How to deal with the swelling of the face. Causes and Treatment

  • Jun 03, 2018

Facial swelling can be an unpleasant surprise in the morning. It's not just that it's unpleasant to show up in people like that. Puffiness is a symptom of many serious diseases.

Therefore it is necessaryFind out the cause and, if necessary, start treatment. In the meantime, stock up on a couple of recipes, how quickly to remove the swelling from your face.

Reasons for edema of the face

The main cause of edema is fluid retention in the body. If it accumulates too much( more than 3 liters), water begins to accumulate in the intercellular space. As a result, swelling of the face occurs in the morning.

A woman looks in the mirror

The reasons and treatment will already depend on why the body has accumulated a lot of fluid.

Of the most common causes of edema, it should be noted the wrong food. And it's not just about overeating. Of c

ourse, a tight dinner before bed or 3 cups of tea for the night will reflect on the face. No less harmful can be an excessive interest in diet. Everything is good in moderation.

By the appearance of edema, the body can respond to a decrease in immunity. This may occur after surgery. Swelling appears at the lack of trace elements and vitamins, especially when it comes to vitamins of group B. And, of course, may be slightly swell the face during a cold because of clogged sinuses.

It is worth to listen carefully to your body. If, in addition to puffiness of the face, there are itching and redness, the reason lies in the allergic reaction. Treatment should be started immediately, and always under the supervision of a doctor. Allergic swelling not only spoils the external beauty. It can cause choking.

Girl with red cheeks If besides swelling appeared itching and redness, the reason of allergic reaction

Another cause swelling of the face - diseases of internal organs. Swelling in the morning can talk about kidney failure. This is due to the ingestion of protein in the urine and, consequently, its decrease in blood.

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As a result, the kidneys can not cope with the fluid excreted from the body, the face begins to swell in the morning. By the evening it gets a little better, but the next day the situation repeats. If

studs have long been abandoned in angle, and facial swelling does not go away, the reason lies in vascular disease

addition, facial swelling may be due to impaired circulation. They are usually accompanied by pain in the limbs and swelling of certain parts of the body in the evening, including face. More often than not, women who love to wear high-heeled shoes face this.

High heels Do women who love high-heeled shoes, can disrupt blood circulation

If the studs have long been abandoned in a corner, and face swelling does not go away, the reason lies in vascular disease. Only treatment under the control of a phlebologist will help get rid of edema.

The heart is an important organ. Any failure in his work is reflected in the whole body. The face is no exception. If its puffiness is accompanied by blue lips, swollen veins on the neck and shortness of breath, then all the fault is the "motor" in the chest.

He, for some reason can not cope with the pumping of blood, fluid builds up in the body and there is a swelling of the face. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in the evenings.

It's important to remember! Even if there is only the slightest suspicion of cardiac edema, you need to contact the cardiologist immediately for help. Even a day of reflection can cost a person the most precious - life.

Lovers of sunbathing and sunbeds can suddenly face the swelling of the face. The reason is simple. This is sunburn. Because of inflammation, the body releases more lymph, it accumulates in the intercellular space.

Girl in hat under the sun Sunbathing lovers can face the swelling of the face

No treatment is required. It is necessary to cool the skin by attaching a wet towel. If the burns are severe, purchase a special remedy. In a couple of hours the swelling will fall off by itself.

Other causes of edema:

  • Pregnancy( period of toxicosis and third trimester due to blood flow and fluid exchange disorders).
  • Alcohol poisoning( abundant libation does not benefit anyone).
  • Non-compliance with the work and rest regime( chronic lack of sleep, overwork).
  • At the beginning of the menstrual cycle.
  • The presence of a tumor, including malignant.
  • Face trauma.

Why the face swells in the morning

Most often, swelling accompanies a person in the morning. The following reasons can be a clue to the manifestation of this unpleasant change in appearance.

One possible reason is as follows. During sleep, all processes in the body slow down, and blood circulation too. Therefore, in the case of existing disorders in the body, this is reflected on the face. If in the day such edema due to constant movements, can be distributed through the body, then at night there is no such possibility.

First of all, it is necessary to exclude the diseases mentioned above. If no doctor sees the reasons for the puffiness of the face, then the regime should be reconsidered. Workaholics often forget about sleep and eating.

As a consequence, this rhythm of life affects the appearance. Despite the high workload, it is worthwhile to find time for a healthy sleep and 3 meals.

The woman is sleeping Lovers can stay awake longer with a swollen face

The reverse side is drowsiness and gluttons. Lovers can soak in bed before dinner can see a swollen face. The way out is to get up no later than 9am and start the day with a light workout and a cool shower. Those who like to eat tightly in the morning risk to wake up with a swollen face. What to do?

To transfer more caloric intake of food for breakfast, and make dinner easy.

How to get rid of swelling

The causes of puffiness are clear. However, getting rid of them sometimes is not easy. First of all, if you need treatment for a disease, you must start it and follow the doctor's recommendations. Everything else, including folk methods, is only an aid to him.

A woman is sleeping on an orthopedic pillow Sleeping pillow should be orthopedic

As already mentioned, one of the main causes of puffiness in the face is a bad dream. Therefore, it is important to ensure comfortable conditions. The bed should be comfortable. Particular attention should be paid to the pillow. It is better to give preference to orthopedic.

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For the right pillow will be grateful not only the face, but also the neck. She needs support, which the natural filler simply can not provide.

Bedding should be comfortable, pillow orthopedic

Another point is diet. First of all, should limit salt intake, as it promotes fluid retention in the body. Pregnant is to monitor water consumption per day. In total, no more than 1.5 liters of any liquids should be drunk and eaten per day( soup is also considered).Completely abandon the use of alcohol, fatty foods, salines and marinades.

Effective facial treatments

In addition to internal support, external care is required.

To remove the swelling of the face it is recommended to make regular masks. There are a lot of folk remedies that will help in this.

Girl holding a cucumber near the face Fresh cucumber is a simple and well-known remedy for edema

The most popular are the following decongestants:

  1. From boiled potatoes .It should be boiled together with the peel, drain the water and mash it, simply by kneading with a fork. Do not discard the rind. Cool to a warm state, apply to face and hold for 15 minutes. Just wash off with warm water
  2. From dill and sour cream. Grind a tablespoon of greens. Mix it with chilled sour cream in the proportion of 1 to 2. The resulting mixture is applied to a clean face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.
  3. Fresh cucumber. One of the simplest and best known masks from swelling. Fresh cucumber from the refrigerator should be cut into thin circles and put in place edemas. Remove from the face after 20 minutes.
  4. From tea. Use with caution, so that instead of swelling of the face do not get unpleasant pigmentation. Brew strong black tea( you can use a packet if you have confidence in its quality).Dampen with gauze, any clean cloth. Put on face and leave for 10-15 minutes.

If there is a possibility, then in addition to home remedies, you can turn to professional cosmetologists for help. They will easily help to remove facial swelling. Causes and treatment of the disease should be discussed with them without fail, since the choice of the salon method depends on this. Many have contraindications.

The following procedures are the most effective:

  • Lifting( facelift, recommended to ladies at an elegant age);
  • Mialifting( the effect of electric current on the muscles of the face for the purpose of eliminating edema, suitable for women after 30);
  • Mesotherapy( intradermal injection of medicines);
  • Darsonvalization( treatment of edema with a high-frequency current, which enriches cells with oxygen and removes stagnant formations);
  • Massage( better, of course, professional, but you can do yourself).

The only disadvantage of these procedures is the price. Far from all they can afford. Often an integrated approach is required.

An interesting fact! Facial gymnastics will relieve the swelling, improve the complexion, help get rid of the first mimic wrinkles and prevent their appearance. Making it simple is easy. First you need to move your lips in different directions, then do the same with your nose and eyes.

Finish it, trying to build a different grimace. The bigger, the better.

If you need to remove swelling immediately

Of course, do not neglect the fact that the puffiness of the face appears regularly. Causes and treatment go into the background, if in just 15 minutes you need to look good. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have a couple of methods how to remove swelling immediately.

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It's important to remember! The easiest and most effective way is ice. It is necessary to walk a small cube on the skin of the face. Vessels narrowed and the swelling subsided itself. True, the method will be ineffective in allergic edema. But the use of antihistamines( in the recommended doses) will help reduce puffiness, although not quickly.

Shower Contrasting shower - a quick way to get rid of edema

Another method - contrast shower in combination with a light massage. He will disperse the liquid which has stopped for a night under a skin, will improve mood. Towel is better not to wipe the face, remove water with light patting movements. Remains of swelling disguise with decorative cosmetics.

Prophylaxis of facial puffiness

In order not to know about the puffiness of the face, the attendant causes and not always pleasant treatment, it is better to prevent their appearance. However trivial it may sound, the best prevention is a healthy lifestyle.

Proper nutrition, easy physical activity and regular examination with a doctor will help you better than any medication. And do not make a lot of effort.

Family walking tour Daily walking tours - the best prevention of edema

If you make daily walks, for example, to work with it, you can reduce the risk of edema in 2 times. Exclusion from the diet of fatty, spicy and salty foods will reduce the probability of their occurrence is still several times. Those who know about existing diseases, you just need to follow the recommendations of the attending physician.

proper diet, light exercise and regular check-ups with your doctor will help to better any medicines

All of this is easy. The result will be on the face. And it will say thank you for all this immediately.

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