Gray is the main trend trend of the season

  • Jun 03, 2018

For many years, women have tried in every possible way to hide the first gray hair. Now gray hair color is the main trendy trend of the season.

Who goes to the gray hair?

To whom is the gray tone appropriate? There is a certain type of appearance, in which you can safely stain strands in this noble cold shade:

  • Skin - light, porcelain, without a hint of sunburn;
  • Eyes - blue, gray;
  • Hair - blond, blond or fairly gray.

Unfortunately, contraindications to gray hair color will be several times larger. It is worth to abandon it to girls with green or brown eyes, red or chestnut hair and freckled, tanned or problem skin. This combination will make the image ridiculous or even vulgar.



Trendy gray shades

The palette of gray tones is wide enough. Before you a whole list of different options with a photo.

Ash blonde

Own choice in his favor is very often performed by blondes with very light skin and blue eyes. It is also called a blonde with a silvery ash color. It

is great for removing unwanted yellowness.



Ash color is one of the most fashionable in this season, more details about the shades and to whom it fits - see in this article.

Light gray

Light gray hair tone may vary slightly - it all depends on the level of lighting. Multilevel transitions and the presence of shining brilliance make it a favorite among modern women of fashion. Such color will be to the face of girls with sky-blue or gray eyes and blond hair.



Light Brown or Mouse

Light brown with a mouse underwater looks very natural. A couple of years ago he was considered unfashionable and tried in every possible way to paint over. But times have changed - gray-brown today in the trend! He perfectly emphasizes the beauty of light-eyed and fair-haired girls. And it can be complemented with melioration with colors "chestnut" or "dark blond".




The ash-gray shade became insanely popular among Hollywood stars. To get it, the master mixes three tones at once - ashy, light brown and blond. This is an ideal choice for owners of gray-blue eyes and light skin.



Deep gray

From natural gray hair this fashionable shade is distinguished only by the presence of gloss and greater uniformity. It looks best in combination with porcelain skin and a rich eye color.



Chocolate gray

The brown underton makes the gray color softer and more tender. Perhaps this is the only option that women with brown or green eyes and, of course, fair skin can resort to. A duet of warm and cold colors will transform your hair and make it alive in a moment. Bright colors can brighten the unusualness of the chocolate-gray color. But the make-up for such hair should be warm and gentle, but in no case pale.



The violet shade, present in the classic ash color, will make the image interesting, colorful and youthful. He is often chosen by non-standard natures who are not afraid of attention from outside. The violet-gray shade harmonizes with both dark and light eyes. The initial color of the head of hear in this case can also be anything.




Pink notes in gray hair give the look softness and even some childishness. This is a great solution for young girls who want to change their style.



Dark Gray

The dark ash color is considered to be the most difficult in performance - it is almost impossible to achieve it at home. But it is universal and suitable for most. True, there is an underwater stone - dark gray hair color adds a couple of years. In order not to make a mistake with a choice, make a small test - attach a gray flap to your face, which completely corresponds to the paint chosen in the interior. If the face looks expressive and bright, and the color balance is not broken, you can safely move on to staining. Take into account and tsvetotip - the initial color of the head of hear should be light brown. In this case, a luxurious and pure tone will be released from the very first time.



The process of dyeing in gray

How to dye your hair gray? Do it only in professional salons and only a good master. The procedure itself looks something like this:

Step 1. Preparing strands of

About a month, start making masks( home or professional) aimed at restoring the structure. You can also take a course of moisturizing procedures.

Step 2. Discoloration of

If the head of the hair is darker than the desired color by 2 or more tones, it must be discolored. The time of aging of the composition depends on the original tone - the darker it is, the longer it will be necessary to keep the composition. But remember, this period should not exceed 30 minutes. Better after a few days to do a second blond than burn your hair at a time.

Step 3. Tinting

It can be carried out with the help of persistent or bezamiachnyh paints or light toning agents. The paint should be applied to dirty hair, shade means - on a clean and well washed. This is very important, otherwise the color pigment will not be able to gain a foothold, and the color balm will remain on the pillow.

Also make sure that the selected paint is of the highest quality. Otherwise, the result will be quite unexpected. Here is the list of the best brands:

  • Palette C9 - "Ash Blonde";
  • Wellaton - "Ash Blond";
  • L'Oreal Preference 03 - "Light Light Ash";
  • CHI Ionic - Ash;
  • Berina Hair Color A21 - Light gray;
  • Estelle 124 - Ash;
  • Eci Color Rowaner 216 - Ash blonde;
  • FARA CLASSIK 521 - Ash;
  • Estelle 7.28 - Silver blonde;
  • L`Oreal Preference - Light-light blond ash;
  • Revlon - Ash blonde;
  • Casting Creme Gloss L`Oreal - Light blond ash;
  • L`Oreal Exelltnce Crème - Light brown ash;
  • Londa Professional 6/1 - Dark gray;
  • Londa Professional 7/1 - Classic gray;
  • Londa Professional 8/1 - Light gray;
  • Londa Professional 9/1 - Very light gray;
  • Londa Professional 10/1 - Bright gray;
  • Londa Professional 12/1 - Special gray;
  • Matrix Socolor 6A - Dark gray;
  • Matrix Socolor 7A - Ash blonde;
  • Matrix Socolor 9A - Very light gray;
  • Matrix Socolor 11A - Ultra light gray;
  • Matrix Socolor 11AA - Ultra light deep gray;
  • Matrix Socolor UL-A - Ultra-gray;
  • Matrix Socolor UL-AA - Deep Ultra Ash.
How to care for gray curls?

Hair coloring in gray requires constant and thorough care. If you are not ready for him, give up this idea. The fact is that without quality care and the use of the right tools, silvery strands will become over-dried and brittle, lose their shine and elasticity.

  • Regularly tint overgrown roots. This will have to be done every two weeks, but, of course, everything depends on the speed of hair growth;
  • Use special shampoos, balms and masks. They should moisten the strands, saturate them with useful elements and eliminate the yellow tint;
  • Avoid frequent use of heating tools for laying. Staining and so does not bring much benefit, so do not once again test strands for strength. Be sure to use thermal protection;
  • Once a month, cut the tips - this will ensure your hair style is beautiful and neat;
  • Home restoration and strengthening masks have a good effect, under the influence of which the strands will quickly get stronger;
  • Shop shampoos can also be replaced. To cope with this task the usual egg yolk, mixed with two tablespoons of cool water. The latter factor is very important, because in hot water the yolk simply curls up.



Find out what color hair is right for you:

Alternative means for coloring in gray
How to get this color without persistent chemical paints? An alternative to them will be home colors. Here are some effective recipes.

Recipe 1. Decoction of rhubarb


  • Rhubarb stems and leaves - 400 g;
  • White wine - 0,5 l( can be replaced with water).


  1. Shred the rhubarb stalks and leaves.
  2. Fill them with white wine.
  3. Soak in water vapor until half of the liquid has evaporated.
  4. Cool the broth, moisten the hair with your head and warm your head with a cap.
  5. Rinse with water after one hour.

The hair after this mask will acquire an ashy tone.

Recipe 2. Henna and basma


  • Colorless Henna - 1 part;
  • Basma - 1 part;
  • Water is a glass;
  • Cocoa - 5 tbsp. L.


  1. Mix henna, basma and cocoa.
  2. Add hot water - the consistency of the mask should be easy to apply.
  3. Spread the mixture in strands.
  4. Wash off after half an hour.

Thanks to such a tool you can get the hair color "ashy chestnut".

Important! Having decided to use this recipe, be very careful, because the result in most cases is unpredictable. After a mask with henna and basmosa for 3 weeks you can not paint your hair with chemical paints - the composition either does not take, or makes your hair go green.

Make-up and wardrobe for gray hair

To the gray color of the hair, you need to choose the right make-up - it should be dominated by only cold tones. Lipstick - pale pink or coral. For evening make-up, red is allowed;

  • Blush - match with lipstick;
  • Shadows - gray, light violet, blue;
  • Powder - light pink;
  • Contour pencil and ink - gray or blue.
  • As for clothes, stop for pink, gray, yellow and blue shades. Black things should be dosed and only as a supplement to the basic kit.