyes, without rubbing it and stretching the skin. The moisturizer is applied lightly by patting or circular movements from the bridge of the nose to the temple over the upper eyelid and from the temple to the bridge of the nose - along the lower one. After the cream is completely absorbed, it is necessary to get wet eyelids to remove the remnants of the drug from their surface. Be careful with the application of the humidifier, because under the influence of heat and excessive fat make-up will lose its durability and attractiveness. For normal and oily skin around the eyes, moisturizers can be avoided.

What is the basis for the eyelids?


After moistening, you can start applying the primer( corrective base for eye makeup), which makes the relief of the eyelids more even, hides all the skin imperfections, facilitates the application of make-up and allows makeup to stay much longer. For oily skin around the eyes, it is necessary to use a matting primer, and for a dry one - to moisturize. Also, the bases under the eye shadow are colorless( suitable if there are no obvious defects in the skin) or colored. Using a primer with a blue or white shade, you can brighten the skin around the eyes, the pink base makes the pale skin more lively, the green primer shade allows you to hide redness, and the bronze or golden primer will give the skin a tanned appearance. The primers for the eyelids are usually produced in the form of a stick or fluid and are applied in a thin layer, and then shaded with a brush or a small sponge.

After the primer has dried on the skin, you can start applying a tonal base - cream or cream powder. The basis for the eyelids serves as a kind of barrier between the skin of the eyelids and decorative cosmetics, so makeup will not fall off, spread or roll. Typically, the tone of the tonal basis is chosen to match the skin color. The basis for eyelids on a darker tone will make the eyes more expressive and visually larger, while a lighter one will give the shadows a rich and vivid color. The base is applied to the entire surface of the eyelid with a brush or sponge, and then thoroughly shaded. Do not apply too thick layer of tonal basis or rub it with your fingers, as this will make makeup sloppy and unnatural.

Remove dark circles under the eyes

dark circles

Even the most perfect make-up will lose its gloss if you do not disguise the bruises under the eyes that accompany almost all modern women. Quickly remove dark circles will help antisern or concealer for the eyelids. Depending on the color of the circles under the eyes, different shades of correctors are used: to neutralize blue, blue or purple colors, you need to use an orange or yellow concealer, and in order to disguise yellowish circles or bruises of earthy color, blue or purple is best suitedtint corrector.

Choose eyeshadow by eye color

So, now the eyes are completely ready for applying decorative cosmetics, it remains only to determine the shade of eye shadow. There are universal shade colors that are suitable for almost any eye color and skin type: gray and all its shades, light lilac, pale pink and lavender.

But to create a natural eye make-up, or, on the contrary, to conquer all in an outrageous way, it is better to use exactly those shades of shadows that are suitable for a particular eye color. For example, the owners of brown eyes can effectively emphasize their natural beauty using beige, light yellow, brown, black, emerald, dark green, olive, violet or brick shadows. To create an eye-popping evening make-up, copper, bronze or golden shades will suit.

With green eyes, beige, orange, brick, violet, light yellow, soft lilac and yellow-brown tones, as well as green shades, will perfectly match. For solemn occasions, golden and copper shades will suit.

Blue-eyed beauties are best to choose eye shades of warm shades of brown, as well as gray, black, dark blue, purple, gray-blue, pink, lilac and steel shadows.

Gray eyes are perfect for almost all colors except bright pink and those shades of gray that match the color of the iris.

The blue color of the eyes will be in harmony with gray, silver, purple, pale pink and golden hue.

Make-up according to eye color will help create a unique image and highlight all the advantages of appearance, focusing on naturalness and charm. And now let's talk in more detail about how to create an attractive and memorable make-up for each of the basic shades of the eyes.

Green eyes

green eyes

An effective make-up for green eyes is not an easy thing, because there are a lot of green eyes. Therefore, you will have to experiment a little with the colors of the shadows to pick the perfect one. Let's consider the option of a very beautiful evening make-up for the owners of green eyes, which will help you create a romantic and gentle image.

  1. So, after all the preparatory procedures described above, apply light beige shades with glitter and carefully blend them.
  2. The outer corner of the upper eyelid is covered with matte gray shades of medium tone, and then shade them upward.
  3. In the upper eyelid, use a soft black pencil or eyeliner to draw a thick arrow along the line of the eyelash growth. The arrow should protrude beyond the outer corner of the eye and curl upward.
  4. Lower eyelid as close to the line of growth of eyelashes cover with pearly gray shadows.
  5. Elegant makeup on green eyes is almost ready, it remains only to make up eyelashes with mascara.

Blue eyes

If you are a blonde with blue eyes, the make-up that we offer below is sure to be suitable for creating an exciting and memorable image.

beautiful blue eye makeup

  1. Begin by applying turquoise shadows to the outer corner of the mobile age.
  2. Then, in the fold of the upper eyelid, apply shadows of a darker turquoise hue and blend the shadows with a brush.
  3. Inner corner of the eye cover with light blue or light turquoise shadows.
  4. On the lower eyelid, close to the line of eyelash growth, apply turquoise shades of a light shade from the inside and a darker shade from the outside, shade the border.
  5. With white pearly shadows, underline the sub-groove area, the center of the upper eyelid and the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Complete the makeup by using black ink on your eyelashes.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes

If you are a bright brunette with brown eyes, the makeup that will suit you is "smokey ice".It gives the eyes a special depth due to a smooth transition from a darker shade to a lighter one. This elegant summer eye makeup will accentuate the bronze tan and create an image of light carelessness and playfulness.

  1. First of all, apply a thin layer of matte translucent shades of beige to the upper eyelid. Then thickly cover the mobile eyelid with black matte shadows.
  2. On the lower eyelid, apply shadows with a pearl shine to give makeup mystery and elegance.
  3. At the outer corner of the lower eyelid, apply brown shadows that accentuate the color of the eyes and give the look depth.
  4. With the help of a brush, shade the eye shadow, making a smooth transition from light to dark.
  5. Eyelashes cover with voluminous black mascara. To create a daytime make-up of eyes based on the "Smoke Ice", you need to use lighter and natural shade colors.

Gray eyes

Grey Eyes

A beautiful eye makeup, step by step painted below, will allow gray-eyed female representatives to feel always in the spotlight.

  1. First, on the upper eyelid, apply purple shadows along the line of eyelash growth.
  2. Top and fold the movable eyelid cover with lighter purple shadows.
  3. The sub-groove area is covered with a thin layer of light lilac shadows.
  4. Shade the shadows to achieve a smooth transition of one shade to another.
  5. Use a brown eyeliner or pencil to draw an arrow on the lower eyelid along the line of the eyelash growth.
  6. Make a thin arrow on the upper eyelid, as close to the eyelashes as possible with the help of a black eyeliner or a soft pencil.
  7. Complete the make using mascara or false eyelashes.

Blue eyes

blue eyes

The owner of the eyes of such a rare shade as blue is very fortunate, because along with their natural appeal there are also make-up techniques that will make the look more mysterious.

  1. To create a make-up, first draw a line under the bottom eyelashes with a pencil or matte shades of blue.
  2. The upper eyelid is painted in shades of gray and gently shade the shadows.
  3. In the upper eyelid, close to the eyelashes, draw a thin, even line with a black or blue eye liner.
  4. Mascara can be selected according to mood: brown, green or blue.

How to draw your eyes with a pencil

how to draw a pencil

If shadows are most often used to create bright and memorable images, then a light make-up for your eyes is fine for everyday life.

For eyeliner is better to use a soft pencil, because it better lays on the previously applied makeup base. The classic way to draw your eyes with a pencil is to draw a line along the line of growth of the upper eyelashes over the entire surface of the eyelid, or occupying only the outer two-thirds.

Drawing a dark pencil on the lower eyelid can make the eyes visually smaller, so it should be done with caution. A light pencil on the lower eyelid will make your image more elegant.

If the eyelashes grow too thick and not exactly, it will be very difficult to apply a thin beautiful contour with a pencil, so you can try to put small dots close to each other and to the eyelashes. This will create the effect of a uniform saturated circuit.

How to apply mascara

Applying mascara is the final step in giving beauty to your eyes. Before applying the mascara on the eyelashes, press them to the upper eyelid with the index finger - this will give them a natural bend and a beautiful shape.

Type the mascara on the brush in one step and paint the eyelashes, starting from the roots. If the mascara is applied mainly to the tips, they will become heavier, and the eyelashes will quickly lose their curved shape.

It is not necessary to apply too much carcass to the lower eyelids - this will only weight them, and our task is only to give them color and volume.

While the ink is not dried up to the end, you can comb the eyelashes with a special comb.

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