Hair loop - we make a styling in 5 minutes

  • Jun 03, 2018

Hair loop is a simple but very useful device with which you can perform several easy and quick laying at once. Usually it takes no more than 10 minutes to create them, but it looks like you just left the elite salon.

Hair loop - what is it?

The loop for creating hairstyles is also called styler or Topsy Tail. This device, resembling a thin spoke with a wide loop at the end, is designed to facilitate manipulation with the eversion of the tail, on the basis of which you can make a lot of beautiful hairstyles. Topsy Tail is suitable for all types of hair, it can be used by both adults and children, and the length of the head of hair is not very important here.

You can buy a styler in the departments with accessories, specialty shops or the Internet. Its dimensions can be very different, there are even devices with two loops at once. It is sold as a kit, which consists of one small( length - 14 cm) and one large( length - 19 cm) hinges.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov1

Hairstyles made with a loop are suitable for everyday

wear as well as for solemn events. For special events, the styling should be decorated with flowers or an elegant comb.

Heart from the hair

Thanks to the loop, you can make not only the traditional turned tail, but also various weaves. For some, this styling may seem childish, but it also suits young romantic girls.

  1. Well comb your head and collect it in a high tail.
  2. Insert the tool into the base above the rubber band so that the tip is at the top and the loop is left below.
  3. Thread the medium-sized strand selected from the tail into a loop.
  4. Pull the styler up straight under the rubber band of the tail.
  5. Remove it, and divide the strand in half and braid them with two beautiful braids. Tip the ends with thin silicone rubber bands.
  6. Turn the pigtails so that they give the heart shape.
  7. Tie the ends together, hide under the tail and kill with invisible ones.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov2

Assembled hairstyle

This stylish styling will help quickly and easily assemble a stylish styling of long hair. She looks very gentle and romantic, that's why she is perfect for young girls.

  1. With a horizontal line, separate the hair section approximately at the level of the ears. Tie it with an elastic band.
  2. Insert the styler from the bottom up.
  3. Pass the tail into the loop.
  4. Pull the tip of the tool up and gently pull the strands.
  5. Smooth the hair out of the styling.
  6. Collect the rest of your hair and tie it in a low ponytail. Insert the Topsy Tail into it from the bottom up.
  7. Thread the tail into the loop.
  8. Remove it with the tool.
  9. Remain the remaining tips up, wrap and lock with invisible or stiletto.
  10. Decorate with flowers or a smart hair clip.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov3

Bunch in the style of Grace Kelly

Hairstyles with the help of a hair loop made in the style of the famous Hollywood actress, will help you out in preparation for any event, whether it's a business meeting or an evening out. We suggest to make this very easy laying.

  1. Carefully comb and comb all the strands back or make parting. Tie the low tail.
  2. Insert a thin leg of the hinge directly above the rubber band.
  3. Lift the tail up and pass through the styler.
  4. Gently pull the device down, but do not stretch the hair to the end, but leave something like a roller.
  5. The remaining ends also lift up, hide inside the cushion and clip them with the studs.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov4

Inverted element on loose hair

If you only have 3 minutes of time, try this spectacular and easy option.

  1. Scratch and make a side part.
  2. Separate a piece of hair and tie it with silicone rubber. Insert the styler's leg over the rubber band.
  3. Form an inverted tail.
  4. Your styling is ready!

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov5

Evening hairstyle with bow

This option is suitable for celebrations and celebrations. A bunch, decorated with velvet hairpin, will be the best decoration of your image.

1. Comb your back and tie it in a high tail.

2. Over the elastic band insert the leg of the stylus loop.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov6

3. Pass the strands into it.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov7

4. To make an inverted tail, pull the foot down.

5. Do not get to the end literally 2 cm, tie a thin silicone rubber band.

Petlya-dlya-volos --- odin-iz-luchshih-lajfhakov8a

6. Turn the tail down and clip it with a clamp.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhhakov9

7. The resulting bunch decorate with a beautiful bow.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhhakov10

Tips to help you quickly and elegantly assemble your hair into a fashionable hairstyle with a hair loop:

Inverted tail-beam

How to use the loop if you need to quickly put yourself in order? There is one wonderful way that will allow you literally in 5 minutes to make a cool evening hairstyle.

1. With a horizontal line, separate a part of the hair approximately in the area of ​​the ears.

2. Thread the tip of the Topsy Tail in the center of the tail over the elastic band.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lyfhakov 11

3. Pull the tips through the hole.

4. Lower the hair loop down - you will get a very beautiful turned tail. If desired, you can stop already at this stage - this hairstyle is perfect for daily wear. If you want something more complicated, boldly go on.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov12

5. The remaining ends tie another rubber band, a little short of the edge.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakakov13

6. Pull them through the inverted element, made at the very beginning.

7. Carefully thread the tips inwards and secure them with decorative studs. They will quickly emphasize the beauty and elegance of this simple styling.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov14
Petlya-dlya-volos --- odin-iz-luchshih-lajfhakov15a

Interesting weaving

Such an unusual and complex in appearance weaving is performed literally with a few swings of the hand. This is an excellent choice for work and study, which allows you not to worry about your appearance throughout the day.

  1. Separate a part of hair as for a hairdo "melvinka".Tie them with an elastic band almost near the neck.
  2. Topsy place Topsy Tail.
  3. From the loose hair, separate one strand and pass it through the loop.
  4. Pull the tip down. Again, place the Topsy Tail and stretch it exactly the same strand, only on the other side. Pull the tip down.
  5. Once again, insert the Topsy Tail over the elastic and repeat the process with two strands taken from the main mass.
  6. Fasten the resulting tail with weaving a thin silicone rubber band.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov16

Tail, turned upwards

Hairstyles with a loop can be executed in the opposite direction, that is, from the bottom up. To make this very simple, but in the end we get an unusual result.

  1. Comb your back or part.
  2. Tie a low tail.
  3. Place the styler under the tail so that the tip looks up, and the loop remains below.
  4. Thread the ends into it.
  5. Pull the tip up.
  6. Pull out the tail completely.
  7. Gently lay and spread your hair.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov17

Inverted ponytail

This hair styling is considered very easy, but it does not prevent it from being one of the most popular.

  1. Comb one back and tie the ponytail.
  2. Insert the Topsy Tail over the rubber band.
  3. Pass through the loop all the hair from the tail.
  4. Pull the tip down.

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhakov18

The hair on the side

This option will be the best choice for medium length hair. The styling consists entirely of twisted tails, so it looks very airy.

  1. Scrub and flip the whole head of hair on one side.
  2. Separate a piece of hair and tie it with a thin silicone rubber band.
  3. Insert the stylus loop from the top. Pull the tail into it and turn it out.
  4. A little later, separate another section of hair and tie it again.
  5. Insert the hinge tip from above and stretch the ends. Turn out this ponytail.
  6. Repeat the process two or three more times( as long as the length of the strands allows or your own desire).

Loop-for-hair --- one-of-the-best-lifhhakov19

Petlya-dlya-volos --- odin-iz-luchshih-lajfhakov19а

We hope that these photos will help you understand all the hairdresser's wisdom and even inspire you to create new and stylish hairstyles!

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