Fir tree oil for face

  • Jun 03, 2018
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Fir essential oil is an oil obtained from young shoots, as well as immature cones of evergreen coniferous trees. The most valuable is the liquid extracted by the method of steam processing from a plant growing in Siberia, since it is there that there are all conditions for the acquisition of the maximum quantity of nutrients by fir.

The product has long been famous for its medicinal properties, its aroma and tonic effect makes it possible to apply oil everywhere to enhance immunity, prevention and treatment of various diseases. It is equally useful to use it in cosmetology: fir oil for the face helps to get rid of many dermatological problems.

Properties of

The value of fir oil is primarily due to its pronounced disinfecting effect. Antiseptic property allows the tool to kill pathogenic bacteria, reducing the amount of acne on the skin. Also, oil can cure dermatological diseases such as eczema, dermatitis,

furunculosis, various kinds of fungus and others. Of course, before using the ether for these purposes, you must first consult a doctor, so that he determines the exact problem and prescribes adequate treatment.

Another property of the extract is the strengthening of the walls of the vessels. This is reflected in the skin: it becomes nourished, acquires a healthy color. The oil contains a large number of nutrients that can penetrate deep layers of the skin. Among them - and a high dose of ascorbic acid, promoting rejuvenation, and tocopherol, which triggers the production of collagen, and carotenoids, providing renewal of cells. The skin becomes firm, taut, soft and velvety. Pigmented spots lighten, the amount of inflammation decreases.

Fir oil practically has no shade, and it has a pronounced coniferous aroma. Due to this, during the cosmetology procedures, the nervous system simultaneously acts. It is believed that the product calms and relaxes, eliminates feelings of anxiety, improves mood.

Application rules

By general rules, essential oils are not used for the skin in its pure form due to the high concentration of active substances. They are added to ready-made or home-made cosmetics. In the undiluted version it is possible to use fir oil from acne, distributing the ether pointwise, solely for inflammation, without affecting the healthy parts of the epidermis.

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Oil can be added to any skin care products: creams, serums, tonics, lotions, masks. For one serving, 2-3 drops of ether should be added. Mix the ingredients directly in the palm of your hand just before applying to your face.

Because of the large number of active ingredients, fir oil has contraindications for use:

  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • individual intolerance.

Traditional recipes

With the addition of fir aether it is possible to prepare a wide variety of masks suitable for each of their skin types depending on the ingredients. Home remedies, if properly applied, can replace cosmetic procedures. Masks help to solve skin problems and improve the immunity of the epidermis, its ability to defend itself against the negative effects of external factors.

Fir oil
Perhaps, the most valuable properties of fir oil for the skin are firming and antiseptic. The face quickly becomes much more healthy and clean. Each treatment is accompanied by an incredible invigorating coniferous aroma


A mixture of avocado pulp( 1 large spoon), olive oil( 2 teaspoons) and fir oil( 4 drops) applied to the face for 20 minutes, smooths wrinkles, deeply moisturizes andWill nourish the skin, restore her tone, make it more fit. The complexion becomes more even and healthy, the grayness disappears.

For dry skin

rid the skin from dryness and flaking help following mask: it is necessary to boil the potatoes( 1 piece), mash into a puree, add two tablespoons of heavy cream, mix and allow to cool slightly. Then add 3-4 drops of fir oil to the mixture. Distribute the skin in a warm form, rinse after 20 minutes.


To prepare the mask, you need the flesh of a half of one banana, egg yolk and 4 drops of fir oil. Mix all the ingredients, apply the mask on the skin, and soak for 15 minutes. After this period, the person should wash the sage broth, wipe with an ice cube. Complete the procedure with a nutritious cream.

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skin oils for oily skin

mask for oily skin, which will make the face more clean and matte, can be prepared by the following recipe: grind one pre-peeled apple on a grater, addTo the resulting puree 5 drops of fir aether and the same amount of salicylic acid( available at the pharmacy).The mask will dry the existing inflammations, bleach the traces of acne. The duration of the procedure is a quarter of an hour.


recipe nourishing mask is very simple and contains just two ingredients - grape seed oil( a large tablespoon) and fir oil( 3 drops).Mix, lightly heat on a water bath, spread over the skin and leave for half an hour. Then remove the remnants of the product with a tissue.

for problem skin

Bring problematic, combined and oily skin in a normal state is possible by means of a mask of egg white( 1 x) and pine oil( 4 drops).Apply the mixture in several layers. After drying the last product can be washed off. It is better to use a decoction of chamomile or a turn.

Fir oil
Fir oil is obtained from needles, cones and shoots of an evergreen plant. To grow on fertile soils, fir absorbs all sorts of valuable substances, which then divided the skin


Catherine: «as the best assistants in getting rid of acne for a long time I chose two essential oils: tea tree and fir. The first copes with its task, but the second one wants to praise in addition. Its application delivers an incredible pleasure, the aroma is incredible, each procedure simply raises the mood. In this case, the action of the tool can not but rejoice. If a few pimples come out, then I put ether on them pointwise, and in the period of exacerbations I mix with burdock oil and distribute it all over my face. Inflammation decreases right before your eyes, after three or four days they pass completely. "
Ulyana: «Problem Skin - my main test, so a very large amount of time I spend in the search for remedies that could pacify her. And recently I found for myself such, they found inconspicuous fir oil, bought in a pharmacy on the advice of a pharmacist. I really like the pleasant coniferous aroma, so I add butter every day to the moisturizing cream. In addition to aromatherapy, I received a smooth, clean skin, which became noticeably less greasy and prone to rashes. "
Karina: "I love fir oil for its toning properties. Skin with regular application becomes more elastic and healthy. Also, I noticed that my face became more moist and nourished, and the peeling disappeared. Also I periodically had a rash on my arm, the dermatologist prescribed treatment and advised me to do compresses with olive oil and fir. Everything healed very quickly. "

Fir tree oil for the face - a fragrant tonic assistant in skin care. It helps not only to get rid of acne and other problems, but also to cure dermatological diseases. With the right application, the product can transform the skin in a short time, restoring its tone, beauty and youth.