Cream from scars Kontraktubeks

  • Jun 03, 2018
Table of contents:
  • Contents of the preparation
  • Action of the preparation
  • Indications for use
  • Instruction for use
  • Sensations when using
  • Features of using the
  • tool Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications
  • Patient Reviews

Acne can cause a lot of inconvenience. Some after their elimination notice scars on the skin, spots and scars. The consequences of acne are even more difficult to eradicate than the rashes themselves. Therefore, without the use of medications can not do.

Dermatologists often prescribe Kontraktubeks from acne during their healing. The product helps to cope with the effects of rashes, restoring the surface of the skin.

Composition of the preparation

Kontraktubeks is designed to prevent scarring, scars, and spots after acne. Its positive effect is due to the active ingredients included in the composition.

  • To reduce the inflammatory process and eliminate its effects in the composition there is a liquid extract of Onion
    Serae. It helps to soften the skin so that it does not coarsen and does not cicatrize.
  • In the presence of old scars, softening is heparin. It renews the cells, nourishes the skin with moisture and eliminates the tissue inflammatory process.
  • Reduction of redness, itching and stiffness of the injured skin is due to allantoin. The substance stimulates the healing of deep layers of the dermis, increases elasticity and softens the integument.
Gel Kontraktubeks
The gel has a light structure and is rapidly absorbed

Action of the preparation

Due to the useful composition, there is a different effect on the skin surface.

  • Ointment from Scars Kontraktubeks regenerates tissues. Under the influence of the cover, the covers are restored, which helps to eliminate stains and traces.
  • After applying the gel, a film forms on the skin. It protects the surface it has a negative impact of various factors.
  • The drug has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It eliminates pathological processes and helps calm the skin.
  • By suppressing the formation of fibrin, which is the basis of scars, the drug smooths the relief, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Due to its complex effect, Kontraktubeks is widely used in dermatology and cosmetology. It eliminates the effects of acne in the form of spots, scars and scars.

The therapeutic effect is carried out for four hours. This is due to the fact that the components reach deep layers of the skin. At the same time, absorption is not observed in the bloodstream, which indicates the safety and absence of negative reactions of the body.

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Indications for use

Cream of Kontraktubeks can be used in the treatment of various skin diseases. Among them are:

  • scars formed after acne, of a different nature;
  • post-burn, post-traumatic and postoperative scars( keloid, hypertrophic);
  • preventive use in case of skin surface trauma;Stretch marks and wrinkles.

Instruction for use

The greatest effectiveness of Contractbuttes was demonstrated when eliminating the effects of acne and acne. It can be used in the presence of fresh spots and scars. Use the drug is allowed to people with any type of skin and the degree of its damage.

Face inspection in the mirror
The agent must be gently rubbed so that the substances penetrate deeply into the

tissue. Old scars can be eliminated with the help of a tool much more difficult. But many patients notice significant clarification and a decrease in signs of post-acne.

Wipe the gel or ointment with circular movements. But some patients with this use note the lack of results. Therefore, doctors recommend that when applying a little pressure on the surface, rubbing the product into deep tissue. The impact should be no less than a minute.

The product is quickly absorbed into the tissue. Therefore, when lubricating the skin, you can additionally squeeze out new portions of the gel. Treatment is twice a day.

If there are deep depressed scars on the skin surface, then the procedure should be performed in accordance with the instructions.

  • On the affected skin, the gel is applied directly to the rumen area. You need to rub it for at least a minute.
  • Next on the scar, you need to apply a small amount of gel, and cover the treatment area with food film.
  • It is better to do the procedure before bed, leaving the bandage for 12 hours. Treatment is carried out three times a day.
Face dissolving
In the treatment of wrinkles, it is first necessary to steam out the face of

Kontraktubeks from wrinkles should be applied to pre-cleaned and steamed skin. To open the pores and remove sebum, a decoction of chamomile is used. In this case, the active substances are easier to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Next, the gel needs to be applied to wrinkles. If necessary, you can make a mask from the product without rubbing it into the skin. It is important to avoid the area around the eyes.

The course of treatment lasts no more than 60 days. After that it is recommended to take a break for several weeks.

The results of therapy are not immediately apparent. Elimination of wrinkles occurs no earlier than a month after using the gel every day.

Sensations when using

After use, many people note that the product does not dissolve the scars, but only worsens their condition. In addition, the skin may begin to itch. Doctors assure patients that such side effects indicate a rebuilding of scar tissue.

Itching occurs after 30 minutes. Feelings last for several hours. With daily use, unpleasant changes are weakened and completely discontinued. If this does not happen, you need to stop using the gel.

Temporary changes are also the scar itself. It can become swollen or redden. When the skin is getting used to the remedy, the signs pass.

Some patients during treatment note an allergic reaction, rashes and soreness of the scars. Such symptoms should be a signal to stop using Kontraktubeks and contact a doctor.

If you use Kontraktubeks according to the instructions, then improvements can be noted after a month. Large scars become less noticeable. To achieve a more lasting effect, you can use the remedy for 2 months. Major skin lesions can be treated within six months.

The person during treatment by Kontraktubeksom
In the treatment many feel first a worsening of the symptoms, which indicates a change in the structure of the tissues

. Features of using the

tool. When using Kontraktubeksa from traces of acne, it is necessary to follow not only the instructions to the preparation, but also to remember several important nuances.

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  • You can apply the composition only after self-elimination of the crust from the pimple. It is forbidden to remove it, as in this case it is possible to provoke an increased scar formation. Most often, the removal of crust occurs on 7-10 days.
  • Before applying the product, it is necessary to clean the skin surface by removing sebum. To do this, use any means( foam, gel) for washing.
  • The treated area should be lubricated with an antiseptic solution or alcohol-containing product. In this case, more thorough cleansing and deep penetration of the composition into the tissue can be achieved.
  • During the treatment period, avoid direct sunlight on the skin.
  • Areas of treatment do not need to be covered with decorative cosmetics.
  • In cold weather, the product is applied no later than one hour before leaving the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The drug has various advantages and disadvantages. Among the positive points can be identified:

  • high efficiency in eliminating the effects of skin diseases;
  • the possibility of eliminating both fresh and old traces and scars;
  • no significant adverse reactions;
  • application in different patient categories.

However, the remedy has drawbacks in the form of the duration of treatment, the sensation of itching in the application area, and also the high cost.


Kontraktubeks can be used for almost all patients. However, the instructions contain information on contraindications.

These include:

  • allergic reaction to components, intolerance of substances or hypersensitivity;
  • children under one year old;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

Patient Reviews

On the Internet you can find various reviews about Kontraktubeks. He helped many patients cope with the signs of acne. They noted positive changes already in 2-3 weeks after the beginning of therapy.

Scars after acne
Many patients have helped to cure the effects of acne

. Other patients did not notice the results of the treatment. Especially often negative reviews appear regarding the lack of effect when used on old scars. Therefore, doctors recommend the use of the composition as soon as possible after the formation of a stain on the skin.

Alexandra: Used Kontraktubeks after treatment of acne, when the skin was literally covered with spots after acne. It took a long time to apply the drug, but it was worth it. The skin was leveled, and also its elasticity and elasticity increased, and the natural composition of the gel was pleased.
Irina: Since adolescence, I have had terrible acne, which after extrusion was covered with crusts. Of course, I foolishly ripped them off. Then I had to fight not with pimples, but with scars. I started using Kontraktubeks. I did not manage to cope completely with the problems of old scars. But I saw their decrease and clarification.