We gathered for a holiday in Spain with children: where is it better to spend a family vacation

  • Mar 16, 2018
Spain is a comfortable country for recreation with a child. All important services are safe, clean, well-functioning from police to tourist bureaus. A mild climate, clean Mediterranean sea, beautiful beaches - all this attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Where is the best holiday in Spain with children, you will learn from this detailed guide.
Holiday in spain with children where better

Costa Brava

You can get to the Costa Brava coast from Barcelona, ​​Reus or Girona Airport by rented car, book a car transfer in advance, by train or bus.

The most budget option - a trip in the intercity bus or train, will be about € 10-15 per person. But in advance you need to take into account that does not go to at night, and if you do not want to spend the night at the station or look for a hotel at this time, you will have to use other transportation services.

It is possible to rent a car at the airport of Barcelona immediately upon arrival. It is the nearest international airport to the coast, where most flights arrive from R

ussia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the post-Soviet space.

The prices for a budget class car start at € 33 euros / day, for more information about current prices and available models of cars, please click here. What is good for renting a car for the period of vacation? You can be not attached to one place, do not adjust to the timetables of buses and trains, and freely ride around the coast of the Costa Brava with a stop at any corner you like.

Where it is better to relax with a child at sea

And you can see a lot there - from wild, hidden in cozy coves beaches to trips to the epic sights of Catalonia - from the old bridges of Girona and the house museum of Salvador Dali, to the unique sights of Barcelona and other old Catalan cities.

Ordering a car transfer is another kind of sight of a round-the-clock service for the delivery of tourists to a holiday destination. You even before the trip order a car for a specific date, the driver who will track your flight and will be waiting for you at the airport , even if the flight is delayed.

Additional plus - Russian-speaking drivers and will meet you in the arrival hall with a sign with your name.

In July and August, a holiday in Spain on the Costa Brava is magnificent. In summer there is good weather - the average air temperature is + 24-27 ° C.Water warms up to + 25 ° C.The beach season starts in June and lasts until October.

Consider the most famous resorts of the coast and get acquainted with their tourist infrastructure.

Tossa de Mar


C The central beach in the municipality of Tossa de Mar attracts the most tourists. It is located in a very picturesque place. Here the white sand and the blue clear sea.

The entrance to the water is smooth, but the bottom is rocky .There are bars and restaurants around. This is the peak of a tourist destination, so relaxing with young children can be difficult. But for children over 10 years old and adolescents here just like it.

Mar Menuda .This is one of the least frequented beaches. It is hidden from the rest of the city by cliffs. It's much quieter, from entertainment - a few bars and restaurants.

Beach marmenuda tossa de mar The sand is quite large. Smooth entrance to the sea. Sun beds and umbrellas are paid - € 5 apiece. This beach is most comfortable for adults with small children from 0 to 5 years old .


Tossa de Mar is by right considered the most beautiful city in the Costa Brava. Unlike the lodge town of Lloret de Mar, there is a much quieter atmosphere, and the main contingent of vacationers is pensioners and parents with children.

Tourists are attracted by a large number of active entertainment - diving, snorkelling, boat trips.

Villa vella The main attraction of Tossa de Mar is the fortress of Vila Vella. The territory is large, where, in addition to the museum and observation platforms, there are still 80 ancient houses

. The main historical sights are the medieval fortress Villa Vella , erected in the 12th century to protect the city from pirates.

Lighthouse Museum, the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, ancient churches, a historical museum - all this is great for studying Spanish culture.

Hotels and restaurants

Best hotels in this holiday village:

  • Golden Bahia de Tossa &Spa( 4 stars);
  • Delfín( 4 stars);
  • Florida( 3 stars).

These are good hotels in Spain for families with children. The price includes breakfast, diving, mini-golf, board games.

When you are going to rest with your child, you need restaurants in which to prepare tasty and healthy food. In many places of public catering there is a children's menu.

Where it is better to relax in Spain with children Lunch at the restaurant La Roca de Tossa: 4-course menu

Experienced travelers recommend:

  • Restaurant La Placeta;
  • Can Sophia;
  • La Roca de Tossa.

One dinner for three here will cost € 50-60.Also, these places are suitable for vegetarians and for those who adhere to a gluten-free diet.

Lloret de Mar


P lazh Fenals is the second largest city in the city after the main city one. The entrance here is free, as on all the municipal beaches of Spain. Beach loungers and umbrellas for € 6 per day. But you can not take them. The simplest option - to buy in any bench mat, beach towel or rug. Holiday in Spain with a small child

The beach is covered with shell rock. Walking on it is very useful for health .A steep entrance to the water, which is not suitable for toddlers. The water itself is absolutely clean.

The neighborhood of the city is close by. As in the previous version, this option is more suitable for children older than 10 years and teenagers.


The main historical sights in Lloret de Mar are the Church of Sant Roma and the residence "Castle on the beach".

Vacation in spain in june

Attractions and entertainments In addition, you can dive, play tennis or golf, ride a horse. But still this city attracts young people from all over the world, because of the abundance of bars, restaurants and nightclubs .

Here is the famous water park "Water World".During the summer months it is open from 10:00 to 19:00.

Ticket prices:

  • adult - € 33,
  • child - € 19,
  • for children below 0.80 m admission is free.

In the water park more than 20 different slides and attractions for every taste .From here, as well as from any other city of the Costa Brava, you can visit other water parks, for example "Mariland".In the summer season, he works from 11:30 to 18:30.Spain holidays with children on the sea

Several times a day there are performances of dolphins and sea lions.

Ticket price:

  • adult - € 23,
  • for children - € 16,5,
  • for children under 4 years free of charge.

The third water park, and it's a mini-zoo - "Aqualeon". The animals here are not locked in cages, but freely walk through the territory of the .

Every day there is a show - "Meeting with reptiles" or "The Show of Parrots".

Ticket price:

  • adult - € 24,
  • child( 5-10 years old) - € 17,
  • child( 3-4 years old) - € 8,
  • for children under 2 years old free of charge.

The main shopping area is the central streets of Sant Pere and de la Vila. Here you can buy souvenirs, clothes, products, household chemicals. The price for a simple magnet or plate starts from € 2.Vacation in salou spain

Hotels and restaurants

Best hotels for families:

  • Hotel Marsol( 4 stars);
  • Aparthotel Costa Encantada( 4 stars);
  • Rosamar Garden Resort( 4 stars).

They have good family rooms, outdoor swimming pools, children's rooms and clubs. The last hotel has its own wellness center and water park.

The choice of restaurants here is very large, but the best of them:

  • La Parrilla;
  • Orient Express Restaurant;
  • Restaurante La Lonja.

Here are the best seafood, amazing food and specially designed children's menus. Dinner for 3 people will cost around € 60.



P lodge Sa Abanel .This beach is most suitable for children 3-8 years old. There is a volleyball and children's playground, you can ride a water slide or rent a boat.

There are a lot of open cafes around the beach, but the prices are much higher than in the city. Lasagna will cost at least € 10, and a cocktail € 13-15.The coast line is sandy, and the descent into the water is soft and comfortable. Spain holidays with children all inclusive


Blanes is the city most loved by tourists who come with young children. It's quiet and peaceful, there are no big bars and restaurants .

Here is one of the main botanical gardens in Europe, the Church of Santa Maria, built in the 14th century, and the ruins of the San Juan castle, erected in the 10th century. Vacation in spain in june

Every weekend there is a seafood market where you can buy the freshest fish.

Hotels and restaurants

For parents with children the following hotels will be comfortable:

  • Hotel Esplendid( 3 stars);
  • Hotel Stella Maris( 3 stars);
  • Hotel Costa Brava( 3 stars).

Their advantages: outdoor swimming pools, own restaurants, family rooms and play areas for children, as well as excellent guest reviews.

Best restaurants with children's menus:

  • Texas Ranch Steakhouse;
  • Restaurante Celler Sant Antoni;
  • Restaurante Buggy.

Dinner in such institutions will be pleasant for the whole family. Cute interiors, a large selection of dishes and quick service - business cards of these restaurants. The average bill for three is € 55.

Summing up the

Costa Brava is a very beautiful and well-groomed region. A large number of restaurants, museums, active entertainment is more suitable for those who have a rest with children older than 10 years. With the kids it will be much harder to go on long walks .Where it is better to have a rest in Spain with children? Certainly on the Costa Brava!

Costa Daurada

In this region are the wonderful resorts of Spain for families with children. You can get to the main tourist cities from Barcelona airport by bus( € 10), taxi( € 150) or renting a car( from € 33 / day).Vacation in salou spain

The climate in Costa Dorada is warm and mild. In August, vacation in Spain is beautiful. The average summer temperature is + 25-28 ° C.The water temperature is + 21-23 ° C.Almost all the beaches have a smooth descent into the water, so the water at the shore warms up well.



L larga Beach .The coastline stretches here for 600 m. White sand and a gentle entrance to the water make this place very attractive for tourists with children. On the territory there are free showers and toilets, but there are no open cafes and restaurants here, all necessary food for the child needs to be taken with them. Sunbed and umbrella costs € 5 each.

Llevant Beach is the most numerous beach in Salou. On the yellow shallow sand, children are comfortable playing and running. The entrance to the sea is smooth, but the water itself is very clean. In the high season it can be difficult to find a free place near the sea, you have to take a little further. But this is not a big problem, becauseThe territory is large. Beaches Salou with children

Please note that there are no cabins for changing clothes on the beach .Around there are many small cafes where you can eat ice cream or drink lemonade.

From entertainment - children's and volleyball courts. The cost of renting a lounger is € 5, the umbrella is € 7.

Where to go and what to see

Vacation in Salou in Spain is perfect for children. It is a small, cozy, well-groomed city. Along the coast is a beautiful alley, which is full of restaurants, cafes and shops. The main attraction of the city is the light-musical fountain .Performances are held in the evening at 22:00, but the schedule for a particular day is better to clarify on the information stand next to the fountain. Holiday in spain with children where better

Salou from all over the world gather people to visit one of the best amusement parks in Europe - Port Aventura. It is a huge amusement park, with hundreds of attractions for children and adults.

In the park of Port Aventura - entertainment, cafes, restaurants, attractions, water park. One of the best places to relax for children and adults in all of Spain.

Salou is one of the best resorts in Spain for holidays with children. Spain holidays with children on the sea

Accommodation and catering

Excellent hotels in Salou for families with children:

  • Hotel Jaime I( 3 stars);
  • H10 Mediterranean Village( 4 stars);
  • Medplaya Hotel Calypso( 3 stars).

For the guests there are outdoor swimming pools, children's playgrounds and clubs, indoor play areas, a variety in the choice of outdoor activities.

In addition, you can stay in 4-star hotels in the amusement park Port Aventura. A pleasant bonus is a free visit to the park itself.

If you want to stay in apartments, the best option is Ona Novelty, with access to the outdoor pool. Each apartment here has its own fully equipped kitchen, a standard set of furniture, wi-fi, bathrooms, and all other amenities of the civilization.

For more information about the best Salou hotels and the features of their service, read the following article.

Lovely restaurants for families with children:

  • Olivers Restaurant;
  • The Palm Tree;
  • Restaurant The Little Hampton.

These are pleasant establishments with average prices and good choice of dishes. The average bill for three is € 60-70.

La Pineda

The best vacation with children Spain


P laya de la Pineda in La Pineda is one of the best beaches in Spain for families with children. It offers a very picturesque view. Clean sand, and a very shallow sea - ideal for young children. The beach has all the amenities - free showers, toilet, urns, cabanas for changing clothes.

There are numerous cafes and bars. The standard cost of renting a deckchair and umbrella is € 6.Spain resorts for holidays with children


La Pineda is a young resort town, still little appreciated by tourists. It is quiet and peaceful, and from entertainment beaches, restaurants, cafes and aquapark "Aquopolis - la Pineda", with a dolphinarium located inside.

The cost of an adult ticket is € 27.95, a child € 19.95. Visiting the dolphin show is already included in the price of .The best beaches of spain for holidays with children

Accomodation and boarding

Excellent resort hotels for families with children:

  • Gran Hotel La Hacienda( 4 stars);
  • Gran Palas Hotel( 5 stars).

Family rooms, spa and wellness centers, access to the beach, restaurants, children's playgrounds, swimming pools - all this awaits you.

For lunch choose cozy restaurants with a children's menu:

  • Restaurante DORADO ArroZeria;
  • The Waterfront;
  • La Tagliatella.

Their advantages are fresh seafood, vegetables, as well as Spanish national dishes. The average bill for the three is € 60.



P latja Del Miracle is one of the best beaches in the city, with a full range of infrastructure. Free showers and booths, volleyball and children's playgrounds, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Platja De L'arrabassada is a very clean and comfortable sandy beach with a gently sloping entrance to the sea. Free toilets, showers and cabins for changing clothes. For rent for € 5 you can take an umbrella or a deckchair. There are many good cafes and restaurants around.

The best vacation with children Spain Wonderful sea view opens from the Mediterranean balcony. And below it is just the city beach


Tarragona - a city filled with ancient buildings.

If you are here, visit the Roman Amphitheater, the Palace of the Roman Viceroy, the Roman Museum, and the National Archaeological Museum to better know the history of this region. Vacation in salou spain

Accommodation and meals

Best hotels with family rooms:

  • Hotel Canadá( 3 stars);
  • SB Express Tarragona( 3 stars);
  • Hotel SB Ciutat de Tarragona( 4 stars).

Beautiful and comfortable rooms with everything you need.

There are a lot of fish restaurants in Tarragona:

  • El Llagut;
  • L'Ancora;
  • Can Bonachi.

These are wonderful places, with insanely delicious food. Lunch for three will cost an average of € 70.

Summing up

One of the best resorts in Spain for holidays with children is in the Costa Dorada region. It is ideal for holidays with children under 5 years old. It is clean, safe, there are no noisy neighborhoods with parties until the morning. Beautiful, comfortable beaches and soft sunset make this place especially attractive for tourists with kids. The best vacation with children in Spain - of course in the Costa Dorada region.

Costa de Barcelona Maresme

Costa del Maresme is a resort in the south of Catalonia. It is close to Barcelona, ​​and is most conveniently accessible by train from the train station. The ticket costs € 5. Trains run every half an hour .

The summers are hot and humid, the average air temperature is + 25-28 ° C, and the water temperature + 23-25 ​​° C.The beach season starts in May and lasts until the end of October. Where it is better to relax in Spain with children



E is a clean, central beach in Calella. The coastline stretched for 1.5 km. The sand is large, the sea is clean, with a gently sloping entrance. Free showers and toilets, but there are no changing cabins. There are several bars and open-air cafes on the beach. The best spain resorts for holidays with children

Attractions and attractions

Once in the historic center of Calella, visit the towers of Las Torres and the Church of Iglesia de Santa Maria, the palaces, the Municipal Dalmau Park. Spain holidays with children all inclusive

In addition, you will definitely enjoy long walks, because the whole city is beautiful and tidy. Be sure to visit the Passy Maritim.

The whole shopping is concentrated along the coastline - here you can buy souvenirs, clothes, food and wine.

Hotels and restaurants

Best hotels for families with children:

  • Hotel Neptuno( 3 stars);
  • Hotel Les Palmeres( 3 stars);
  • Hotel Kaktus Playa( 3 stars).

There are children's playgrounds, family rooms, swimming pools.

At the Spanish resorts there are no problems with food, here and there, at every step, you will find a lot of cozy cafes and restaurants. Most of them have a children's menu, and highchairs for eating even with the smallest child.

Tourists from around the world recommend restaurants:

  • Bodega Azor;
  • Luna Gaucha;
  • Gringo Joes.

Average account for three - about € 60.

Malgrat de Mar


C The central sandy beach in Malgrat de Mar with clear blue water. Here you can ride on the ship, and in the evening concerts at the hotel begin. There is no other entertainment here .
Spain holidays with children on the sea

The beach is equipped with free showers and toilets. You can rent an umbrella or a deckchair - each for € 5.

Attractions and attractions

The resort is divided into two parts: the Old Town, where you can find the main ancient sites and the New Town, which houses hotels and restaurants.

Once in the historic center of Malgrat de Mar, visit the Church of Sant Nicolau de Bari, the Tower of Torre d'en Riera, as well as the luxurious villas of the 20th century - Town Hall and Ca l'Arnau. Holiday in spain with children where better

From Malgrat de Mar you can get to the water park "Mariland" about which we spoke earlier .Otherwise, entertainment is reduced to beach rest, visits to cafes and restaurants, walks along quiet European streets.

But thanks to good transport facilities, you can reach the larger neighboring cities in just one or two hours and see the sights there.

Hotels and restaurants

Best hotels for a comfortable stay in the resort:

  • Hotel Papi( 3 stars);
  • Hotel Europa Splash( 4 stars).

These hotels offer their guests outdoor pools, direct access to the beach, playgrounds and clubs, animation program.

Lovely restaurants with children's menus:

  • Bei Pepe;
  • Restaurante La Maduixa;
  • Cafeteria Milan.

These are beautiful establishments with delicious food and fast service. The average score for the three is about € 60.

When you travel with an infant, taking care of its nutrition is one of the necessary things. In the next article, a list of mixtures for feeding children who are fed artificially is selected. You can take with you one that suits you.

If you need to express breastmilk for your little traveler, then with the help of another article you will not have the question of how to sterilize bottles on a trip.

Summing up

Where is the best holiday in Spain with children? The Costa del Maresme is perfect for this purpose with a toddler under 3 years old .Water parks, zoos, dolphinariums are in some distance, which can be difficult with a child 3-8 years old. And for kids there are excellent conditions - playgrounds, clean sand and a warm clear sea.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol - one of the most expensive and bohemian resorts in Spain with regular parties and show programs. A small child will not be comfortable here.

Costa del Sol is one of the most fashionable and expensive resorts in the south of Spain. Here come politicians, businessmen, actors and singers from around the world .In the summer it is quite noisy because of the constant parties. For a quiet holiday with a young child, this resort is not suitable, but this can be an interesting option for a teenager of 14-15 years. Spain resorts for holidays with children

The nearest international airport is in the city of Malaga. You can get there from the attracted resort by train( € 4-6) or by bus( € 5).Bus routes run between all towns, which allows you to move freely between them.

The summer here is very hot, the air temperature is + 30 ° C on average. The water temperature even in summer does not exceed + 20 ° C because of the cold Atlantic currents, which is not suitable for young children .Where it is better to relax in Spain with children



P laya La Carihuela in the city of Torremolinos. Sandy beach with a sharp descent into the sea. There are several playgrounds on the territory, but there are no changing cabins and toilets. A wide choice of water activities - walks on boats, "bananas" and "cheesecakes".

Entertainment and attractions

In this city is Aqualand Torremolinos.

Ticket price:

  • Adult ticket costs € 26,
  • child( 5-10 years) - € 17,
  • child( 3-4 years old) - € 8.

In July and August the operating mode is from 11:00 to 19:00.In May, June, September and October from 11:00 to 18:00.The best beaches of spain for holidays with children

One of the main attractions is a beautiful villa on the cliff of Casa de las Navajas , in which today the local administration is located.

Shopping centers are located in all cities of this coast, the main assortment is expensive clothes and accessories, cheeses, wines, exquisite seafood. You can not call a budget shopping in these places. Spain holidays with children on the sea

Hotels and restaurants

In Costa del Sol a large concentration of 4 and 5 star hotels, expensive villas, with its own chic pools, gyms, spa centers and restaurants.

Hotels are located on the first coastline. The farther from the shore, the more affordable, but, nevertheless, comfortable three-star hotels. All of them are approximately on the same level for internal equipment and in the same price category.

In Spain for rest with children in the hotel all inclusive, it is assumed three meals a day, drinks and some types of service.

Here are some of the best hotels, according to guest reviews:

  • Melia Costa del Sol( 4 stars);
  • Royal Al-Andalus( 4 stars);
  • Sol House Costa del Sol mixed by Ibiza Rocks( 4 stars).

Any gourmet will be satisfied with the restaurants in Torremolinos. The best hotels in spain for holidays with children

The best institutions here for lunch with a child:

  • The Carvery, Meatina Brasserie;
  • Restaurante El Trillo de Torremolinos.

The average bill for three in this restaurant starts from € 150.



In all beaches here are free and belong to the state .The total coastline is 8 km. They are all comfortable to visit. There is everything you need - sunbeds, showers, toilets, changing cabins, playgrounds and water entertainments.

The price for umbrellas and sun loungers is standard in the country - € 5.Unlike other places, here a high level of service, you can order food from the nearest restaurant without even getting up from the sunbed, and also get a massage. There are many bars and restaurants around.

Attractions and entertainment

In Benalmadena there is the famous amusement park "Tivoli World" .The park includes more than 30 rides, a theater, a show program. The admission ticket costs € 8.Spain holidays with children on the sea

From here you can get to the best safari park in Europe "Selwo" in the city of Estepon. The ticket price is € 24,5.

The Parque Acuatico Mijas is near by. It works in June and September from 10:30 to 18:00, and in July and August from 10:00 to 19:00.Adult ticket costs € 25, child( 8-12 years) - € 19, child( 3-7 years) - € 14.

Hotels and restaurants

The best hotels in Spain for families with children are located in Benalmadena. These are:

  • Sahara Sunset Club By Diamond Resorts( 3 stars);
  • Benalmadena Palace Spa( 4 stars) with full infrastructure.

In addition, there is a huge selection of luxury villas and luxury apartments.

The food here is varied. You can find the cuisine of many countries in the world. For lunch with the child, stop at one of these restaurants:

  • Lime &Lemon;
  • The Lounge at Pinoccios;
  • La Sirena.

Average account for three is € 100.Vacation in spain in august

Summing up

Costa del Sol can not be called a purely children's resort. The main entertainment here for adults and wealthy people. But if your child is used to luxurious conditions from the cradle, then he definitely likes it.

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is the record for the number of tourists per year. People from all over the world come here for the beautiful sandy beaches, the clear sea, as if from a brochure, and a lot of entertainment.

You can get to the main tourist resorts - Altea, Kalp and Javea from the airport in Alicante by buses for € 10-12, or by taxi for € 70-80.

In Costa Blanca, the climate is generally the same as the rest of the Spanish coast of .The average temperature in summer is + 25-28 ° C without precipitation, and the water temperature + 22-23 ° C.



P laya de Levante in the town of Benidorm. A wide shoreline with pure golden sand and clear water. A rocky entrance to the sea, so you need special slippers for swimming .On the beach there is a standard rental of sun loungers and umbrellas( € 5 each).Around there are many cafes and restaurants.

The best beaches of spain for holidays with children

Attractions and attractions

In Benidorm they go not only for beach rest, but also for impressions. Entertainment and attractions are many for every taste.

The city is divided into two parts. In the old part are concentrated the most important sights of 17-19 centuries .This is the church of St. Jaime, the ruins of the Torre Morales Escaletes Tower, an observation deck. In the new part are hotels, restaurants and all entertainment facilities. Vacation in salou spain

Connoisseurs of untouched nature can reach two reserves in the cities of Murcia and Orihuela. In close proximity is located Valencia and Alicante.

Sightseeing tours will cost about € 30 ."Safari Vergel" - € 50."Knight's tournament" - € 45.The journey on the ancient train "Lemon Express" - € 55.

And of course, tourists from all over the world are attracted here by ancient castles - Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante, Santa Barbara Castle in Biar, Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola in Santa Pola. Spain holidays with children on the sea

Hotels and restaurants

  • One of the best hotels here is Villa Del Mar Hotel( 4 stars).

Beautiful and well maintained hotel. Close location - no more than 7 minutes walk to the sea. On the territory of children's playgrounds. Open pool. Everything for a comfortable stay.

  • Another great option is the Hotel RH Corona del Mar( 4 stars).

In the summer there are many tourists with children. Delivery of food and drinks in the room. Gym. Playgrounds and clubs. Open pool.

A wide range of inexpensive cafes will be pleasant for those who have a limited budget. The best cafes and restaurants for dinner with the whole family:

  • Duetto;
  • Corky's Penny Farthing Benidorm;
  • Amigos Bistro by Nas &Dino.

In these places there is a vegetarian and gluten-free menu. Lunch for three will cost about € 30-40.



A ltea Beach in the city of Altea. Pebble beach, gently sloping down to the sea. The bottom is stony. On the beach there are free toilets and cabins for changing clothes. The soul is not there, but there are small columns with water to wash your feet. From the entertainment children's and volleyball courts. Bonus - a beautiful view of the rocks .Spain holidays with children all inclusive

Attractions and attractions

As in many other Spanish cities, here too there is an old part of the city with ancient sights. At the same time the Old Town is developing and growing, every year new cozy cafes and restaurants are opened here.

The center is located on a hill, it is necessary to overcome more than 250 steps. The main symbol of the city is the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the observation deck next to it.

Be sure to visit the museums, they are unusual and interesting - the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Hotels and restaurants

Best hotels with family rooms:

  • Hotel Cap Negret( 4 stars);
  • SH Villa Gadea( 4 stars).

They have everything for a comfortable stay with a child.

For a tasty and healthy dinner, visit the restaurants:

  • Sirtaki;
  • Restaurant Himalaya Tandoori;
  • Diferens.

You will definitely like one of them. The average bill for the three is € 60.



P laya Arenal-Bol in the town of Kalp. Beach sand with a gently sloping entrance to the sea. It is this beach is called ideal for rest with children .There is everything for a comfortable stay - cafes and restaurants, shops, rent of sun beds and umbrellas, free toilets and locker rooms. There are no showers, instead of them there are taps with water.

The best vacation with children Spain

Attractions and attractions

The best view of the city opens from the Peñón de Ifach viewing point. The city center is very beautiful and ancient and perfectly suitable for hiking.

Be sure to visit the Las Salinas del Calpe .Its uniqueness in the birds that live here: storks, herons, flamingos. Holiday in spain with a young child

Hotels and restaurants

The best hotel in Calpe is the Gran Hotel Sol y Mar( 4 stars).Family rooms, playgrounds and animation program. Ideal for children. Private access to the beach. Beautiful and clean territory.

Best restaurants for visiting with a child:

  • Punjabi Curry;
  • Sabores Y Copas 78;
  • El Andaluz.

Here in excess of seafood dishes. The average bill for the three is € 60.

Around a lot of supermarkets and shopping centers. For the most interesting purchases go to the hypermarket Portal de la Marina( working hours from 10:00 to 22:00) in the city of Ondara. Fashion shopping is best represented in the Ruta Outlet Elche Parque Empresarial in the city of Elche .

Summing up

In summary, we can say that in the Costa Blanca region is worth traveling with a child of 7-8 years .A stony bottom on almost all the beaches will be unpleasant for very small legs. Many active entertainments and excursions, which will be more interesting for older children. Holidays with children at sea in Spain will leave an indelible impression.

Costa de Almeria

Costa de Almeria is one of the youngest resort regions in Spain. Sandy beaches, rocky coves and monuments of architecture are the business cards of this region.

The closest international airport is in the city of Almeria. Getting to the coast is most convenient on the bus, the trip will cost about € 10-13 .

In June, vacation in Spain is beautiful. In high season, the air temperature is kept at + 27-30 ° C, and the water temperature + 22-24 ° C.

The main resorts of the region are Roquetas de Mar, Almeria and Mojácar.


In , the city's central beaches in the main resorts are approximately the same - beautiful and comfortable. This is pure sand, a gentle entrance to the water and a clear sea.

The beaches have everything you need - showers, toilets, changing cabins, cafes and restaurants, renting umbrellas and sunbeds, water activities.

Beaches are not too crowded, which is very valuable for those who like the privacy of .The entrance is free.

Entertainment and attractions

For those who like active recreation, the best option will be the city of Almeria.

There are many cultural sites, protected by the state - Fortress Almeria, Cathedral, City Hall. Religious people will be interested to see the ancient churches: the Cathedral of Santa María de la Encarnación, the monastery of Santo Domingo, the monastery of Las Claras. The best beaches of spain for holidays with children

If your soul wants to dance, be sure to go to Mojácar. And day and night from every institution here comes music. Round-the-clock parties for all. Also here is the biggest golf club of the Spanish coast - Marina Golf .

One of the options, where it is better to relax in Spain with children - in the city of Roquetas de Mar. A large number of playgrounds, attractions, water attractions, even for the youngest. New, modern water park. The best place in Costa de Almeria for family holidays. Vacation in spain in june

Hotels and restaurants

  1. Almeria. The best hotels:
  • Hotel Cap Negret( 4 stars);
  • SH Villa Gadea( 4 stars).
  1. Mojácar. The best hotels:
  • Servigroup Marina Playa( 4 stars);
  • Parador de Mojácar( 4 stars);
  • Hotel Apartamentos Mojácar Beach( 4 stars).
  1. Roquetas de Mar. The best hotels:
  • Hotel Neptuno( 4 stars);
  • Bahía Serena( 4 stars);
  • Don Ángel( 4 stars).

All these hotels are friendly for guests with children: playgrounds, children's menus, outdoor pools, private exits to the sea, interesting programs. Spain resorts for holidays with children

Restaurants and cafes for every taste, and a wallet await you. Fast-food points are scattered all over the coast, and you can sample home-made Spanish cuisine, seafood, and famous cocktails for just € 50 for three people.

Here are a few good options where it will be convenient to have dinner with a child:

  • Restaurante Albar, Restaurant El Gnomo Feliz, La Encina in Almeria;
  • Torre Bahia, Al Punto Rodizio Brasileno in Mojácar;
  • Brasserie Panini, New York New York Restaurant, Pizzeria Firenze in Roquetas de Mar.

Summing up

The region of Costa del Almeria guarantees you the best vacation with children in Spain. Interestingly, in this region can choose a resort for any age .It will be comfortable here both for parents with babies and for babies 3-7 years old, and even for teenagers.

Canary Islands

Canaries - a beautiful and picturesque region with an ideal climate. This area is very different, it combines noisy parties and quiet secluded cities, ancient buildings and modern water parks. For holidaymakers with children there are also comfortable and pleasant resorts. Vacation in spain in august

There are several international airports on the territory of the archipelago: Tenerife South, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura. Only until the first can be reached directly, to all the others will have to fly with transplants. You can move from one island to another by ferry or plane .Their cost is from € 20.

The climate here is hot and humid, the average temperature in summer is + 30 ° C, and the water temperature is + 25 ° C.High season from July to October, but summer is here all year round. You can sunbathe and swim in any month .

Puerto de la Cruz( Tenerife)


In the city has two beaches - Playa Martianez and Playa Jardin. Their feature is black volcanic sand. All tourists rest mainly on the second, because it is fully equipped for a comfortable stay, unlike the almost wild first. There is a beautifully enriched territory, there is all the necessary water entertainment.

The best vacation with children Spain

You can play in the playground. Free showers, toilets and cabanas. At the box office, you can take a sun lounger or umbrella for € 5 each.

Attractions and attractions

The city has several major attractions: the church of Nuestra Señora de la Pena de France, the castle of San Felipe and the square of Charco with the statue of the Virgin Mary. The town itself is very beautiful, and is great for long walks.

Here is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world , where you can see more than 1000 species of plants from around the world. Hotels spain for holidays with children

Adults will be interested in the casino Taoro and Tenerife Palace, the concert hall Fiesta of Canaria.

The most interesting amusement parks for children are outside the city, but they are definitely worth a visit. Very large Zoo Loro Park( adult ticket € 34, children € 22).Working hours: 8: 30-18: 45.

Amusement park Siam Park with steep slides and carousels. Opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00.Adult ticket € 34, children € 23.

The most popular shopping streets: San Telmo, Santo Domingo and Quintana. Here you can buy clothes, souvenirs, expensive wines.

Hotels and restaurants

Best hotels for families with children:

  • Elegance Dania Park( 4 stars);
  • Sol Costa Atlantis Tenerife( 4 stars).

Here you will find spacious family rooms, swimming pools, private beach access and a children's playroom.

Restaurants here are expensive .Dinner for three will cost at least € 80.Best restaurants with children's menus:

  • Tasca el Olivo;
  • Edelweiss;
  • Casa Mediterranea.

Costa Calma( Fuerteventura)


About dyne from the most beautiful beaches on the whole island called Sotavento .Sandy beach with a very gently sloping entrance to the sea. The water is crystal clear. The beach is well equipped with everything you need - showers, toilets, cabanas for changing clothes. There is a hire of sun loungers and umbrellas. There is not a lot of choice of cafes and restaurants. There are always a few people like .Very calm and secluded place.

Spain holidays with children all inclusive

Attractions & Activities

If you are windsurfing, this place is perfect for such a holiday. From mid-March to October, the windsurfers from all over the world fly together .

The African market is suitable for buying simple souvenirs, but be careful when visiting this place with children. It's noisy and crowded.

The best hotels in spain for holidays with children The rest of the island's entertainment is outside the city. There are several ethnographic villages open to visitors:

  • settlement of Betancuria in the crater of an extinguished volcano;
  • the village of La Oliva with houses in which military governors once lived;
  • is a beautiful fishing village of La Lajite, with charming views, a zoo and a botanical garden.

Hotels and restaurants

Here, as in all the Canary Islands, a large selection of good hotels. Here are a few hotels in which family rooms and playgrounds are provided:

  • Melia Gorriones Fuerteventura( 4 stars);
  • SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort Apartamentos( 4 stars);
  • VIK Suite Hotel Risco Del Gato( 4 stars).

The food at the resort is varied and tasty: vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat. Everyone will find something to their liking. A few pleasant institutions with a children's menu:

  • L'Aperipizza;
  • Restaurante Terraza del Gato;
  • El Camino Taberna.

Average account for three € 80.

Summing up the

The Canary Islands are very different. But each resort town is interesting for its life, and its history. It is comfortable to relax with children over 10 years old and teenagers, thanks to a huge number of entertainment, places for walks, cafes and restaurants. With the kids here it will not be so interesting.

We collect a suitcase on the road with the child

When going on a trip to the sea, do not forget all the things necessary for the child: clothes, headdress, sun cream with spf protection of at least 50, personal hygiene. Be sure to assemble the first aid kit, here is the minimum list:

  • Electronic thermometer;
  • Pipette;
  • Cotton sticks, cotton wool, sterile bandage and napkins;
  • Antiseptic( Hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka or Iodine);
  • Heparin ointment from bruises;
  • Panthenol from burns;
  • Antipyretics( Paracetamol, Nurofen, Ibuprofen);
  • Painkillers( No-shpa, Tempalgin);
  • Antiallergic( Suprastin, Tavegil);
  • Antidiarrhoeal preparations( Activated charcoal, Smecta);
  • Dramina from motion sickness in an airplane or car;
  • Antiviral drugs, cough and cold remedies suitable for your child. Consult with your doctor.

You may also need money from motion sickness on the trip.

A detailed list of first-aid kits that will be needed for a newborn is described here.

Reviews of people who fell in love with the resorts of Spain

Anastasia, 32, Samara

Hotels spain for holidays with children Rested in July in Salou with a child of 3 years. Very good resort for children. Clean, quiet, safe. The sea is calm everywhere with a flat bottom. From here we went to Barcelona and to the aquapark in La Pineda.

With transport everything is all right: buses and trains run every half hour. For a quiet family vacation is a great option, I advise.

Anna, 27, Moscow

The best vacation with children Spain In September 2016 they went to Pineda de Mar with their whole family. Lived on the first coastline with their descent to the sea from the hotel. The beach is excellent - with fine sand, perfect for children's games.

With children( 2 years and 6 years) went to the nearest water park - Mariland, I liked very much, I recommend. In general, it is quiet and peaceful, many tourists with children and pensioners. Resting in Spain with a young child is very good. Let's go back!

Sergey, 35 years old, Tula

Vacation in spain in july We rested with my wife and child 11 years in Blanes. The beach and the sea are very clean. From here we went to Barcelona, ​​Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar. Where to buy a tour package, tell the hotel.

We really liked it, quite a quiet place, with a wide range of entertainment: diving, boating, good restaurants, zoos, water parks. I recommend.


The Spanish coast is perfect for families, and you can always find a suitable resort for your purposes. Starting from completely quiet and peaceful towns, where you can comfortably rest with babies, up to noisy and big cities, with a huge choice of entertainment, for a great vacation with a teenager. Holidays with children at sea in Spain will be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life.